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Hogwash and facts in the US

First of all, please vote. We are the adults now, and we must bring some smarts into our local governments if we ever hope to have a smarter federal government to deal with the big problems. Our lives may depend on it. In order to get there from here, we all need to be armed with facts, science, and rationality -- instead of with fear and official lies.

Some facts you need:

8 big lies about the economy

Facts about Dutch marijuana legalization and effects

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Italy, Milan: Oct 22, 2010: Sabe e Ghost

Venerdì 22 ottobre 2010, da Spectrum Store, a partire dalle ore 17:00, verranno presentati i due nuovi libri della collana On The Run:


Per l'occasione saranno presenti SABE e SENTO (del quale è già disponibile il libro On The Run), che oltre ad autografare i propri libri, si cimenteranno in una "live action" alla White Gallery, galleria d'arte proprio di fronte a Spectrum Store.

SENTO (TFP crew) è uno dei writer che ...hanno davvero impresso uno stile che è stato fonte di ispirazione per migliaia di writer in tutto il mondo. Da quando ha iniziato, nel 1984, si è imposto sulle metro ed i muri newyorkesi; ha dato vita ad un lettering praticamente perfetto a cui ha abbinato colorazioni innovative.

SABE (FYS Crew) è uno dei writer che ha contribuito maggiormente, grazie al suo stile autentico, alla evoluzione della scena europea dalla metà dei '90. La sua classe si riconosce a prima vista, sia su un pannello di un treno, che in hall of fame e la sua produzione è ormai incalcolabile.

GHOST (RIS crew) è uno degli ultimi trainwriter dell'era d'oro di New York. Il suo stile funky è stato, ma sopratutto è di riferimento per molti bomber. GHOST è istinto, creatività e pazzia fatta writer. Il libro a lui dedicato è un perfetto sunto di una carriera trentennale ricca di innovazione e stile impareggiabile.

Non perdete l'occasione di avere una copia del libro autografata!

Free beers, good music and really really nice people!


CA, Los Angeles: Oct 23-Nov 13, 2010: CR

Carl Rauschenbach (CR) - WORKS/FIRST

Opening Reception: Saturday, Oct 23rd, 2010 at 8-11pm

Known Gallery is honored to present "WORKS/FIRST", a collection of new abstract work by Carl Rauschenbach (CR) based on a continuation of a theme he has been developing since 2004.

Referencing Sign Painting, Typography and Graffiti as a point of departure, CR reinterprets the letterform into his own abstract language and now finds himself sampling his own work to create new bold and intimate forms within the picture frame. Influences include Josef Albers from the Bauhaus (1920 - 1933) and Phase2, known as the originator of bubble letters or “softies” from New York graffiti writing in the 1970s.

CR has worked as a studio assistant for Ryan McGinness, James Marshall (Dalek) and Eric Haze, during which time he spent years of drawing and mastering the abstract style that he works in today. Rauschenbach currently lives and works in Brooklyn, New York.

Known Gallery
441 North Fairfax Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90036

Prints: Aaron Horkey’s Retrospective Series Suite 2

CA, Los Angeles: Oct 21-Nov 21, 2010: SHOE


21 October – 21 November 2010

Opening reception
21 October 2010
19:00 – 22:00 PT

Born, raised and based in Amsterdam, Meulman began tagging “Shoe” in 1979 and became a graffiti legend by the time he was 18. In the eighties, he met New York graffiti artists like Dondi, Rammellzee, Haze, Quik and Keith Haring after which he then formed the Crime Time Kings with Bando from Paris and Mode2 from London. Together, they gave graffiti in Europe its own distinctive style.

In the nineties, he furthered his technique by apprenticing under Dutch graphic design master Anthon Beeke. Shoe proceeded to run his own design company, Caulfield & Tensing, and was a partner in advertising agency Unruly, which he later turned into a brand for silk scarves.

Shoe is recognized for revolutionizing the art of writing with Calligraffiti, an art form that combines masterful calligraphy skills with the speed and attitude of graffiti. He launched this movement in 2007 with a successful solo exhibition in Amsterdam. Since then, his Calligraffiti pieces, which he signs NSM, have been presented in various international exhibitions.

