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Canada, Montreal: August 13-14, 2011: Under Pressure 2011

International Graffiti Convention 16th Edition
Montreal, Qc., Canada
August 13th-14th

more information and writer registration:

Germany, Heidelberg: June 2-July 3, 2011: CanTwo

an exhibition by
02nd of june - july 3rd 2011

(Heidelberg) Following the INSIGHTS exhibition that opened business in the KUNST/HALLE Heidelberg last december, atelier kontrast is now featuring the ICONS solo-exhibition by world-renowned graffiti artist CANTWO. The exhibition opens the 2nd of June and lasts until July 3rd.

Since the vivid graffiti scene formed in New York in the 1970s and the movement then carried over to major cities in Europe in the 1980s graffiti has constantly been wedged between vandalism and art. Exhibitions in significant galleries and museums, canvases by big graffiti players peaking with high amounts in auctions along with the recent exhibition "Art in the Streets" in the Museum of Contemporary Art (MoCa) in Los Angeles have shown just how significantly one of the most controversial art movements of the past decades is establishing itself.

CANTWO has been in the game since day one in Germany. His unique style of characters (the figurative, comic styled side of graffiti) has turned heads nationally and internationally for decades and has turned him into a defining icon of the scene. His style has become known as the CANTWO-Character.

CANTWO has hosted shows for MTV in the '90s and is frequently booked by firms such as Adidas or Coca-Cola for special collections or other marketing operations.

For the ICONS exhibition in the KUNST/HALLE Heidelberg CANTWO takes on his own icons and the icons of our times. He will show famous faces adapted in his very own style and also the classic CANTWO-Characters. A specially commissioned wall installation and his newest canvases and prints will be shown and in fact it will be the first exhibition ever that focuses on CANTWO's work in such an extensive and unique way.

Worldwide: NYC's BYC Sticker and art show - call for artists

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Denmark, Copenhagen: Bill Bach - Paperwork

Bill Bach - Paperwork

Se billeder og priser:

Udstillingen slutter torsdag den 23. juni 2011 kl. 19

Torsdage kl. 14-19 samt efter nærmere aftale på +45 2618 1227 eller på +45 6038 0745 

Med venlig hilsen

Vesterbrogade 171
DK-1800 Frederiksberg C

Jeppe Westrup, curator

[This gallery always has a wide variety of high-quality graffiti artwork from artists worldwide. Collectors and visitors should definitely check it out. - Susan]

Do you write graffiti in China? 你写在中国涂鸦?

[A student in Holland sent me this request for participation in his research. He is sensitive to the security issues Chinese writers face and has agreed to keep answers confidential to his university. If you are in China and you want to respond, please be careful how you send the message, however, as many email routes are monitored by the Chinese government. - Susan

Google Chinese translation: 在荷兰的学生给我这个在他参与研究的要求。是敏感的安全问题面临的华文作家,已同意将他的大学保密答案如果你是中国,你想回应,请小心你如何发送消息,但是,由于许多电子邮件航线由中共官督]

Do you write graffiti in China?   你写在中国涂

Hi there,

I'm writing a paper about the perception of graffiti art in China for my masters of sociology degree.
I would like to ask native Chinese graffiti artists how they feel about graffiti art. 

- How did you get inspired to start writing?
- What is the underlying message of your piece? why do you write?
- Do you use Chinese characters or the Latin alphabet? or both? And why?
- Does the 'West' influence your writing by any means (like magazines, YouTube clips)?
- Is graffiti in China the same as graffiti around the world?
- Do you see graffiti as rebellion/art/hype/something else?
- What are the consequences/penalties when you get caught? How does the law react on graffiti?
- Is it a strictly urban phenomenon?
- Does communism influence the graffiti scene?

Thank you so much!

University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands

- 你是怎么得到启,开始写?
- 什么是你的文章基本息?为什么你写的?
- 您是否使用汉字或拉丁字母?或两者兼而有之?为什么
- 是否'西'影响您的任何面方式(如杂志YouTube视频)?
- 认为叛乱涂/艺术/炒作/其它的西?
- 什么是后果/当你被抓住处罚?法律如何应对
- 是一个严格的城市象?

