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Video: Fuzz One interview

Videos: End of the Line, UK - great graffiti productions

Mexico City: Street artists go big

NYC, Brooklyn: local artists wanted for open studio show

Free magazine online: Wordplay - UK hip hop and graffiti

9Lives Adventures - Disabled Adrenalin Tourism

Brazilian graffiti-school collaboration project needs your support

PAZ/Walls Art Zone is an independently organized event that will be crowdfunded on Kickstarter. Unfortunately the text of their Kickstarter page is not available in English, but it's being organized by local graffiti crews. One US dollar is 2 Brazilian Reals, so your international donation can make a difference fast. This is the machine translation in English and French, below.


Catarse: (Portuguese)

Vímeo: (Portuguese with French subtitles)



P.A.Z (PEACE) / Walls Art Zone is an art project with social and educational role. Consists of large frescoes painted graffiti on the walls of public schools in Rio by Brazilian artists to the students of the schools.
Peace is seen in the context of developing an artistic action carried out by federal and international artists by pupils in schools in Rio during the World Cup football in 2014.
In the view of the PEACE project in 2014, think of organizing a pilot project: a cultural event similar, though smaller, will take place during the month of June 2012 at the Pedro Ernesto Public School District, in the neighborhood of Lagoa in Rio de Janeiro.
The first event: 

• graffiti workshops for students
The workshops will be led by an artist from Rio de Janeiro during the month of June.
• Frescoes murals done by five artists from Rio
After months of workshops, the frescoes will be held during the last weekend of June in the school walls.
• The audiovisual record of the project
An audiovisual staff will follow all stages of the project, from preparation to preparation workshops of the frescoes.
PEACE 2014 is still a project. However, the pilot is ready: the artists, the school, schedule, budget required. Only lack of funding. 

Besides the opportunity to start a collaboration with artists and schools, this pilot project also allowed to create our own tools to develop the project PEACE 2014. 
Thanks for your support!
Who we are:
BR: Multimedia artist, illustrator, designer, artist and graffiti artist, BR is one of the heads of the FBC (Fleshbeck Crew). When it is off the streets, lends his art to advertising campaigns, events and even fashion collections.
JOU: Born and raised in Santa Teresa, he founded with three friends over the Santa Crew, participated in national and international meetings of graffiti, and also did commercial work in partnership with large companies.
MENT: Plastic self-taught artist, graffiti writer, illustrator, Marcelo Ment is a pioneer in the graffiti scene in Rio de Janeiro. Just made his first solo exhibition in Rio de Janeiro.
SWK: A founder of the Santa Crew and a member of FBC, began the graffiti on the streets of Santa Teresa. Single Brazilian invited to join the Exchange Project, which are tops Scene Graffiti World.
Toz: One of the heads of the FBC (Fleshbeck Crew). Started by graffiti, and not long before his work would remain in evidence and were sought by companies to stamp their designs on products, advertising campaigns, and participate in exhibitions.
Elodie Salmeron: Creative Project PEACE, Franco-Brazilian, Elodie worked in various aspects of cultural production in France: film, television, music, urban art.
Video Editing: Peter Asbeg
Music: DJ Machintal / Cadence Samba
PEACE / Walls Art Zone est un projet artistique the educative vocation et sociale. L'objectif est of PEACE réaliser large Fresques Graffiti peintes sur les murs de écoles publiques de la ville de travail Rio Ce sera le fruit d'une collaboration between Street des artistes et les brésiliens elevate des écoles.
PEACE s'inscrit dans la perspective of réaliser une action artistique fédératrice réunissant brésiliens artistes français et pendant la Coupe du Monde de Football Thurs aura lieu of Rio de Janeiro en 2014.
Dans l'expectancy of cet événement, nous un projet pilote désirons organizer: un événement culturel equivalent, over réduite taille, qui aura lieu au sein de l'école municipale Pedro Ernesto, dans le quartier de la Laguna, the Rio
Ce premier projet de trois s'articulera autour themes:
• Un mois d'atelier pour les elevate graffiti de l'école:
You run seront les ateliers alongside Rio et un artiste auront lieu hebdomadairement, pendant un mois.
• Des Fresques murals réalisées par 5 artistes brésiliens
A la fin de ce mois d'ateliers, l'artiste enseignant réalisera Fresques les dans l'école, accompagné 4 autres artistes.
• Captation audiovisuelle
Une équipe audiovisuelle suivra toutes les étapes du projet, depuis les ateliers jusqu'à l'elaboration des Fresques.
PEACE 2014 en est encore au stade de projet.
Le projet pilote est déjà prêt PEACE: les artistes, l'école, le prévisionnel budget, planning ... le manque le Financement Seoul!
Her de l'Au Opportunité of commencer une collaboration avec artistes et écoles, ce projet pilote va aussi permettre of creer in propres outils pour le développement du projet PEACE2014.
Merci d'votre bras to go!
Thu sommes-nous:
BR: Artiste multimedia illustrator, designer, artiste et plasticien graffeur, BR fait partie duFBC (Fleshbeck Crew). Peint Quand il ne pas dans la rue, il met son of Art Campagnes publicitaires au service d'Evénements or collections of models.
JOU: Son style, the reconnaissable grâce et ses lettrages abstraits colorés if répand sur les murs Rio et en général du Brésil. Il to participate in the nombreuses rencontres internationales et nationales graffiti.
MENT: Artiste plasticien autodidacte, writer, illustrator, Marcelo Ment est un des pionniers graffiti Rio de la scène. Il vient réaliser sa premiere exposition of soil to Rio de Janeiro.
SWK: Fondateur Santa Crew et du membre des COLLECTIFS Fleshbeck Crew et ACL.Artiste hors pair tant au niveau des des personnages lettrages that, Marcio arpente le Brésil more quartier le reste de Santa Teresa son terrain de jeu favoritism.
Toz: Créateur du FBC (Fleshbeck Crew), il le debut alongside graffiti, Travail et son later ne pas être Remarque the pair pour des entreprises et objets illustrer vêtements more aussi par des galeries et des Collectors.
Elodie Salmeron: Créatrice du projet PEACE, free-Brésilienne, Elodie the travaille dans nombreux domaines de la production culturelle en France: cinéma, télévision, musique, art urbain.
Montage vidéo: Peter Asbeg
Music: DJ Machintal / Cadence Samba