In 2010, the book Calligraffiti – The Graphic Art of Niels Shoe Meulman was launched in Berlin and Shoe has since been touring to present the book and his art.

The Project Space exhibition “Calligraffiti Throw-Ups” is a new series of carbon acrylic on linen canvas works inspired by Shoe’s love for baseball, mayhem and cosmic unconsciousness.

Please join us…

Project Space
603 North La Brea Avenue
Los Angeles CA 90036
+1 323 938 8818 Telephone

Artist will be in attendance.

Google maps link

CA, Los Angeles: Oct 23, 2010: The Power of Art

On behalf of Crewest and Curator Luna George you are cordially invited to experience the "Power of Art" a fundraising event benefiting The Midnight Mission and those who are currently living on Skid Row:

Time: 6 - 9 pm

Crewest Gallery
110 Winston St.
Los Angeles, CA 90013
(213) 627-8252


With live painting by Sergio Rodriguez and live music by DJ Phyz Ed

Works by:
Bob Motown, Branded, Dash, Dave Kawano, Enik, Eriberto Oriol, Estevan Oriol, Euth, Ezra, Graham Walzer, Gregg Stone, James Gillette, Juan Balandran, Lalo Alcaraz, Man One, Michael Pizarro, Mike Street, Oscar Magallanes, Philip Lumbang, Preston Craig, Shing Yin Khor, Smear, Thomas the Messenger, Two Rabbits, Mas, Ruthie Pie and Featured artist Mason Brown


$10 donation requested at the door.

100% of door donations and 10% of all art and merchandise sales will all go to The MidnightMission on this night.

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CA, Los Angeles: Nov 5, 2010: Craola

Henry Chalfant has a website

Italy, Rome: Oct 23-Dec 21, 2010: Invader - Roma 2010 & other curiosities

New mural: S.A.G.E. Collective

France, Paris: Nov 3-13, 2010: Pose Lumiere

How stupid people are with their passwords

How to buy a round-the-world ticket (that kicks ass)

Call for artists: Deadline: Nov 2, 2010: Nasa and Etsy: Space Craft Contest

France, Paris: Oct 28-Nov 1, 2010: Le M.U.R. de l'Art


L'association le M.U.R. fête ses 3 ans et donne rendez-vous pour la grande fête du street art,
à l'espace des Blancs Manteaux - 48, rue Vieille du Temple / PARIS 4ème - du 28 octobre au 1er novembre 2010.

Accès gratuit. 80 artistes, la collection 400ML PROJECT, des performances en direct,
plus de 300 oeuvres exposées et la sortie officielle du livre LE MUR aux éditions KITCHEN93.

Interview: Kem5

Video: El Mac in Singapore

El Mac Singapore from Viet Nam The World Tour on Vimeo.

"El Mac joins Viet Nam The World in Singapore and doesn't get taken away by Singaporean police for public artwork!

Music: Sam Reed Band – Ambassador's Theme

Thanks: The Propeller Group, Theatre Works, Post-Museum"

IL, Chicago: Oct 22-Nov 4, 2010

"Pop Station" is a storefront pop-up art gallery at 2620 W. Washington during Chicago Artist Month. Coordinated by The Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs, The Phantom Gallery Chicago Network, FG Commercial Real Estate, and artist Erik DeBat. The pop-up partnership brings a month long walk up viewing of urban contemporary artwork at L&H Bold Lofts a "Green" LEED Certified commercial space in East Garfield Park.

The striking two-story, 3,600 square foot white terra cotta showroom with elegant fluted pilasters displaying a frieze of repeated Greek key motif and rosettes. The beautiful foliated cornice is marked with lion heads and an entry that leads into a lobby and the formal entrance to the showroom.

The artwork will be viewable all month, plus open door viewings at the reception on Friday, October 22nd 2010, from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m., on Sunday October 31st from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. during the East Garfield Park Art Walk, and the show closing on Thursday, November 4th 2010 from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m.

The location has plenty of on street parking and is accessible by the CTA Green Line's California & Lake Station or the Western Avenue Bus. On display in this landmark space, is a selection of recent pieces from the artist's collection of contemporary urban artworks. The large-scale pop abstraction paintings and street sculpture installations are complimented by video and sound collaborations.