Saturday, May 28, 2011

NY, New York: May 26-June 25, 2011: Miss Van



Exhibition from May 26th to June 25th 2011

J. Levine Gallery
529 West 20th Street, 9E
New York, NY 10011


The book traces the Twinkles work since 2008 Miss Van Stolen Heart Series at its last exhibition Twinkles through Still a little or Immaculada Magic. The book shows how Miss Van has evolved over time, while remaining unruffled in his representations of the female figure, probably in part autobiographical. Miss Van was able to develop his favorite character from a world of bright colors, to a world darker and more intense. Over time, Miss Van has thus closer to the Pop art movement like Surrealism and integrates undeniable influences like those of Frida Kahlo. Twinkles allows us to understand the evolution of the artist to paint a style more mature and sophisticated, without losing touch with its origins Street Art.

88 color pages
Size : 30X20 cm
Full-page reproductions of works of art.
Published by DRAGO

Available now on:

Friday, May 27, 2011

CA, Los Angeles: June 3, 2011: The Art of Transportation @ Crewest

OH, Columbus: June 4 - Aug 27, 2011: Comngraf 3: Breaking Boarders

COMnGRAF 3: Breaking Boarders is art that showcases HIP HOP culture through the cross cultural influence between Comic Book art and Graffiti art. This exhibition will showcase the collaborative grouping of both sequential and aerosol art by world renowned comic book artist and legendary graffiti artists. Simply stated, it is "the fusion of two cultures" celebrating the influence that each has on the other.

At the Columbus Arts Festival on June 4th - August 27th 2011. Opening reception is on Sat June 4th 6pm - 10pm.

NV, Las Vegas: June 3, 2011: Legends of Graffiti

France, Toulouse: May 28 - July 31, 2011: DMV


Vous êtes conviés à l'exposition du collectif Da Mental Vaporz , DMV
qui aura lieu à Toulouse, à la galerie GHP : du 28 Mai au 31 juillet 2011 .

GHP Gallery presents a new exhibition from the Da Mental Vaporz collective, DMV,
an art show to exhibit in Toulouse, France: May 28th – July 31st.

Artistes : Dran, Bom.k, Sowat, Brusk, Lime, Kan, Iso, Blo & Jaw

The DA MENTAL VAPORZ show @ Gallery GHP - Toulouse - France
du 28/05/2011 au 31/07/2011

Vernissage : vendredi 27 mai à 19h en présence des 9 artistes.

Pour la première fois, les 9 artistes sont réunis autour d'un projet

For the first time the DMV collective reunites its nine members for an exclusive show.

Galerie GHP
11, descente de la halle aux poissons
31000 Toulouse - France


Thursday, May 26, 2011

New Zealand, Auckland: May 28, 2011: Red Bull Wreckers Yard

Red Bull Wreckers Yard 

16 of the best graff artists from New Zealand have been hand-picked to display their artistic flair, whilst spraying against the clock. In the Wellington and Auckland qualifier, eight graff artists will be provided with just a blank canvas and cans of spray paint to do their thing.

Each round will be based on a theme, given to the competitors a minute out from the start of the round. Some examples of themes could include greed, nature or fear. The artists will then have to spray according to the theme.

As the rounds progress, the canvas gets smaller, pushing the boundaries of creativity as each artist showcases their artistic interpretation and speed needed to be a Red Bull Wreckers Yard champion. 

The winners from each New Zealand qualifier will battle it out for the podium with the best from across the ditch at the Red Bull Wreckers Yard Trans Tasman Final, held on 25 June at the Evelyn Hotel in Melbourne.

The Wellington qualifier featured: BMD, Drypnz, Editor, GHSTIE, Juse 1, Kerb, Kiran X and Yelz, 

The Auckland qualifier features: Cinzah, Cracked Ink, Enu, Gasp, Liam Moore, One Kame, Peepshow and Stray

Neighbourhood Bar, Kingsland, Auckland, Saturday 28th May, 7pm, Free Entry.

For artists bios and more information visit  http://www.redbull.co.nz/wreckersyard

Holland, Amsterdam: May 27, 28, 29, 2001: Unruly

The Unruly Gallery that was set up by artist Niels Shoe Meulman is up and running. It is a new online gallery that focuses on artists instead of movements and schools. Unruly is not only a gallery but also a web shop where t-shirts, works of art, books and silk scarves are sold. The works of art can also be viewed in person by appointment at the Unruly Gallery in Amsterdam. For prices and more information, please visit unrulygallery.com.