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UK, Leeds: until July 5, 2012: Metric Exhibition and closing party!

NL, Amsterdam: The Bodé Battle Monster Jam: July 18, 2012

NYC: July 26, 2012: Kingbrown magazine's USA launch

THURSDAY JULY 26, 2012 7-11PM

We are pleased to announce the official launch and exhibition of Kingbrown Magazine, Edition #8, co-curated and designed by Morning Breath.

The exhibition will be open to the public
July 26th, 2012 from 7-10pm

Klughaus Gallery
47 Monroe Street

Australia's "Kingbrown" Magazine has collaborated with curators, John Leo and Melissa McCaig-Welles to bring you a dynamic collection of skateboard inspired artwork. The exhibition will showcase some of the world's most influential artists from members of the infamous Girl/Chocolate Art Dump, pioneers in NYC graffiti, talented illustrators, animators, art stars from Australia, sculptors, and that guy living in the NY green diamond.

Conceived in 2006 by co-creators Yok and Ian Mutch in Perth, Australia, Kingbrown's mission was to produce a limited edition work of art, which would reach a wider audience, allowing accessibility to the public and its entirety. Each "magazine" is handcrafted and designed by some of the world's leading innovators of photography, illustration and urban and skateboard art and design. Produced on museum quality paper, each page is a collectable item, individually sealed and packaged. Now in its 8th edition, Kingbrown has achieved worldwide success and is now launching for the first time in the US.

The term "Kingbrown" is Australian slang for a 40oz, and the magazine's slogan "wrapped in a brown bag, just like a good 40 should", is just as original as the artists it represents. This latest 8th edition, co-curated by the renowned collaborative, "Morning Breath", focuses it's topic on the visually rich artists who have influenced the world of skateboarding.

The impressive line-up includes Morning Breath, Andy Jenkins, Chris Cycle, Dave Kinsey, "Grotesk" aka Kimou Meyer, Stefan Marx, Kevin Lyons, Mike Giant, Raza Uno aka MAx Vogel, Greg Lamarche, Zach Malfa-Kowalski, Steve Gourlay, Jay Howell, and Ben Horton, all of whom have contributed to this limited 8th edition of Kingbrown Magazine.

Additional works to be included in the exhibition by the following Australian artists: Beastman, Phibs, Hiro, Reka, Kyle "Creepy" Hughes-Odgers, Meggs, Sean Morris, Yok, Sheryo, Ross Clugston, Daek, Lister, Numskull, Ian Mutch, Rone/ aka Tyrone Wright.