Erik DeBat has recently exhibited at the Swope Art Museum, IUN for Contemporary Art in Indiana, the Beverly Art Center, the Co-Prosperity Sphere, and Johalla Projects in Chicago.

Video: Bates & Sabe

Italy, Turin: Oct 13-Nov 6, 2010: I 4 elementi

Aaron Horkey - “Midwestern Heart” @ Remick Gallery - photos

How and Nosm: Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds

via Saber

Germany, Herner: Oct 22, 2010: Infusion 3

INFUSION #3: Street // Art // Exhibition // Event

Freitag, 22. Oktober // 18.30 Uhr // Vernissage im Herner Bahnhof

Feat.: AGHN (Berlin) // BASE23 (Berlin) // BUFF DISS (Australien) // CZARNOBY (Berlin) // ELIOT M. HENNING (Berlin) // EMESS (Berlin) // EPSC/DAS NETZ (NRW) // FASHION KILLS PERSONALITY (Köln) // GIGO (Essen) // MARTIN DOMAGALA (Essen) // PABO (Berlin) // PISA73 (Berlin) // POMESONE (Düsseldorf) // QUMI (Essen) // SABRINA KARAKATSANIS (Dortmund)

Kostenlos! // Mehr Infos: WWW.247STYLE.NET

Booklet: (PDF)
Supported by: Montana Cans & Relentless

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Video: Les Twins

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France, Ile-de-France, Saint-Germain-en-Laye: Oct 16-17, 2010: Darco


Samedi 16 et dimanche 17 octobre, de 14 h à 18 h, Darco expose en solo à Saint-Germain-en Laye lors de la 1ère édition Festival des Arts Urbains.

Rendez-vous Salle du Colombier (146 rue du Président Roosevelt) à côté du skate park.
Conférence-débat avec Darco samedi à 16 h et dimanche à 15 h 30.

Pour y aller :,+78100+Saint-Germain-en-Laye,+Ile-de-France,+France&p=map

En voiture :[]=Charles+de+Gaulle-Etoile,+75017,+Ile-de-France,+France&d[]=Rue+du+Pr%C3%A9sident+Roosevelt,+78100+Saint-Germain-en-Laye,+Ile-de-France,+France&lm=r&ipnp=1&iptm=train-metro-tram-rer-boat-bus&ipd=20101010&ipt=1705&p=itinerary

Info: du Festival des Arts Urbains

Austria, Vienna: Oct 1-22, 2010: Escape the Golden Cage

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

UK, London: Oct 12-17, 2010: Hell's Half Acre

Germany, Munich: Sept 11-Oct 22, 2010: DAIM

Video: 7th Day Project: Krush

The first artist featured in this series is KRUSH, an artist known for his "Digitalia" -- a sketch-less, improvisational form of complex lettering. He grew up being influenced by West Coast graffiti style, and joined the Angels Will Rise (AWR) and The Seventh Letter (T7L) families in the 90's. Currently, Krush is an accomplished graphic designer and artist, bringing his vision to the streets and to galleries around the world using a mix of traditional & digital media. Watch as he creates a massive mural in Los Angeles.

Denmark, Copenhagen: Oct 15, 2010: Comics battle graffiti

Ny udstilling i Graffitigalleriet i København.

Fernisering i graffitigalleriet fredag den 15. oktober 2010 mellem kl. 17-21 (kulturnatten).

Endnu et mindblowing og nytænkende billedshow i i samarbejde med

GRAFFITIGALLERIET ønsker med udstillingen at stille skarpt på den særdeles udbredte brug af comic eller comic-inspirerede figurer i den New York baserede graffiti og stiller med et stærkt hold.

Fire malere, alle 'sortbælte-sprayere' udi disciplinen at bringe liv til comic-karakterer på mure og lærreder, har hver produceret fem værker på 40 x 40 cm, som exponerer noget af det ypperste indenfor figur-maling.

De fire - CRAZ, SKINY, OBEE og Mr. FRAK, har således lagt sig i selen og præsterer små genistreger med deres innovative fortolkninger af konceptet.