Niels Meulman, who is also known as ‘Shoe’ abroad, set up the Unruly Gallery. He started out as a graffiti artist and had his breakthrough with Calligraffiti, which is a combination of graffiti and calligraphy. Shoe worked as a graphic designer and creative director for various companies, until he was fed up with corporate life and decided to focus entirely on his new passion, Calligraffiti. Through displaying his work at various galleries, he discovered that most galleries could not offer him what he wanted. That is when the idea was born to open his own gallery.

Art lovers can go to the gallery web shop unrulygallery.com to admire and buy work made by various international artists. In addition to the large selection of paintings, the new Calligraffiti t-shirts (for men and women), the Unruly silk scarves and various special books are available from the shop as well. The art and other products are available exclusively through unrulygallery.com.

The first exhibition will open on 27 May 2011. 

The ‘Unruly Gallery Group Show 2011’ includes work of: 

Mode2, Eric Haze, Bando, Boris Tellegen (Delta), Greg Lamarche, Dr. Rat (†), John Langdon, Rammellzee (†), Parra, Nik Christensen, Jon One and Wayne Horse

The opening is for invited guests only, but the Unruly Gallery is open to the public on Saturday 28 May and Sunday 29 May between 11 a.m. and 7 p.m. After those dates, it is only open to buyers who make an appointment. 

The works of art can also be viewed online and are for sale from 26 May 2011 at unrulygallery.com

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TX, El Paso: May 27-29, 2011 - Run for the Border

Italy, Ravenna: until May 29, 2011: Seven Dimensions

Dado, Etnik, Joys, Pazo, Peeta, TomoZ, Verbo

Comune di Ravenna –  Assessorato alle Politiche Giovanili, quale comune capofila, in collaborazione con il Comune di Cesena e associazioni culturali dei rispettivi territori  (in qualità di partners fra cui l’Associazione Romagna in Fiore), a seguito della pubblicazione del bando “Giovani Energie in Comune”, promosso dal  HYPERLINK "http://www.gioventu.gov.it/" \t "_blank" Dipartimento della Gioventù della Presidenza del Consiglio dei Ministri e dall’ HYPERLINK "http://www.anci.it/index.cfm" \t "_blank" Anci Associazione Nazionale Comuni Italiani rivolto ad iniziative progettuali riguardanti le politiche giovanili, risulta primo della graduatoria, aggiudicatario dell’approvazione e dell’ammissione al finanziamento per il progetto “Valorizzazione della street art e del writing urbano: - “RigenerArte – writing urbano in Romagna”, per l’attivazione di corsi, laboratori e concorsi e la messa a disposizione di spazi per la pratica artistica. 

Santa Maria delle Croci
via Guaccimanni 5/7 - Ravenna
ingresso libero / catalogo in mostra
orari: dal giovedì alla domenica / 18.00 - 21.00

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Call for artists worldwide: Virtual exhibit

Art Un-Scene

Beginning on May 20, 2011 the Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA) in Los Angeles, California will be the site of Art Un-Scene, an exhibition of street art in Augmented Reality (AR). Street artists and graffiti writers worldwide are invited to submit digital photographs of their work, which will be uploaded into AR-space around MOCA's location for public viewing.

The exhibition will be "hidden in plain sight," invisible to the unaided eye, and can only be viewed using a modern smartphone (iPhone, iPad2 or various Android devices) and the Layar Augmented Reality Browser app. The AR exhibition will run in parallel with MOCA's curated "Art in the Streets" show, but MOCA is not involved in any way with this event. We hope and intend that this AR exhibition will add much needed breadth and depth to the "official" story of street art that is being offered by MOCA's curators.

Artists who want to learn more about the Art Un-Scene exhibition and submit images of their work should visit the website http://spacelib.org/unscene and email their images of work in any medium to: spaceliberation@gmail.com along with links to websites where more work can be seen, if available.

Art Un-Scene is being produced by the Space Liberation Movement, with in-kind assistance from Layar BV.

Were you left out of the MOCA show? Now's your chance to be included in this virtual exhibition. Check out the links above to learn more about Space Liberation Movement and Layar augmented reality browser for smartphones and tablets.

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Germany, Berlin: May 6, 2011: MOAS

06. Mai 2011 - Berlin
20 Years MOAS Crew Anniversary
Book Release Party & Exhibition

DJ Quincy Million (QMS Crew)
DJ Dejoe (Born2Roll)
7pm - open end

Common Ground Gallery / Prenzlauer Berg

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