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CA, San Jose: May 4-June 30 (extended), 2012: POESIA

Anno Domini presents"More Force Than Judgement," a solo exhibition
of new paintings by Poesia

The Immaculate Conception, 72 x 41 inches, spray enamel, oil paint, oil pastel, bitumen on canvas..

In this exhibition entitled, More Force than Judgment, Poesia draws inspiration from a quote by renaissance biographer Giorgio Vasari describing the work of Tintoretto. The quote resonates with Poesia because of his involvement over the past two decades with the graffiti movement. Graffiti as an art form has not usually been taken seriously because it is perceived as consisting of actions and aesthetics that have to do more with force than judgment. Art historians and collectors in the past have been unable to make the connections between the power of a spray painted tag on the street, a Pollock drip on a canvas, or a Tintoretto sketch on a piece of paper. These relationships are made synonymous on these canvases as a pointed metaphor about the importance of the graffiti writer's mark on art history, as well as on the physical world itself.

In the paintings themselves, Poesia creates a direct dialogue with art history and graffiti's recently recognized, yet still contentious, central role in it in the new millennium. The compositions involve revised versions of old masterpieces that are influenced by the artist's history as a graffiti artist and the techniques and materials that he uses. As his traditional subject matter, he repaints historical masterpieces from the High Renaissance through the Baroque period. As his challenging commentary, he utilizes geometric abstraction to slice into them and graffiti tools wielded with an expressionistic stroke to disperse and obscure them. Poesia uses this visual dialectic to create a simile between new millennium masters and their historical counterparts, thereby making a statement that elevates both the art form and their practitioners, as well as progressing it's stylistic palette into the future.

Exhibition text by Daniel Feral

For preview/purchase inquiries, please email:

Artist's Reception: Friday, May 4, 2012, 7-11pm RSVP
Music: DJ Cutso
Exhibition on view: May 4 – June 16, 2012 EXTENDED TO JUNE 30

Marth Cooper remembers Stay High 149

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UK: London: June 15 - July 14, 2012: THE CHROME ANGELZ

The Chrome Angelz


The Outsiders gallery
Greek Street, Soho, London

from Friday June 15th until Saturday 14th of July

Do not miss this historic occasion! 

RIP: Stay High 149

Stay High 149 RIP - Terror 161 Reflects on The Voice of the Ghetto - News -
STAYHIGH's biography

I'm very sad that the legendary StayHigh 149 has lost his struggle. I'm so glad he was able to connect with the graffiti community in recent years. Respect. Rest in Peace.

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Video: Boa Mistura "LUZ NAS VIELAS" - in the favelas

Bolivia, what's up?

Bolivia is one of those places where we don't really know what's going on in the writing and hiphop communities. Apparently Bolivia had its very first graffiti murals painted during a recent event. Expect updates later, but here's a FB page  that featured the event:

Thanks to 181 for the tip.

Germany: Berlin: June 9-30, 2012: Mare139, Physical Graffiti

Carlos Mare

Physical Graffiti
Art of the B-boy Dance

Opening Saturday 9th June 2012, 19HR

Artist Talk Tuesday 12th June, 18HR

Exhibition 13th – 30th June 2012

Skalitzers Contemporary Art presents the first solo exhibition in Berlin by renowned New York-based artist, Carlos Mare, aka Mare139.

Focusing on the movement and rhythm of contemporary forms of abstract expression, Mare explores the physical graffiti of the Bboy dance.

The B-Boy is the physical Graffiti artist, he is the lyrical and kinetic scratch, he is the break beat manifest, the most modern of all dancers. – Mare139

Join us at Skalitzers with the artist for the opening night on Saturday 9th June, and artist talk on Tuesday 12th June.

Skalitzers Contemporary Art
Skalitzer Strasse 43
10997 Berlin - Kreuzberg

U1 Gorlitzer Bahnhof

TX, El Paso: June 15-17, 2012: 4th Annual Break Yo'self benefit

The Silos International Aerosol Art Space Gallery and the Border Youth present:


This is a free event, although we are requesting the following donations be dropped at the door as cover for a good cause: Any non perishable can food items, bottle water, cooking oil, coffee, cream, sugar, recycled paint, dry goods etc. 
No monetary donations please.

This is an all-family event and a Benefit show for the Rescue Mission of El Paso and The El Paso Food Bank.

