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CA, Los Angeles: July 29, 2010: Retna installation


Ecuador, Quito: July 30, 2010: Letras y Huellas

LUGAR: MUSEO CAMILO EGAS  (Esmeraldas y Venezuela esquina, sector Plaza del Teatro)





mayor info:
098312224 verde
093716146 rojo


593 093716146

CA, Los Angeles: July 30, 2010: Closing party - By the Time I get to Arizona

Friday July 30, 2010 - 8pm - 10pm
Closing Reception - By The Time I Get To Arizona

LA Weekly:

"By The Time I Get To Arizona" is the first part of Mid-City Arts Trilogy Series On Immigration.
Mid-City Arts Gallery Invites you to the closing reception of their current show "By The Time I Get To Arizona", an exhibition of new works focused around Arizona Senate Bill 1070. This exhibition features works of art from over 20 artists & Installations by Vyal, Cache, Dash, Eder & Viejas Del Mercado.
The Closing Reception will also feature the last chance to catch The Phantom's Living Picture Installation "AmeriKKKan Gothic: Malice in Wonderland."

Featuring Installations By:
The Phantom, Vyal, Cache, Eder, Dash, & Viejas Del Mercado

Works By:
Dash 2000 Fidel
El Mac
Estevan Oriol
Jaime Germs Zacarias
Lalo Alcaraz
Ritzy Periwinkle
& More...
Curated by: Viejas Del Mercado
Sponsored By:

Doors: 8p-10p
No Cover
Open To The Public
Mid-City Arts
5111 W. Pico Blvd.
Los Angeles Ca. 90019
(310) 694-3460

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

CA, Los Angeles: July 29-Sept 4, 2010: Twist, Os Gemeos

Come as you are

Prism Gallery 
8746 W Sunset Blvd 
W. Hollywood CA 90069

Saturday, July 24, 2010

NY, New York: July 28-Aug 15, 2010: Mint & Serf

Mint & Serf Special Graffiti Unit
Opening: Wednesday, July 28 , 6:00 – 10:00 pm Exhibition Dates: July 28– August 15
Gallery Hours: Monday - Saturday 11-7, Sunday 12-6 Gallery Located: 175 Seventh Avenue on the NE corner of 20th and 7th Ave. Nearest Subway: C, E exit 23rd @ 8th Ave., 1, 9 exit 23rd @ 7th Ave.  

Contact: Michael Lyons Wier,

Mint&Serf SGU (Special Graffiti Unit) is an exhibition at Lyons Wier Gallery, curated by Derrick B. Harden, featuring new work by New York visual artists Mint&Serf. The exhibition pays homage to the longest running television program that defines New York City.

Mint&Serf SGU is a multi-disciplinary exhibition incorporating painting, photography and video that is an interpretation of the artists' personal encounters with the law in New York City and within their community. Mint&Serf SGU (Special Graffiti Unit) cleverly captures Mint&Serf and company in their habitat by placing them in their own adapted version of Law & Order. By appropriating this iconic television drama, Mint&Serf: SGU turns photographed moments of vandalism, street- art and nightlife into a series of silk-screened vignettes. In Mint&Serf: SGU, the two artists portray themselves as part of the “Special Graffiti Unit,” an elite graffiti squad. Most recently,

Mint&Serf created and curated original artwork for the Ace Hotel in New York City. However, for the past ten years, Mint&Serf have been collaboratively producing artwork generating a vast range of large-scale murals, paintings, photographs, sculpture and street art throughout New York City and around the world. In 2005, as an extension to their art, they launched The Canal Chapter, a gallery platform for emerging artists, designers and musicians. In 2008, after the success of The Canal Chapter, they launched The Stanton Chapter, a street level art space in Lower East Side neighborhood of New York City. Mint&Serf have exhibited throughout the United States and abroad. They have created commissioned work for the Ace Hotel, Nike, Marc Jacobs, Red Bull, Ogilvy&Mathers, Adidas, Yahoo, Boost Mobile, PowerHouse Books among other clients. 

