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About A'shop's BNB Tribute

Art Crimes featured this exquisite tribute to BNB by Montreal writers. Here's the story about the mural for Bad News Brown, on A'

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CA, San Francisco: Nov. 12, 2011: Kofie at White Walls

Protect IP / SOPA Act breaks the internet. USA take action immediately!

Please circulate this info, watch the video, stop the stupid law, and do it quickly:


Corporations pressing the US government to pass bad laws like this is why we have no hip-hop lyrics site on the web anymore. Think of a net without YouTube and Tumblr ... or anything new that might be used for remixing anything. What if Art Crimes got knocked off the net because someone painted a cartoon character owned by Disney? Right. That kind of stupid. Act now to oppose this before the stupid greedy Congress lets another corporation buy its votes.

More info:

Brazil: Os Gemeos at Museu Vale - Fermata - PHOTOS

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NJ, Pine Brook: Oct. 29, 2011: Garden Sk8 2.0


Garden Sk8 Indoor Skatepark Open its Doors for the First Time after Hurricane Irene

More than 20 International Graffiti Artists Turn the Skatepark in the World's Largest Indoor Installation

On October 29, 2011, Garden Sk8 indoor skateboarding park, located at 321 Changebridge Road in Pine Brook, NJ, will open its doors for the first time after being destroyed by hurricane Irene 3 months ago. From 6 PM to midnight, more than 20 graffiti artists from around the world will showcase their art on the walls of the park, making it the word's largest indoor graffiti installation.

Hip hop music and performances from Venemous & DJ Priority, Nobel Productions, Manny D, Black Collar Biz and Animal Crackas.

There will be a silent auction featuring graffiti art on canvas and skateboards, sign product from top professional skateboarders and other products. All money raised will go back into rebuilding the skatepark. The park was flooded with more than 3 feet of water during hurricane Irene destroying many of the ramps and the entire retail section.

Graffiti artists who participated in this installation include Demer, Snow, Then, Joe Iurato, Logan Hicks, Kasso, Rain, Hef fx ad, The Fresh Collective, Elan & MMK, Genoe, Mercro, Ree 2, Part 1, Col, Sen 2, Mike Die, Robots Will Kill, Swith, 2 Tek, Pase, Mek, Faro, Doctor Crab and many more.

Garden Sk8
321 Changebridge Road
Pine Brook, NJ 07058


Saturday, October, 29, 2010 - 6:00 PM to 12:00 AM

Suggested Donation: $5

Germany, Berlin: Sept. 23 - Nov. 12, 2011: MODE 2

[Mode 2, old-school King of Characters! Get ready, and expect it to sell out. His work tends toward the sexually explicit these days, so keep that in mind before you go. (I won't show you the flyer!) No one loves the female form like Mode 2 does. If you're brave and old enough, here's a set on Flickr from Mode 2's 2009 show - Susan]

Mode 2

Lucas Carrieri Gallery is pleased to announce the first ever solo exhibition in a Berlin gallery of British artist Mode 2, who is a central figure in the history of graffiti.

With "OFFERINGS", Mode 2 focuses on the female body in an explicit, yet at the same time ambiguous fashion.

The opening reception takes place on September 23, 2011, 7pm.

For interview requests and for further information about the show please contact Thea Maillard at

Lucas Carrieri Gallery
Potsdamer Strasse 103, 1st floor
10785 Berlin
+49 30 26391619

Wednesday - Saturday, 2-7 pm or by appointment.

Community Rejuvenation Project - Oakland CA muralists

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NY, Albany: Living Walls - mural maps

Australia, Brisbane: Jan. 20, 2012: Return of the ROMS

January 20,  5pm - 9 pm  - Bleeding Heart Gallery 166 Ann St Brisbane Qld Australia
20 Years in Flight - solo show

NJ, Pine Brook: Oct. 29, 2011: Garden SK8 2.0

UK, London: November 4 - 6, 2011: Heaven & Earth

Acclaimed British surrealist graffiti artist Sickboy returns this November with his second major London solo show: 

Heaven & Earth

A celebration of earthly sins and heavenly fantasies, with collaborations from some of the biggest names in the global scene, Heaven & Earth sees Sickboy figuratively fall from grace into one of his own worlds, calling upon 12 art figureheads to plunge into the depths of darkest conscious. 