COMICGARDEN stiller med eye candy for  kræsne kendere såvel som måbende menigmænd - en tour de force af originale tegneseriestriber og andet guf.

Her er der mulighed for at registrere de helt grundlæggende og originale figurers æstetiske særkender og indlysende, velkendte kvaliteter.

Lige siden den forkætrede bemaling af New Yorks Subway-toge tog fart op gennem 1970erne, har figurer været fast inventar i graffiti-malerier.

Kridt danseskoene og step til GRAFFITIGALLERIET, der med dette show endnu engang markerer sig som landets mest banebrydende og originale billedhus, altid med fingeren på pulsen, altid tro og oprigtige mod gadens glade, gudsbenådede grafiske genistreger.

Se dine favorit-figurer i den mest originale form via COMICGARDENS tilskud af nye og ældre 'striber' og nyd hvordan malerne formår at klone, mutere, sample og megamixe diverse stilelementer fra figurer vi alle kender, til nye, freshe og konstant overraskende helheder!

Vær der eller vær firkantet som DSBs opfattelse af fænomenet graffiti!
Vesterbrogade 171
DK-1800 Frederiksberg C

Shoe writes on Mercedes-Benz

Much more:
via Crazy Apes

Online: new painting toy

France, Paris: Oct 14 – Nov 6, 2010 - JAY ONE RAMIER – LOKISS – featuring SKKI

OUVERTURE JEUDI 14 OCTOBRE À PARTIR DE 18H00 – ma/sam 16.00/20.30 

Performance musicale OUTLINES VENDREDI 22 OCTOBRE À PARTIR DE 18H00 

La Place Forte – 8 Passage des Gravilliers – 75003 Paris  - tel + 01 42 71 20 31 – 

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Video: Turf Feinz - Turf Dancing in the Rain | Danse Sous La Pluie

Updated with a better link, to the original ...

Dancers are No Noize (red jacket), Man (black jacket), BJ (striped shirt), Dreal (white shirt)
Music by Erk tha Jerk!!
more info on the YouTube page

Italy, Turin: Oct-Nov, 2010: PICTURIN International Mural Festival

Alessandro Aicurci - Italy, Aryz - Spain, Cactus & Maria - Italy, Cowboy - Italy, Corn ADC - Italy, Dolo - Italy, Dome - Germany, El Mac - USA, Erica il Cane - Italy, Etnik KNM - Italy, Galo - Italy, Grito – Spain, Hemo BGM - Italy, Joys EAD - Italy, KNZ Clan - Italy, Macs - Italy, Made EAD - Italy, Morky - Netherlands, Mr Pollo - Italy, Mrfijodor ADC - Italy, Mr Wany - Italy, Nychos - Austria, Pixel Pancho - Italy, Peeta - Italy, Reser TOT - Italy, Retna - USA, Roa - Belgium, Robof - Italy, Robot Rock - Italy, Sague - Spain, Sat One - Germany, Skiwo KNM - Italy, Spok - Spain, Tomoz – Italy, Wens TOT - Italy, Tomoz Romagna in Fiore - Italy, Truly Design - Italy, Verbo BGM - Italy, Xtreme – Spain, Yama EAD - Italy, Zeus WB - Italy, Zedz – Netherlands.

For detailed information and completed programme:

During October and November Torino European Youth Capital 2010 will host PICTURIN FESTIVAL, the first international mural art event in Italy.

The young Italian and foreigner artists will be the protagonists of this festival and they will have to transform and retrain the walls of the city centre and the suborns with their creativity.

This event confirms the vocation of Torino as a city very oriented to the contemporary art  and the changes.

PICTURIN, supported by the Italian Youth Department, is proposed and coordinated by Murarte (a project of the Torino City Council Youth Department), Fondazione Contrada Torino Onlus and ACU (associations for the urban creativity) from Torino: Artefatti, Il Cerchio E Le Gocce and Style Orange.

Blind walls or only walls of forgotten urban buildings, places designed to advertisements will be used for the artistic intervention.

3.500 square metres of mural surface, from Palazzo Nuovo (via Verdi e Corso San Maurizio) to Lungo Dora Savona, from via Fiocchetto to Corso Taranto, from via Giachino to via Cigna, from Corso Grosseto to via Netro, from via Servais to via Don Murialdo, will be painted in one month. During this month the public could see the artist working, climbing walls to transform them in original works of  art.

