Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Nicer.TATs paints Roberto Clemente mural in Orlando Florida

Earl Lugo, a coach in Azalea Park Little League, believes in heroes. He wants the youngsters from his working-class east Orange County neighborhood to believe in them, too.
So Lugo recruited a childhood friend — professional graffiti artist Hector "Nicer" Nazario — to paint a large-scale mural of baseball hero Roberto Clemente at the Azalea Park baseball field. The Puerto Rican Hall of Famer died in a 1972 plane crash while delivering aid to Nicaraguan earthquake victims. His humanitarian efforts earned him a Congressional Gold Medal.
"I think to have his face really big at the entrance of that park will represent his honor and make these kids feel important," said Lugo, 43, who grew up in Bronx, N.Y.
Saturday's mural painting will be a high point in a campaign to clean up the field, which has fallen into disrepair.
During the 1990s, as crack cocaine fueled the murder rate in New York, Nazario and his fellow artists known as the TATs Cru, painted hundreds of such murals.
Nazario, 44, has made a name for himself in his hometown of New York City as a spray-painting mural artist. Though he has worked on movie sets and music-video productions for artists such as Beyonce and John Mayer, he is known on the streets of the Bronx and beyond for painting memorial murals to young victims of violence.
Work such as the Azalea Park mural is important, because it lets him give something to the living, Nazario said.
"I want kids to see things can be achieved," he said. "You can go places."
Helping children in need is even more important to him now: Last year his 22-year-old son, Bleu, was killed in a random shooting in New York.

Photo: London riots by Fungus

London UK - 2011 August - Fungus "Riot On!"

The Local-Global Flip: Jaron Lanier talks about a future worth having

FreeAnons - "Anonymous" accused to be arraigned in San Jose CA Sept 1

Click post title above to go to the site. Scroll down to see the amazing ASCII art horse.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

RIP HIGH.CBS Amsterdam, Holland, The Netherlands

Google Translate from Dutch: "Saturday afternoon took the hard core of Ajax (with graffiti writers) in zeeeeer noisily farewell to the murdered Ajax supporter Sven WestendorpThis happened on the Midway at the height of the former Ajax De Meer stadiumImpressive and stylish."

Hit the link for video of his memorial at the stadium.

HIGH.CBS was a very well-respected old-school Dutch writer from one of Holland's most prominent crews. Our deepest sympathies for his family and friends. 

High.CBS - Holland, likely from the early 1990s

More info and photos:

Thanks to Cat22

UK, London: Robbo Fundraising Auction Preview Sept 1 2011

ROBBO benefit
From Pure Evil Gallery: 
"We’ve just started putting up a few of the pieces handed in so far for the Preview of the ROBBO auction @ Pure Evil Gallery
The preview of the auction opens Thursday evening at 6pm but some images of the work donated so far is up already because we want to get on it straight away… so far we have already raised abut £25,000 selling paintings and prints which is going towards Robbo and his family… he has a baby who is 1 year and 8 months old and other children and we’re trying to help the family out.
The guy is in a coma still, but he seems to be responding to some commands… anyone who has speculated about his injury and what actually happened to put him in hospital heres the scoop : He fell outside his house and hit his head really badly on some stone steps and he has been in hospital ever since.
I don't care about the graffiti / street art politics behind Banksy vs Robbo thats just a falling out between 2 painters. In the bigger picture of things its meaningless . This is more important than all that, we’re just trying to help out a mate. He’s no angel but he’s had a hard knock (literally) and he needs our help.
more pics HERE
[From - I can't link directly because of the horrific lightbox implementation that doesn't allow direct linking to news posts. Right now you can click on the top left image, which is a character with a boombox chained to a gun or something similar, to check for updates.]

QR Codes with readable words - free tool generates custom images

New drawing technology from Wacom

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Google Plus requires your real name and kills your accounts if you don't give it
and there's lots more. Search for "nym wars".

Bottom line: You can sign up to G+ with any name you want, but if you don't use the name on your drivers license you will probably get kicked off and might lose your other Google account features. It could also happen to you if your name is weird enough to trip the filters.

Google's position is that they can't sell your info about you, your opinions, purchases, and who you know unless they can positively ID you. Awesome.

Every other service on the internet except financial transaction services allow us to use whatever name we want. Using pseudonyms protects not only graffiti writers, but all people at risk from stalkers or nosy employers, etc. Google is being evil about this. Don't let G+ compromise your safety, online info and identity.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Canada, Toronto: July 22 - August 31, 2011 - Dalek and Greg Lamarche

Final Week: James Marshall (Dalek) & Greg Lamarche - Geometric Balance

James Marshall & Greg Lamarche
Geometric Balance
July 22 - August 31, 2011
1161 Dundas St. West
Toronto, ON
M6J 1X3

Video: Slick, Munk, Persue, Raver, Brisk, Kuya, and Cire in SD, CA

CA, Los Angeles: July 28 -Aug. 28, 2011 European Bailout Show

POST NO BILLS proudly announces their second exhibition in its Venice Beach based print shop. The European Bailout Show will feature exclusive new limited edition prints and original artwork by ten of Europe's most innovative and highly celebrated artists - Anthony Micallef, Conor Harrington, Ian Francis, Jonathan Yeo, JR, Mode 2, Paul Insect, Stanley Donwood, Vhils and Zevs.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Street Art app - local graffiti art discovery/sharing app for smartphones

Remember to use such apps carefully. There are many now, but this is an interesting new one.