Friday June 15, 2012. 
Doors open at 1300 and Close at 2100

There will be an after show venue to be announced. 

Saturday 16th and Sunday 17th by appointment only. 
Call 915 731-2791 for artist appointments, commissions, art purchase and school tours.

parking behind gallery

Friday- June 15 - INTERIOR
The Silos Art Space
1943 Ruhlen ct.
Space c
El Paso, TX 79902

Next to rescue mission of El Paso, off West Paisano drive.

Saturday- June 16 - EXTERIOR
The public art, 4-block warehouse wall space known as the ''Barn Yard'' is located on 
3rd, 4th, Delta and Cotton, also off Paisano's border route.

Featured artists and paint teams will include: Break Yoself, IGK, El Paso Transnational Trolly, Reziste, Hunukub, RTD, CBS, NG, COI, BA, TNR,  LAWS,  LC,  ATT,  CREATURES,  MAINTAIN, UTI, CT, DIRT, Fly ID, ICR and many others.

CA, San Francisco: June 1- 23, 2012: Andrew Schoultz & Richard Colman

CA, Los Angeles: July 7-29, 2012: Marka27, Neo Indigenous

Victor "MARKA27" Quiñonez brings his critically acclaimed new body of work, Neo Indigenous, to the City of Angels on Saturday, July 7, 2012, from 7-10pm. Hot off the heels of his packed-house New York City premiere, MARKA27 indulges Angelino tastemakers at Crewest Gallery (110 Winston Street, Los Angeles, 90013) with his newest mix-media exhibit. From July 7 - 29 art lovers will journey through the artist’s exploration of binding ancient Aztec, African, and Asian art forms with modern pop culture and street art.

Neo Indigenous celebrates Marka27’s highly-anticipated return to Los Angeles. Representing a shift in the artist’s cultural consciousness, Neo Indigenous embodies Marka27’s quest to bridge past with present, illustrating his yearning to bring deeper meaning to both old and new art forms. By juxtaposing ancient elements with contemporary design aesthetics, Marka27 reveals both a connection and a disjuncture in the process. Challenging viewers to confront the existing practice of commodifying art, the exhibit leaves a lasting impression-- a mark Marka27 has predicated his reputation on.

Using multiple mediums such as paintings, collectible vinyl toys and speakers, silk screen panels, and prints, Neo Indigenous is a sensory feast of the artist’s ability to float seamlessly between varying art forms. As a special treat and tribute to a city he once called home, never-before-seen works will be unveiled and the artist himself will create a live installation piece. Having worked with clients such as Pioneer Electronics, VH1, Disney, Scion, and Kidrobot, Marka27’s LA premiere is the go-to event of the summer!

For more info:

UK, London: Moebius mural, RIP Jean Giraud, by Vision

NYC, Queens: June 16, 2012: 3rd Annual Welling Court Mural Project

Saturday, June 16th, 12-9PM: 

3rd Annual Welling Court Mural Project; Queens, NY


 -- An Art Event Celebrating the Streets, Solidarity, Community, and Culture --

WHEN: Opening Saturday, June 16th, 2012 from noon until 9pm.
Afterwards: viewable 24/7/365, so enjoy!

WHAT:   The community of Welling Court in Queens, New York first asked Ad Hoc Art to help them spruce up their neighborhood in 2009.  Ad Hoc Art rose to the occasion in May 2010 organizing a project fitting for the diverse, enthusiastic, and energetic inhabitants.  One year later, Ad Hoc assembled another spectacular crew of legendary and groundbreaking artists spanning more than 50 years of activity for the 2nd Annual Welling Court Mural Project.  Now in its 3rd year, the project has received remarkable global acclaim and continues to garner support and momentum as more walls, artists, and enthusiasts compound those previous successes.

This third round is not to be missed as ever-more art and eyes visit this Queens gem.  To celebrate, the community’s annual block party again coincides with the project’s opening, featuring cuisine and music from the ethnically diverse and multi-talented hosts.  Whereas this tiny neighborhood is providing some major hospitality, it cannot provide for the attendees en mass, so please think of this as a big social-picnic-potluck-art-fun-action and bring some of your favorite tasty foods, beverages, or other contribution to share with your fellow revelers.  Kind of like camping, but in the city.  Pack it in, pack it out.

If you would like to offer help or assistance to the artists, items always useful are: beverages, exterior bucket paint, paint rollers/brushes, spray paint, acrylic paint, exterior primer, etc.  If none of those suite your fancy and you would like to contribute some funds, we will be taking donations at the event.