PICTURIN FESTIVAL offers the opportunity to appreciate well known places and to discover uncommon corners of the city, making people enjoy the creativity of international muralists and the method used to obtain the precious work: from the performance to the work of art.

During the Festival, International well known and emerging artists will work together with different materials and methods: painting, spray, enamel and stencil.

Austria, Vienna: Oct 9, 2010:

This Saturday, 10/9 is NOMAD'S DAY: "No way back. 24h I a lifetime

Where: Morisson Club (Rechte Wienzeile 2A, 1050 Vienna)

When: 11:00 a.m. until open end

What's going on: watch NOMAD painting the club, get them tattooed for free from 19:00 to 23:00 by lionheart tattoo gallery and dance after to hot funky music.

Europe: Graffiti and street art auction - Now

NY, New York: October 9 - 30: Rammellzee and Pond Slide

AS IF Gallery
529 Manhattan Avenue
NW corner of 122nd Street and Manhattan Avenue
ground floor
New York, NY 10027

Opening on Saturday, October 9 from 3 to 6 pm

AS IF Gallery is pleased to announce as the second exhibition of its new gallery in Harlem, a tribute to the late artist The Ramm:ell:zee. The exhibition will consist of two works: an audio installation by Seth Tillett, culled from recordings made by Tillett with The Ramm:ell:zee in 1981. The second component will be a single work on paper from 1988, a gift by the artist to Tillett.

Seth Tillett
Pond Slide (1981/2010) - an audio installation w/ The Ramm:ell:zee

The Ramm:ell:zee. There's Gonna Be An Oil Slick (detail), 1988, mixed media on paper, 22 x 30 inches
The Equation: The Ramm:ell:zee (1960-2010)

The Ramm:ell:zee was an artist-theoretician, master mic-controller, philosopher-jester, and creator of a significant body of visual art, performance documentation and recorded music. He imparted an important set of ideas, known as Gothic Futurism/Ikonoklast Panzerism, evolving it into an incandescent theoretical engine which illuminated Hip Hop culture from within. Ramm's thought is inseparable from his artistic output, in which he both proclaimed and waged an apocalyptic battle at the core of written language.

"We created all this in the dark!" The Ramm:ell:zee

Ramm's art evolved from a wide range of influences. He drew from the near cabalistic concepts of the Five Percenters (Gods and Earths) and pored over Dictionaries, Encyclopedias and works on Mathematics, Physics, Linguistics and Calligraphy, as did his friend and colleague, Jean-Michel Basquiat. Basquiat and Rammellzee were emancipating words from their definitions, and punning them, not unlike Raymond Rousell, James Joyce or even Lewis Carroll, into fluid political and poetical slanguages. Wordplay became a deadly game.

Rammellzee created, sui generis, an ideographic system, then a unique performance form, and ultimately a series of awesome yet terrifying costumes with which to deliver it. Through a cartoon echo chamber and his 'Gangsta Duck' vocalizations, Rammell challenged authority structures built upon secret knowledge and protected definitions. This was a Wagnerian Gesamtkunst with apocalyptic implications for communication itself. Ramm was embraced by linguists, poets and post-modern literary theorists for his insistence on signification at the level of the letter. He achieved the status of a jester, shaman, oracle and sage. Ramm's thought sprang, not from the academy, but from a baroque imagination, deeply rooted in the street culture of Far Rockaway, NY.

Pond Slide originates from audio recordings I made with Rammell in 1981. Commissioned by LEI magazine of Milan, French photographer Pascal Franco and I shot hundreds of slides of Rammell, Shockdell, Melle Mel, Davey D and other Mic Controllers, free-styling in multiple locations, usually with the Rock Steady Crew break dancing in the center. When I reviewed these images with Rammellzee, I mic'd him to record his responses. With the death of Pascal Franco in the mid-nineties, these images were lost. The recordings remain.

In Pond Slide, I've attempted an audio portrait of The Ramm:ell:zee in his own words, and by extension, a portrait of one of the most refined provinces of Hip Hop culture at a crucial moment in its development.