Dondi prints for sale and a chance to win one

Dondi prints for sale

To enter the competition, visit Threenine's Street Art Gallery and sign up to the mailing list before August 31st 2010, If you have already signed up to Threenine you are automatically entered. Competition is open worldwide. Three winners will be selected at random and announced on September 1st.


Call for artists: Graffiti and Architecture

John wrote to me this week:

I'm an architect writing to get in touch and spread the word about a project my studio's working on. It's an experimental proposal in which graffiti plays a vital role in the development of a building design, and we're seeking submissions from the writing community (worldwide) for work to feature in a video that illustrates the idea.
The project is about making a place for the graf community in architecture without compromising the integrity of the scene - that is, keeping the competition alive and the culture intact. For us, that's vital if the final product is going to have any true cultural significance.
The video will have a teaser screening in Lisbon, Portugal, this October and a premiere in February 2011 here in NYC. This would be a prime opp for some new talent to get some public recognition as well as showcase the heavyweight talent we have here in New York.
The premise is simple enough: we're going to be selecting submissions from the public to be applied to a simulation of a vandalized building.
Here's the site with more details:

France, Paris: Sept 14, 2010: JonOne

Blog: Vitche

Facebook "Like" = spam for everyone!

MOS 2010: Belfast, London, Belgrade, then USA are next

Worldwide/Serbia: Call for artists: Deadline Aug 31, 2010 - International Street Art Show

Won.ABC's fancy new truck

Blog: Global Graphica

NY, New York: Aug 21-Sept 18, 2010: Peeta

Peeta solo show!

Holland, Tilburg: June 13-Aug 29, 2010 - Lectrics (NYC Kings)


The work of A-one, Blade, Blast, Crash, Daze, Dondi, Futura, Koor, Noc, Phase2, Quik, Rammellzee, Delta (NL) Seen and Zephyr is on display at Museum Scryption in Tilburg through August 29.

Info in Dutch
Google translation of that page

[... RIP Rammellzee]

Loomit's got a blog

CA, San Diego: Jul 18, 2010–Jan 02, 2011: Viva la Revolucion


The exhibition includes a diverse range of 20 artists from 10 countries that are linked together by how their work addresses urban issues -- Akay (Sweden), Banksy (U.K.), Blu (Italy), Mark Bradford (U.S.), William Cordova (U.S.), Date Farmers (U.S.), Stephan Doitschinoff [CALMA] (Brazil), Dr. Lakra (Mexico), Dzine (Puerto Rico), David Ellis (U.S.), FAILE (Canada), Shepard Fairey (U.S.), Invader (France), JR (France), Barry McGee (U.S.), Ryan McGinness (U.S.), Moris (Mexico), Os Gemeos (Brazil), Swoon (U.S.), and Vhils (Portugal).

See an outdoor piece by Os Gemeos
and the museum's feature for the show

Find street art nearby with your smartphone - and GPS dangers

Turn on GPS on your phone
go to
The phone tells the website where you are, then the website shows photos from Flickr that were taken near you. It's not an app, so it works with any phone that has GPS. I know the guy who made this site.

You can't map the photos this way (which is a good thing for the artwork), but it gives a nice sense of your artistic neighborhood.

When you try this, notice that clicking an image enlarges it and clicking it again brings you back to the grid. If you hit the browser's Back control, you'll end up at some other web page you visited instead.

GPS, geolocation, and EXIF 

Speaking of GPS and phones, it's important to set your phone not to geolocate your photos if you share photos online. Otherwise, you might be blowing up your spot and not even know it.

You can set Flickr not to show location info for your photos, but that doesn't mean it isn't still in the photos. Even if your online photo spot doesn't do photomapping, someone can download your photos and maybe get the location info from them, so keep that in mind. You don't want your camera telling the world where your friends houses are either, so the danger's not just about graffiti spots. It's best to strip the EXIF info to be sure.

I use GraphicConverter on Mac OS instead of Photoshop for editing images. It has a nice tool that erases EXIF data (photo metadata that describes all about your camera, its settings, and possibly the location of the photos). I also told my phone camera not to save that info, and I keep my GPS off unless I need it (saves battery life too).

For Windows, Google has more info about Windows EXIF tools.

More info on GPS and photo tagging on Howstuffworks.