Volunteers Needed: If you would like to help out in another fashion, there are many ways to get involved.  As The Welling Court Mural Project is an all-volunteer event, from the project organizers to the people who help spread the word and take care of the artists & attendees, to the artists creating the work, we need your help to make it as amazing as possible.  For volunteer questions and interest, please contact us at

The project transforms several city blocks into a 24/7 street-level gallery, bringing art from around the world directly to the heart of this community and NYC.  Renowned artists with deep roots in the street movement have created site-specific works for this project and many will showcase various creative sundries for your perusal.  This new array of visual experiences provides fresh contexts for how people working, visiting, and living in this diverse cultural gem of Queens think about and interact with their environment.

Artists Include: Abe Lincoln, Jr., Alice Mizrachi, Alison Buxton, Beau Stanton, Billy Mode, Caleb Neelon, Celso, Cern, Christopher Cardinale, Chris Mendoza, Chris Stain, CR, CRASH, Cycle, Dan Witz, Darkclouds, Deb Yoon, Don Leicht, El Kamino, Ellis Gallagher, Free5, Fumero, Gaia, Garrison Buxton, Greg Lamarche, JAZ, Joe Iurato, John Breiner, John Fekner, Katie Yamasaki, Kimyon Huggins, Lady Pink, Leon Reid IV, Lopi, Mensen, Michael Alan, Never, OverUnder, Pablo Power, Peat Wollaeger, R. Nicholas Kuszyk, Rene Gagnon, Richard Nugent, ROA, Royce Bannon, Sinned, Skewville, Sofia Maldonado, Stormie Mills, Subtexture, Thundercut, TooFly, Veng RWK, The Wretched Rapture Crew, Zam, Zéh Palito, & more.

* In addition to the murals and festivities, there are special events and projects happening throughout the day with…

** Music to boot{y}!!!
Some of Ad Hoc’s favorite DJs blend sublime block party beats to tickle your eardrums and keep you moving all day long.

Bring food, water, dancing shoes and prepare for seeing some great art & shaking some body parts.

WHO: Artists + The Community of Welling Court + You + Ad Hoc Art

WHERE: 11-98 Welling Court {@ 30th Ave & 12th Street}, Astoria, Queens 11102


* By Public Transit: Take the N or W train to 30th Ave.  Then: 1) walk 10-15 minutes or; 2) take the Q18 west down 30th Ave to 12th St. You are there!

* By Car: Here is a link to the street map:


CA, Oakland: July 13 through 2012: Aerosoul 3

Aerosoul 3: Urban Hieroglyphics 


An International African Diaspora Spray Can Art Conference
Dedicated to Ending Youth Violence

The art genre known culturally to its practitioners, as “Writing” has been a vital part of the American inner-city landscape since the late 1960’s. Sprouting roots from the ghettos and subways of New York City, Spray Can Writing has extended its cultural influence to youth across the nation and the world. In honor of African History AEROSOUL brings focus to the Black/African contribution, narrative and experience in Spray Can Art.

The Bay Area Aerosol Heritage Society, also known as AeroSoul, is proud to present the third AeroSoul event, following two successful annual Conference Exhibits in Los Angeles and the Bay Area. “AeroSoul 3” 2012 will kick off on July 13th, and be followed by a 6 month-long series of events including an artist panel, slide show lectures, youth art workshops, live painting, and educational seminars. With a showcase of over 50 well-known Spray can artists from around the globe, AeroSoul has the propensity to bring forward a movement that will enlighten the minds and spirits of the community at large, sending shock waves of change to a society in desperate need of social face lift.

AeroSoul 3 will showcase some of the most cutting-edge, dynamic Black Hip Hop Calligraphers in the world, featuring artists from Writing’s east coast origins to the new lettering stylists of the day. The AeroSoul line up is very impressive this year with a cast of writers from New York’s 1970s & '80s era such as Riff170, Slave TF5, Butch2, Tean TMT, Kade TMT, Chain3, Skeme, Shame125, Sak MBT, and Soon1 to name a few. This historical event is of utmost importance in giving recognition to the visionary creators of this urban craft.

The fact that these contributions are rarely shown in their proper historical context if acknowledged at all has also been a driving force for AeroSoul to bring these gems to light. African/Black contributions to world history have been more than ample and significant particularly in the field of the arts and culture.

Please contact to schedule interviews with artists.

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