Seth Tillett is a designer, composer and artist. Born in NYC into a family of textile makers, he has created scenography for many productions in opera and dance and has composed music and audio assemblages for the ballet and theatre as well sound works exhibited at Gallerie Écart, Genève and Gallerie Erste Privat, Berlin.

Gallery Hours by appointment only: Wednesday - Saturday, 12 noon to 6 pm

CA, San Diego: October 9, 2010: Tha Illest Art Show

Tha Illest Art Show


House of Elements
1712 Logan Avenue
San Diego, CA 92113

Artist Reception
Saturday, October 9
7:00 p.m.

For more information contact:
Milo Lorenzana 619- 277- 1796 or Mike Davis 619-829-1096

Barrio Logan, CA – The House of Elements, a new artist collective and gallery, opens its doors with Tha Illest Art Show. Tha Illest Art Show features some of San Diego’s premier street, graf and visual artists. With the recent hype of the Viva La Revolucion exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego, the artists in this exhibition focus on local talent and street art legacies. How do we engage artists in our own urban landscape and where do local artists fit in this dialogue? Tha Illest Art Show begins to address the need of exhibiting local talent and community artists in a broader context. The exhibition will include artists from Tijuana, San Diego, New York and Los Angeles. These artists have created new work on 9’ x 12’ canvases.

The House of Elements is a cooperative of artists and skilled craftsmen who are dedicated to creating a unique space and artist collective in the historic Barrio Logan district. The House of Elements will include a dance studio, a 1,500 sq ft. gallery, a recording studio and artists work space. The House of Elements is a multidisciplinary art space whose mission is to create a cross collaboration of artists and community.

France, Paris: Nov 16-28, 2010: Burning Hearts

Cope2 & Indie184


Horaires : 14h00 à 19h00, sauf le lundi 

Lieu : Espace « In My Room » - 32, rue Rodier - 75009 Paris

Vernissage en présence des artistes : 17 novembre à partir de 17h00

NY, New York: Oct 9: Ron English party


PA, Lincoln Universary: Call for Female Graffiti Artists, MCs, DJs, Dancers, Photographers

RSVP ASAP to if you are interested. The original deadline was Oct 10, but don't let that stop you, because they want your participation very much. - Susan

Queens Living Through Legacy

Event: Queen-Style Friday

Date: October 22, 2010

Time: 7:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m.

Pennsylvania, Lincoln University campus

By Queen Akila Dalila (Dominique Bonheur)

Requesting: Female Rappers-MC/ Female Graffiti artists / Female Dancers (B-Girl)/ Female DJ’s/ Female Photographers

Who We Are:

Queens Living through Legacy is a Pan African/ Women’s empowerment organization located on Lincoln University campus. Queens Living through Legacy, also known as QLTL, was founded by students Shertonah Hankins and Thelicia Covington in January 2010.

25 percent to 50 percent of all Proceeds from every fundraiser or event planned are donated to a charity or organization of a QLTL member’s choice. Political and social awareness is also a huge part of our organization.


October 22, 2010 Queens Living through Legacy (a Pan African/ women’s empowerment organization), will host all female lyrical free-style rap battle/expo.

During the expo QLTL would like The DJs, Graffiti Artists, B-Girls, and Photographers to give out tutorials/lessons in their craft.

The expo is the time and place to showcase your skill and talent while also selling and promoting your goods. Each artist will have a booth (a table and chair) which is their space for the expo.

*Please artists, let us know ahead of time what we can do to accommodate you so that you are able to perform at your highest level. When you RSVP mention a list of tools, lighting, outlets/power plugs, mats, table and chairs that you will need.*

The purpose of this event is to amplify the voices of women in the hip-hop culture and the arts.

During the Freestyle Rap Battle three judges will decide the winner. The winner will be awarded with a cash prize.

* All participants will be allowed to promote and sell their art work, music CD’s/DVD’s, publications, and future events.*

A portion of the proceeds from this event will be donated to Women in Need Inc. a New York City organization that provides shelter for homeless women and children. The proceeds will assist mothers in buying their children school clothes/uniforms, school supplies, and help with school related expenses i.e. transportation and/or class trips.