You can destroy good places to paint and endanger artists by geolocating some walls or layups. Well-known halls of fame, very public spots, and murals are what this kind of app will be best for.

Don't photograph and upload images of illegal work you or your friend just did using phones, because you might be accidentally including identity, time, and place data that could incriminate you.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Henry Chalfant Remembers “King of Style” Graffiti Pioneer Kase 2

Italy, Ravenna: September 3 - 4, 2011: RigenerArte - 38 writers

38 Writers
Italian: Arko, Basik, Burla2222, Blef, Cuifs, Dado, Enko4, Hemo, Hide, Hody, Jaman, Jato, Joke, Louke, Lopez, Mek, Mozoner, Noneim, Phiesta, Reser, Ruas, Rusty, Spek, Taxy, Teyl, TomoZ, Umberto Staila, Veno, Vesod, Visone, Wens, Zelda

NYC: Case 2 Funeral Service and fund

Friday, August 12, 2011

Graffiti Lovers Marker - A Produção

Graffiti Lovers Marker - A Produção from grapixo on Vimeo.

The caption from the video (Google Translate):


Graffiti Lovers, é um marcador nacional, recarregável e com uma ponta de feltro 15 milímetros substituível. Sua tinta é a base de solvente, impermeável e resistente e escreve em qualquer superfície. Conteúdo: 40ml. Rendimento: Aproximadamente 250 metros em linha reta. Disponível em 14 cores vibrantes.


Graffiti Lovers, a national label, has a rechargeable, replaceable 15 mm felt tip. Its paint is solvent based, durable and waterproof and writes on any surface. Content: 40ml. Yield: About 250 meters straight. Available in 14 vibrant colors.

[I have no idea about this product's quality or availability but it's cool to see how they make it. - Susan]

Kaws poster stolen in NYC (worth $100,000 !)

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Spain, Barcelona: Entry Deadline Sept 15, 2011: Tattoo 2 Graffiti Exhibition

CA, San Diego: August 13, 2011: Artrageous

Ces, Revok, Risk, Sever and Wane
live painting event
Aaron Brothers’ First Annual Urban Art Event to Benefit Boys and Girls Clubs
The Aaron Brothers location at 2790 Midway Drive, San Diego

CA, San Francisco: Aug 13 - Sept 3, 2011: Building Context

Building Context
Adam Feibelman
Boris Tellegen (DELTA) 
Greg Lamarche
Joey Piziali
Leigh Wells
Matt Gonzalez Ray Beldner

Opening Reception: Saturday, August 13th, 4-7pm
Exhibition Dates: August 13 - September 3, 2011

Guerrero Gallery
2700 19th Street, San Francisco, CA

Guerrero Gallery is pleased to announce "Building Context", an exhibition featuring works by a set of artists who focus on the utilization of the medium of paper in their craft. This show explores and surveys these artists' various methods of paper manipulation, which lend to uniquely creative existences to a simple material humbly evident in our everyday lives.

The body of works included in this show present the wide range of textures and depths that paper can embody. Through the use of different types of paper, including currency colorful vintage pages, the compilation of collages, sculptures, and hand-cut stencils present a thoughtful transformation of the medium. Aside from the fact that each featured piece is strongly built out in a context manner, the beautifully delicate nature of the material is still noticeably evident.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

CA: Los Angeles: Aug 20 - Sept 10 2011: PERSEVERANCE | REVOK, RIME and ROID

Perseverance | Revok, Rime And Roid

Public opening Saturday, August 20th | 8-11p

Known Gallery
441 North Fairfax Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90036

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Anonymous posters popping up everywhere: Explained

From Freedom Network and What is the plan

These folks, whoever they are, are wanted by every intel org. A handful of alleged members have been arrested recently, most for participating in DDOS attacks with LOIC. 

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

USA: How to use

Keith Olbermann calls for feet in the street, before it's too late

Wow. Listen to the whole thing.

On the other hand, there's been some declaring of victory for The People today also. Check that link for the optimistic view, summaries and links to official docs. It also says Pell Grants are intact so far, which will be a huge relief to many of the college students in the US.

Bottom line, the governments and corporations are just too friendly with each other. They are running increasingly expensive wars for fun and profit, on our backs. We need a bunch of new players, ASAP.

I hope we can do it the gentle way, by voting better people in, by putting ourselves in areas of influence, by holding politicians to account, by working for change, and by making our voices heard. We can't afford to let the ignorance, power and greed of the powerful and noisy few ruin our lives and our planet. This is not the governing we deserve.

Essential reading: The Tenfold Path to Guts, Solidarity and the Defeat of the Corporate Elite