Book: London Blackbook

Friday, July 23, 2010

Scotland, Glasgow: July 30 - Aug 29, 2010: Hat Trick

CA, Los Angeles: July 31, 2010: Bad Seed Grand Opening

Interview: Med and Ces: Tuff City Talks

CA, San Francisco: August 7-29, 2010: Friends With Knives

From the first stencils recorded in human history where hands were placed on cave walls and spit upon with watered paint pigments, to the multilayered, political, and emotional stencils of today; stencil graffiti and stencil art has and will be here for generations to come. Crewest is proud to announce Friends With Knives, a group show curated by PaperMonster, featuring a collection of stencil artists who demonstrate a broad range of stencil graffiti styles including photorealistic, political, pop, abstract, and stencil art focusing purely on beauty.

The artists come from all walks of life as well as from all over the world including Australia, United Kingdom, Paris, and throughout the United States. The show is not about how intricate, how many layers, or how much time it took these artists to cut each stencil but about showcasing the history, evolution, and future of stencil art. Paper Monster, the exhibits curator, has this to say about bringing the Friends With Knives to Crewest Gallery: “I chose to put these artists together for many different reasons. Some of the artists I have either been a fan of or have had the honor of showing with, collaborating, or meeting by chance in my life. As a whole we push each other and hopefully push the creativity of the stencil graffiti/art community. Being stencil artists we have a common bond and we know the hardships and struggles that come with the work that we do. The process of cutting stencils can be grueling and demanding. It is extremely difficult to gain respect and admiration for the huge amount of work and dedication that we put in our work from the art world but we are willing to do everything in our power to share our talent with the world. Many of us have been creating stencils for five to ten years and some of us are relatively unknown artists that deserve an opportunity to shine. My hope is that everyone in the show uses this opportunity to support their love and hopefully they will be leaders in the future as they continue to push stencil art further.”

Exhibiting Artists: Blek le Rat, Broken Crow, Chris Stain, Dave Lowell, E.L.K, Greg Boudreau, HAHA, Henry Quiara, Joe Iurato, Koleszar, Leckomio, Mefee, Nathan Phaneuf, PaperMonster, Peat Wollaeger, Scotch, Shai Dahan

Opening Reception
August 7th, 2010

Artwalk Event
August 12th, 2010

Last Day for Exhibit
August 29, 2010

Artist Websites

Blek le Rat:
Broken Crow:
Chris Stain:
Dave Lowell:
Greg Boudreau:
Henry Quiara:
Joe Iurato:
Nathan Phaneuf:
Peat Wollaeger:
Shai Dahan:

110 Winston St.
Los Angeles, CA 90013
ph: 213-627-8272

Tues. thru Thurs.: noon - 7pm
Fri. and Sat.: 12pm - 8pm
Sun.: Noon - 6pm
Closed Mondays (except by appointment only)

Visit the gallery online at:

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Interview: Inkie

Retinex - augmented reality comic book

Art and design photoblog:

Book: El Mac / Retna

Alianza: The Mac & Retna

This slim volume belies the wealth of beautiful imagery inside. The partnership of El Mac and Retna is legendary worldwide. Together they have stunned viewers with their large portraiture and inimitable painting and lettering styles. 

You can see examples of their work here:

Book: Grems

Grems Book by Edition Populaire

The book is the size of a small sketchbook and discreetly flat black. Inside are 240 pages of graffiti, graphics, and photos of and by Grems.

Grems is a writer, street artist, graphic designer, rapper and DJ, from Paris, France. His work graces watches, shoes, and any available surface. A nice presentation of his work so far.