RULES: All uses of profanity and sexually explicit lyrics are prohibited.  Participants may not bring an excessive entourage (number of entourage must be discussed prior to the show) There will be rounds; the first three rounds are elimination rounds each rapper will be allotted 30 seconds to freestyle.

What we will provide:  All participants will be accommodated with either food OR a portion of gas fare. (QLTL is an organization that did not receive any funding. We are college students who are supporting our events out of pocket until we are able to raise enough money through sponsors and fundraiser. We wish we could accommodate supporters with much more.)


DJs, please remember to bring instruments and all necessary equipment with the exception of speakers. No more than 3 people for your entourage.

In addition to the expo we would like to have professional hip-hop dancers perform during half time. This will give you a chance to promote your skills as artist

We would like graffiti artists to showcase their work; we would also like them to spray paint t-shirts/ bags/ and hats graffiti style.

50% of proceeds from the graffiti art will go directly to the artist.

Rappers/dancers: Demos

Please send a video demo of your work to,,

Female rappers must send a 15-30 sec video clip why you deserve to be the winner in addition to the video demo video clip


Lincoln University
1570 Baltimore pike
Lincoln University, Pennsylvania 19352

Please RSVP by October 10th, 2010.

For Further Details/Questions and /or Concerns please email or call Dominique 973-280-8201, Thelicia 646-359-5279, Mahogany 516-670-6901

France, Pessac: Oct 22, 2010: Kendo, Jone & Rooble

Touring: Cut & Paste 2010

NY, New York: Oct 9-11, 2010: Re:Form School

A high profile group art exhibition, event series and public awareness campaign taking place in New York City, that brings together the creative community in a call for the reform of the American Public Education System. The Reform School team has transformed the St. Patrick’s Old Cathedral School into a unique Gallery and installation space.

Participating artists include: Shepard Fairey, Swoon, Michel Gondry, Chris Johanson, WK Interact, FAILE, Jo Jackson,  Maya Hayuk, Gary Baseman, Ron English and over a hundred more.

St. Patrick's School in SoHo
233 Mott Street
New York City, NY 10012

October 9th – October 11th, 2010
10:00 am – 6:00 pm

Germany: Oct-Nov 2010: Muralismo Morte tour

Muralismo Morte - The Rebirth of Muralism in Contemporary Urban Art reveals the vibrancy of a new type of muralism as it rises from the shadows of urban spaces in metropolises worldwide.

27. October 2010 - Dresden
Muralismo Morte lecture by Jens Besser

3. November 2010 - Leipzig
Mzin Book Store
Muralismo Morte lecture by Jens Besser & exhibition

For updates to the Muralismo Morte events schedule please check 

USA: The Photographer's Rights

LA photographer cleared of felony charges in graffiti case

Maryland Motorcyclist wins taping case against state police

Bom-k, Dran and Sowat paint MTN warehouse

France, Paris: Oct. 16 - Dec. 4, 2010: L'Art Urbain


108, 36recyclab, Alexandros Vasmoulakis, Dan Baldwin, Eelus, Gérard Zlotykamien, Herakut, Imminent Disaster, Jazi, Jaybo, Jean Faucheur, John Fekner et Don Leicht, Kofie, Lady Pink, L’ATLAS, Marco Pho Grassi, Nick Walker, Thomas Fiebig, TRYONE, Victor Ash.

Vernissage le Samedi 16 Octobre 2010 18:00 – 21:00
Exposition du 16 Octobre au 4 Décembre 2010

Mardi – Samedi  11:00 - 19:00

Laetitia Hecht
14/16 rue de Thorigny
75003 Paris - France.
T: +33(0)1 48 87 05 04

Worldwide: Call for artists - photographs of your city

Looking For Graffiti Artists From Around the World

"I'm not a graffiti aficionado, though I did crack up in Berlin when I spotted a "no tagging" sign outside of a spray paint shop. (And it was the only clean facade on the street.) However, I have seen enough to know that the community seems under-represented ... aside from brick walls in every city everywhere.
"I'm a writer and photography fan, and I run a site called Life, Panoramic ( The idea is that, instead of seeing another collection of tourist photos, we get a very subjective view of life around the world from locals - the people who actually live in each place.
"Basically, I'd like to invite you to participate in Life, Panoramic, showing your city from your perspective (not necessarily entirely tied to graffiti, though that can be as large or small of a component as you'd like). We've had a lot of web designers, teachers, moms and marketers participate. Now, I'd love to expand our horizons to show a wider scope. Entries consist of 10-15 photos, accompanied by brief prose. Don't worry if you aren't the best photographer; just be as earnest as possible. Hope to have you there."