Those familiar with Sickboy's prolific street work such as the iconic 'Temple' (sprayed in the McDonalds palette on walls and wheelie bins worldwide) will witness the deeper development of the artist's visual vocabulary with his new body of work. Inspired by semiotics and symbolism, Renaissance paintings and the surreal landscape workings of artists like Hieronymus Bosch, Sickboy confesses all in this show, with meticulously-detailed paintings containing deeply personal narratives alongside his surrealist depictions of the world. 

The artist also presents four major installations which include a walk-in confessional booth (with a resident pastor who will be appearing at various service times throughout the opening), and an installation which sees a who's who of eminent artists joining Sickboy on his cathartic journey including: D*Face, Eine, Anthony Lister, Paul Insect, Vhils, Conor Harrington, Xenz, Word to Mother, Will Barras, Eelus, Mudwig and Hush – all of whom feature in a special collaborative element of the show. 

The art exorcism doesn't just end there. After years of brainwashing the public with his temple and slogans such as 'Save the Youth', Sickboy is expanding his ethos of 'art for the people' and inviting the global public to become part of his show by submitting their anonymous confessions to him, which will become one of the main installations, entitled CONFESS.

Dray Walk, The Old Truman Brewery, 91 Brick Lane, London, E1 6QL. 

Private view Thursday 3rd November 18:00-22:00 
Open to the public Friday 4th November - Sunday 6th November 12:00-19:00

UK: London: B-Boy Championships World Finals 2011

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We are the 99 Percent

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Car decorated entirely with beads, in traditional, psychedelic designs

Shok-1 and Bates in Ravenna, Italy - on Graffuturism

Video: Rochester NY hosts Cape Town SA: Freddy Sam, Faith47, Dal and Mak1one

Switzerland, Bursins: Oct. 1-Nov. 26, 2011: Hall of Fame


Canvas, paper, sculpture and photography by Crash, Daze, Jonone, Rammellzee, Futura, Sharp, Min One, Dondi White, Henry Chalfant, Martha Cooper, Duro One, Smash137, Mist, Serval, Jazi, Mist , Rcf1, Tilt et Alëxone, Blancbec, Rosy One and many more.

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CT, Greenwich: Oct. 6 - Nov. 3, 2011: On Every Street

Acrylic on canvas by Lady Pink

Wow, what a lineup!

Michael Anderson
Jean-Michel Basquiat
Tony Curanaj (SUB)
Michael De Feo
Ellis Gallagher
Keith Haring
Ron English
Blek le rat
Shepard Fairey
John Fekner
Richard Hambleton
Maya Hayuk
Don Leicht
Tom Otterness
Lady Pink
Mike Sajnoski
Jeff Soto
Chris Stain
Dan Witz

On Every Street
curated by Michael De Feo

October 6 - November 3, 2011

Opening Reception: Thursday, October 6, 6 - 9 pm

Samuel Owen Gallery
378 Greenwich Avenue
Greenwich, CT 06830

Hours: Monday - Saturday 10-30 - 5:30, Sunday 11 - 3

View some work for sale by the artists

* Greenwich is a approximately a 35 minute train ride from Grand Central Terminal, NYC. The gallery is located approximately 50 meters North of the Greenwich train station.

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Why Ron Paul is a bad candidate, despite all the hype

I read with disappointment today that KRS One has jumped on the Ron Paul presidential bandwagon.

Here's why Ron Paul does not deserve our support
See what others are saying

Ron Paul does not believe in evolution.
Ron Paul does not believe the Constitution guarantees a right to privacy.
Ron Paul does not believe the Supreme Court should be able to hear cases regarding many important civil rights issues.
Ron Paul is virulently opposed to abortion rights.
Ron Paul opposes strong standards of separation of church and state.

He's not a libertarian, even, he's a states-rights guy, which is completely different. 

No matter what he believes about the TSA, the Patriot Act, war or anything else, he's a poor choice. We can't trust him to think rationally about many important issues because of his anti-science stance and his views on the role of government. He's anti-immigration, anti-worker, pro-corporation.

"Worker rights: Voted to defund OSHA's ergonomics rulesVoted against increasing mine safety standardsHates unions.Campaign finance reform: Opposes. Social Security and Medicare: Repeats the Republicans' lies about the programs' [in]solvency. Consumer protection: Voted for the bankruptcy billVoted to make it harder to file class-action lawsuitsUniversal health care: don't make me laughPrivatizing everything: the Internets are not large enough to hold all the citations."

Do your own research. Don't be fooled by angry people. We're all angry now.

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