Check his website for tunes and more.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Friday, July 16, 2010

Interview: How and Nosm - at

RIP: Bleu Nazario


Respect and love to Nicer, TATS and his family and friends.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Monday, July 12, 2010

Sunday, July 11, 2010

RIP, Sarah Valle

Our deepest sympathies to Disco 3YB and his family for the tragic loss of 7-year-old Sarah. 
Memorial portrait by Wie

Austria, Vienna: July 31, 2010: Go On Graffiti Mag #6 release party


das neue Go_On_Graffiti Magazin ist im kommen wieder 76 voll mit heimischen und internationalen schmieragen vom zug bis zur wand features von bild, td2f, helmut seethaler......

mit dem magazin natürlich die dazu gehörige party primiere_ zum aller ersten mal nicht im winter..juhu

präsentiert wird das ganze am 31.juli.2010 im kunst & kulturzentrum "das werk" in der neulerchenfelderstr. 6-8, 1160 wien beginn_21.00 uhr

mit im programm eine lesung von helmut seethaler seineszeichens zetteldichter, freigeist und noch vieles mehr....(

musik wirds natrülich auch geben & zwar von dj fantastic (nobody rockz / elektrotwins)

Germany, Cologne: July 3-21, 2010: Vandals - Nils Muller

Video: We B*Girlz Documentary

Bean one - handstyles (and octopus)

Hoody Handout - Homeless outreach in the UK

Spain, Ibiza: August 22-September 19, 2010: XENZ

These Flowers Grow Wild

La Hora Azul presents
August 22-September 19, 2010
Private View: Saturday, August 21, 2010, 19:00-23:00

Celebrated British aerosol artist, Xenz, announces a 'pop up' show in Ibiza at La Hora Azul gallery in August 2010

One of the UK’s most respected spray can artists, Xenz, lands in Ibiza this August 21 to create an exhibition of new artworks inspired by the Balearic Islands' ethereal essence. Known as the 'Monet of graffiti' – so-called because he channels his love of nature through this traditionally urban art form – Xenz is a major figure to emerge from the infamous Bristol street art scene.

Earlier this year, the artist visited Ibiza in search of inspiration and the result is a series of paintings featuring the island's native birds, butterflies, vines, and flowers presented as a mosaic-style masterpiece comprising hundreds of small canvas tiles, which collectively form a mural.

Xenz explains: "My aim is to develop a community around these mosaics, where people who come to the show are the only ones to ever see it in its complete state – a bit like seeing graffiti before it’s buffed or destroyed. Each participant becomes part-owner of the mural – almost like buying shares."

To complement the show, which the artist describes as a "fantasy greenhouse," Xenz will be painting onto the exterior building of La Galeria Elefante – one of the oldest fincas [country houses] in Ibiza. Using the island’s springtime flora and fauna as inspiration, Xenz, who has painted walls – and even church ceilings – across the globe since the early ‘90s, will be working his art into the existing natural landscape in the trompe-l’oeil style giving visitors to the show the chance to see the artwork growing over the facade of this beautiful building.

The artist says: "I see my artwork like an organism; like ivy or an orchid that mutates and grows in unusual places. This is the graffiti in it; the wild, unstoppable, destructive element, but it is also beautiful. I like to make things look like they've always been there.”

Xenz has been shown in exhibitions and art fairs in the UK, Miami, New York, Basel and Sydney. He has had sell-out London solo shows, and his limited edition prints are in huge demand. He was part of the prestigious Tunnel 228 (a collaboration between the Old Vic and one of the UK’s most innovative performance companies, Punchdrunk) alongside Antony Micallef, Polly Morgan and Paul Fryer. His work is in private and corporate collections worldwide. He studied at Edinburgh College of Art.

XENZ painted his first piece in 1987 at the age of 14. He grew up in the north of England, which gave a lot of space to experiment with graffiti styles due to its isolation from mainstream popular culture. In 1993, he formed what has become one of the UK’s longest standing and most respected graffiti crews known as the TCF crew. Xenz has developed a unique approach to the art form, and the word graffiti no longer sufficiently describes his work. His extraordinary cohesion between mind, memory and spray can, allows this influential artist to walk up to a wall or canvas and paint an epic landscape from his imagination. His murals are fantasy dreamscapes and he is known for painting dramatic skyscapes and floating cities in a destructed architectural style. He successfully marries fine art with gritty urban art forms, using the spray can to capture fragments of memory and ever-changing subject matter, often drawn from the natural world.