It Gets Better

- Comedians Bridget McManus and Fortune Feimster

[No matter why your life sucks when you're in school, it gets better - Susan]

Italy, Torino: October 23-24, 2010: Female Jam 2010

Dopo l’inaspettato successo delle scorse edizioni, torna per la terza volta Female Jam – la prima Jam italiana interamente condotta da donne legate alla cultura black  – e ritorna in grande stile con molti cambiamenti, prima tra tutte la location.

Dopo due edizioni in quel di Firenze, il 23 e il 24 ottobre 2010 a colorarsi di rosa sarà TORINO per una due giorni che unirà danza, musica, arte e moda e che vedrà come protagoniste indiscusse le donne. Il filo conduttore di questa edizione sarà “Soul Train Icons”: un omaggio tutto nostrano a quelle donne, icone appunto, che hanno contribuito a costruire con la loro musica, voce e lavoro una parte di storia della cultura hip hop. Soul Train è quello che cercheremo di ricreare durante la serata…

Altre info su

Saturday, October 2, 2010

NY, New York: Oct 5, 9, 2010: Mare139

FreeStyle Archityper 2
A Structural Intervention

Mare139 is a native New Yorker who began his art career by painting graffiti on trains in 1976. In 1985 he revolutionized the art form by creating a novel sculpture idiom. The first ever visual art commission for HHTF, Freestyle Archityper 2 embodies Mare 139’s vision for a series of ‘sculptural interventions’ in public & private spaces to incite community dialog about contemporary urban art and its affect on our landscape.

Opening: 10.05 | 7:30p – 10:30p

Venue: Raw Space Gallery 148 11th Ave. 21St-22nd St.

Price: FREE to the Public

Meet the Artist: 'Pioneers are the first to see it... and the last to be seen'. A Conversation with Carlos Mare139 Rodriguez

Join Mare139 in a walk around the Raw Space Gallery as he discusses his process and narrative as a sculptor. Mare will also share a series of slides spanning two decades of his sculptural work. Structured as an informal conversation, this is a unique opportunity for the general public to engage in dialogue with one of Hip-Hop’s true pioneers

Meet the Artist: 10.09 | 3p – 5p

Venue: Raw Space Gallery 148 11th Ave. 21St-22nd St.

Price: FREE to the Public

UK, London: Oct 1-10, 2010: Robbo



Pure Evil Gallery
108 Leonard St
London EC2A 4XS

Phone 020 7729 2866

Gallery Hours: 10am - 6pm daily
or by appointment.

NM, Albuquerque, Oct 2-Dec 11, 2010: Street Text

CA, Los Angeles: Oct 2-18, 2010: Edition 100

Edition One Hundred and A&I Lab are pleased to announce
the premiere Los Angeles exhibition of work from


Artists’ Reception: Saturday, October 2, 2010, from 7–10pm
A&I Lab, 933 N. Highland Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90038
For more information please call (323) 856-5280

Exhibition continues through October 18

On Saturday, October 2, A&I Lab, Los Angeles, will host the first exhibition of work by all 2010 Edition One Hundred artists. The exhibition is designed to introduce the public to the brand by showcasing the luxurious production and knock out content of astoundingly affordable art. Edition One Hundred has partnered with A&I Lab, the largest photographic and digital services lab on the west coast, to produce the photo-based fine art prints available for sale. Prints that are not photo based are made in collaboration with master printer and artist Richard Duardo at Modern Multiples in Los Angeles. All works in the exhibition will be available for purchase at A&I Lab on the evening of October 2. For those who cannot make it to the opening, prints are available for sale exclusively at

IL, Chicago: Oct 2, 2010: Super Fly Girl