Private View: Saturday, August 21, 2010, 19:00 – 23:00
Public View: August 22-September 19, 2010
Gallery Opening Hours: Monday-Sunday 11:00-21:00

La Hora Azul Gallery
La Galeria Elefante
Santa Gertrudis
Carretera Sant Miquel
 KM 3,200,
07814 Santa Eularia Des Riu
Ibiza, Spain

Puerto Rico, Ponce: Deadline July 15: Competencia Graffiti - Call for artists

Remplazo del Mural  Rafael Rios Rey
“La Fiesta de Ponce” en La Terraza Del Caribe,Plaza del Caribe

Plaza del Caribe invita a participar del Remplazo del Mural de Rafael Ríos Rey, en La Terraza Del Caribe en Plaza del Caribe.  En el mismo se utilizará la técnica de Grafiti.  Para participar debe enviar un “sketch” (9 x 12 pulgadas) utilizando la técnica de grafiti, bajo el tema “Compromiso con el ambiente en la obra de Rafael Rios Rey”.  Para referencia la obra de Rafael Ríos Rey esta publicada en el libro sobre El Mural escrito por  Nestor Muray, Director de Casa Paoli en Ponce.  Otras referencias son: El mural, localizado dentro del  Banco Santander, frente a la Plaza Las Delicias (esquina contraria de la Alcaldía de Ponce) y el mural existente en La Terraza Del Caribe, área de comidas en nuestro Centro.

El “sketch” lo puede enviar  a la siguiente dirección postal:

Plaza del Caribe
PO Box 7125
Ponce PR 00717-7125

o la dirección de correo electrónico:

La fecha límite de entrega es el 15 de julio de 2010.

El dibujo ganador  será plasmado en la pared donde actualmente está el Mural de Rafael Ríos Rey “La Fiesta de Ponce” en La Terraza de Plaza del Caribe.  Su medida es 34 pies de largo x 11 pies de alto.
Un jurado altamente cualificado seleccionará un ganador.  El ganador recibirá como premio  un certificado de $1,000.00 y la oportunidad de exponer su arte en esta pared.  Al ganador se le suplirá todo el equipo de pintura para realizar su trabajo. Deberá firmar un documento cediendo los derechos de la pintura. También firmará un relevo donde le permite a Plaza Del Caribe, a utilizar su foto para propósitos de divulgación y promoción, sin límite de tiempo, en cualquier medio masivo, incluyendo el web page de sus compañías afiliadas.

Para información puede comunicarse con Dagmar Rivera al 787-259-8989, oficina de mercadeo.
El dibujo de incluir en la parte posterior o en una hoja aparte, escrito en letra de molde:

1. Nombre completo
2. Dirección donde recibe su correspondencia
3. Dirección física.  Incluya, número de carretera, kilómetro, hectómetro.
4. Número de teléfono.
5. Número de teléfono móvil.
6. Dirección de correo electrónico.

¡Esperamos su participación!

Denz interview by Asia One

Absolute pitchers

Collectible heads up:

ABSOLUT Vodka has unveiled the latest in a long line of creative collaborations by launching four limited edition drinks pitchers, featuring custom designed artwork by internationally renowned contemporary artists, New York’s Stephen Powers and Tokyo’s Chiho Aoshima.

The exclusive summer pitchers will be available in Selfridges (England, UK) this summer.

France, Gap: July 10-17, 2010: Le Temps d’une couleur

International Graffiti meeting ‘Le Temps d’une couleur’
10th to the  17th of july 2010 in Gap (Hautes-Alpes South of France)

Nina - Photos by Lost Art Brazil

Video: The Freedom Charter, by Rowan Pybus & Faith47

The Freedom Charter from rowan pybus & faith47 on Vimeo.

Vermont, South Burlington: Graffiti Competition - call for artists

Our Art Center in Shelburne, Vermont is teaming up with the Brewing Company Magic Hat to present the first annual Graffiti Competition. The competition will consist of twenty pre-selected Artists who will have two hours to create their unique work. At the end a panel of judges will decide the $500 winner. All works will then be auctioned off.

The event will take place at the Magic Hat Artifactory in South Burlington, VT. The competition occurs on Saturday October 2nd.

All interested applicants should download the entry form at

Insa + Inkie, from Fool's Gold

Insa and Inkie painted this in Brussels on the Fool's Gold Tour.
Image thanks to Recoat Gallery in Scotland

NY, New York: July 15, 2010: Skateboard Art Show

Call for artists, deadline July 12.

Arizona's bad bill SB 1070 - Time to fight

"In the State of Arizona, there is a proposed bill called, SB 1070 which if passed, on July 28th 2010, would give law enforcement the right to stop, ID, arrested, and possibly deport any person(s) whom they believe to be a so-called “illegal alien”. This green-light to stop or interrogate a person is based on [the officer’s] suspicion that an individual is “illegal”. This means if they feel you look “illegal” you can stopped. Furthermore, if you have a brown or darker complexion, you are "illegal" in the eyes of this law. Even people of darker complexion who are “legal citizens” born and raised in Arizona can be stopped by the police and if they do not present proper documentation -upon request- proving their “legal status” that individual can be arrested and fined. Indicting people based on their colour reminds me of something from the Jim Crow-era of "American justice".

Rammellzee remembered - URB

France, Paris: July 8-24, 2010 - Les Voleurs

Roskilde Festival 2010 - photos

Germany, Dortmund: July 3-31, 2010: Seemsoe

DAVID RADON | SEEMSOE 03.07.2010 - 31.07.2010

blumenstr. 34 | 44147 dortmunder north

Meeting of Styles 2010 is in full swing

Saturday, July 3, 2010

France, Orleans: July 1-15, 2010: Open Skies

As part of its policy of support for artistic creation, the Municipality of Orleans presents the exhibition "Open Skies" from 1 to 15 July.

This project takes us to Graffiti Street Art through an outdoor exhibit.

Starting July 1, Orleans comes alive with exhibitions and artistic projects that form a unique historical path: Museum of Fine Arts, the starting point of the event to be conducted where Vinegar Dessaux live for 4 days - 1 on July 4, 2010 - a giant mural. The even takes place in all the city and major artists as Seen, Jonone, West, Psy and Jef Aérosol are invited to paint on the façade of the old industrial Dessaux place which will be turned in the future into an art center.

This groundbreaking exhibition is also the symbolic start of a major project with the development of the site Dessaux for contemporary art. Faced with the FRAC, with about 3000m ² of exhibition halls and a future structure Eiffel still present, the place promises a bright future for contemporary art in Orleans.

Dans le cadre de sa politique de soutien à la création artistique, la Mairie d'Orléans présente l'exposition "A ciel ouvert" du 1er au 15 juillet.

Ce projet nous mène du Graffiti au Street Art à travers une exposition en plein air.

Dès le 1er juillet, Orléans s'anime de nombreuses expositions et projets artistiques qui forment un parcours historique unique: du Musée des Beaux-Arts, point de départ de la manifestation à la Vinaigrerie Dessaux où sera réalisé en live pendant 4 jours - du 1er au 4 juillet 2010 - une fresque murale géante.

Cette exposition exceptionnelle, est aussi le démarrage symbolique d'un projet d'envergure avec la mise en valeur du site Dessaux pour l'art contemporain. Face au Frac, avec près de 3000m² de salles d'expositions à venir et une structure Eiffel encore présente, le lieu promet de beaux jours pour l'art contemporain à Orléans.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

CA, San Francisco: July 2, 2010: Graff Convention

Invitation to Join us at the deYoung - 1st Friday, July 2nd


"Graff Convention"  

July 2nd “1st Friday Nights at the de Young”
Koret Auditorium and Wilsey Court

de Young Museum's First Friday Cultural Encounters
Street Art San Francisco: Mission Muralismo series

The July program is “Graff Convention”, with presentations by Mission street artists Ricardo Richey  "Apex", Eric Norberg "SPIE", Jocelyn Superstar, Mark Bode, Jim Prigoff, Estria, and others.

This is an intimate look at the world of sprayers, writers, taggers, and graffiti artists of every stripe who work the walls of the Mission, with and without permission.

Visitors are welcome to bring their copy of Street Art San Francisco: Mission Muralismo book or purchase one that evening for signing by the featured artists, author and Precita Eyes Muralists Founder Susan Kelk Cervantes and editor, Annice Jacoby.

Canada, Toronto: July 9-August 8, 2010: Anthony Lister

Finger Painting on the iPad

Brazil, Sao Paulo: July 4, 2010: Mutirao Graffiti Animado

NY, Beacon: Aug 14 - Sept 10, 2010: Four Ever

Dream In Plastic Presents
Featuring the art of:

Dream in Plastic Celebrates its One Year Anniversary in Beacon with the Help of Four Graffiti Gods – Bilrock 161, Pure TFP, KR.ONE, and WHISPER

Beacon, NY July 1, 2010 - Dream in Plastic is proud to present the group show Four-Ever featuring the works of graffiti artists Charles Billy Harmon aka Bilrock 161, Andy Dolan aka Pure TFP, Louie Gasparro aka KR.ONE, and Charles Wolfson aka WHISPER opening on August 14, 2010.

The show is in conjunction with the store's one year anniversary at its Beacon location. This event will take place from 6pm to 9pm, with a special gift bag giveaway beginning at 3pm. The four artists will also be collaborating on a mural for the store's windows during a live painting event on August 5, 2010 at 2pm.

Through a unicorn bookmark a friendship was born 25 years ago between co-owners Jennifer Zukowski and Diana Currie, and through that unique friendship came Dream in Plastic. Over the two years they have been in business, Dream in Plastic has evolved into a culmination of everything they both love. Diana Currie co-owner says, "We are both excited to be celebrating this milestone by featuring such talented artists."

Four-Ever is the largest show that Dream in Plastic has ever hosted, featuring close to forty works by Bilrock161, Pure TFP, KR.ONE, and WHISPER. With there vastly different styles of graffiti, there is guaranteed to be something for everyone to enjoy looking at.

Diana Currie or Jennifer Zukowski
Dream in Plastic
177 Main St
Beacon, NY 12508

Phone: 845-632-3383

Italy, San Lizzano Cesena: July 16-17, 2010: La Starpegna 2010

Anche per il 2010 ritorna "LA STARPEGNA",  jam organizzata dall'Associazione di promozione sociale "Romagna in Fiore", la location è la stessa della scorsa edizione ovvero lo splendido parco di Villa Silvia a San Lizzano di Cesena.

Writers, Dj's, Mc's e B-Boy in azione su pannelli, consolle, palchi e lineolum... una jam insomma!

Se volete fermarvi (gratuitamente) con tenda e saccapelo per i due giorni dovete obbligatoriamente segnarvi al link sottostante:

E visto che ci teniamo ai nostri ospiti, ci saranno pure le consuete grigliate notturne... sempre offerte da noi!

DOMENICA invece tutti i writers presenti (ospiti e non, chi vuole si aggrega) si sposteranno su un nostro Halloffame in zona, per una murata collettiva in relax (portatevi gli spray)




h14.00 - Dj Set con dj a rotazione + open mic + breaking sessions

A.P.S. Romagna in Fiore (Italia)
Ass. Les Freres Coulures (Francia)
Ass. Peinture Fraiche (Francia)

h22.30 - Concerto WHITE NIGGAZ, pure funk - uncut soul.


h14.00 - Dj Set con dj a rotazione + open mic + breaking sessions
h18.00 - Contest di breakdance 1vs1
In giuria: Tommy (Break the funk - Rimini)
Lil Blade (Pesaro)
Wired Monkeys (Bologna)

h21.00 - Proiezione DVD su cultura Hip-Hop e Writing


h22.00 - RIOT KOMBAT (San Benedetto del Tronto)

h22.30 - SLAT & DJ EGO (Cesena - San Benedetto del Tronto )

h23.00 - GANJIKILLAH & DJ KAME (Macerata)

h23.45 - GENTE DE BORGATA (Roma)
Simo, Supremo73, il Turco, Dj Fester


Per tutte e due le giornate, writing su pannello a cura di: FLAKE, LOUKE, TOMOZ, NONEIM, BURLA2222, MEK, JATO, MOZONER (Italia), GASPAR, ODEG, ROOBLE, CREWER, JONE, TRAKT (France), TAXI (Suomi) STIX71 (Belgique). e gli allievi del corso di graffiti tenuto presso C.A.G. Casa Pomposa - Rimini