Monday, April 30, 2012

Gear: Peeta puts the 3D in T-shirts

These are pretty amazing:

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Video: Robotic art car paints with Jeff Soto

Switzerland, Bursins: May 5 - June 30, 2012: Smash 137

Speerstra Gallery presents:

L’artiste Graffiti Suisse Smash 137  "Beautiful Struggle"
Swiss Graffiti writer Smash 137 "Beautiful Struggle" 

nouvelles oeuvres sur toile et travaux sur papier
new works on canvas and works on paper

Vernissage le samedi 5 mai 2012 de 14h à 18h
Opening saturday 5 may 2012 from 2 till 6 pm

en présence de l’artiste
artist reception

Chemin des Cerisiers 1
CH-1183 Bursins

Telephone: +41 (0) 21 824 20 10 
Horaires: Du vendredi au Samedi de 14 à 18 heures et sur rendez vous
Opening Hours: friday - saturday from 2 to 6 pm and by appointement 

EXPOSITION du 5 mai au 30 juin 2012
SHOW from 5 may – 30 june 2012

l'exposition en entier sera visible en 360° le samedi 5 mai a partir de 13hrs sur le lien suivant :
the show will be viewable in 360° on saturday 5 may from 13hrs on the following link :

DJ Spooky iPad/iPhone app
iTunes preview page for DJ Spooky's app

CA, Los Angeles: April 28-29, 2011: Sesame Street benefit for City of Hope Pediatrics

-Sesame Street-

Presented by The Seventh Letter & Neff Headwear
Benefiting City of Hope’s Department of Pediatrics

Saturday April 28 at 6-11pm
Sunday April 29 at noon-9pm

-Free and open to the public-


Known Gallery
441 North Fairfax Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90036

Aaron De La Cruz, Amanda Lynn, Anthony Lister, Askew, Augustine Kofie, Axis, Carlos Donjuan, Dabs & Myla, Dame, Danny D, Eric Dressen, Evol, Fate, Franco Vescovi, George Thompson, Haeler, Honkey Kong, Jaime Oliver, Jasper Wong, Jeff McMillan, Joe King, Kelsey Brookes, Leo Eguiarte, Les Schettkoe, Madsteez, Manny Sayes, Mambo, Mark Dean Veca, Matt Nichols, Mr. Cartoon, Munk One, Nate Van Dyke, Norm, OG Abel, Patrick Martinez, Persue, Pose, Push, Revok, Rime aka Jersey Joe, Samuel Rodriguez, Sage Vaughn, Sever, Slick, Stash, Steel, Todd Bratrud, Trevelen and Victor Reyes.

Read about the show at:

Stop Cyber Spying - a week of action against CISPA

Please participate. CISPA is worse than SOPA/ACTA and it already passed the House of Representatives in the US. It affects everyone whose internet traffic crosses US servers. Basically everyone. It's a Big Brother move to remove due process and allow spying on anyone's internet traffic anytime, for any alleged reason. 

Related: Find out if your representatives voted for it and complain to them and the corporate sponsors named. They deserve your contempt.

The Senate and those companies need to hear the noise we make about this online and on their phones, in the next few days. We can't depend on the President to veto it, because his track record on civil liberties is very poor so far.

News: Microsoft just withdrew their support. 

NY, New York: May 4, 2012: RTW: T-Kid, Zephyr ...

May 4th 2012 

64 Washington Ave. 
Brooklyn, NY


[Whoa!!! A historic occasion not to be missed. - Susan]

Friday, April 27, 2012

Canvas by MTO: DOUCE FRANCE : some dust under the carpet (unfinished painting)


These paintings by MTO are so striking that I just had to share them.

NC, Greensboro: May 2 & 6, 2012: Primary Flight and The Greenway Project

CONVERSATION: Primary Flight Wed May 2 8:30-9:30pm Elsewhere

A sidewalk conversation with Primary Flight held inElsewhere's front window theater, moderated by Stephanie Sherman (Elsewhere) and Barbara Peck (Downtown Greenway)

OPENING: Sun May 6 2-5pm Downtown Greenway

Greenway at Morehead Park (Spring Garden St & Spring/Edgeworth overpasses) Greensboro, NC

About Primary Flight 

Primary Flight is a collaborative curatorial organization dedicated to the production of site-specific, street-level and indoor, murals and installations. Since its inception in 2007, Primary Flight has brought together more than 150 of the world's most influential artists to install their work live.

Primary Flight initiated the revitalization of Miami's Wynwood neighborhood through a series of outdoor murals created during Art Basel Miami by globally renowned street artists including Shepard Fairey, Retna, and Aiko.

Greensboro is pleased to host Primary Flight for their first public commission. (

CA, San Jose: June 8-29, 2012: Inglorious Vandals



An all-artist call for stickers, slaps, paste ups, canvas art, street art. We are accepting submissions from all around the world to make this show one of the best “street art shows” to hit San Jose yet.

We are also doing big paste-up installations! For those who are interested, please contact us ASAP, as spaces are limited and will go fast.

We will be accepting submissions till day of show. 
Submissions will be accepted in person at both of these locations, but if you're mailing them, send them to the gallery:

Empire Seven Studios (in-person drop-off only) 525 N 7th St, San Jose, CA 95112

Mail art and stickers to:

Gift 2 Gab Gallery 
190 Martha St
San Jose, CA 95112 USA

Opening Reception - Friday, June 8th, 2012 / 6pm til late

Show Runs From: June 8th  to June 29th

Bring your Slaps! Sticker trading! Sticker slapping areas!

Live Entertainment
Live Body Art
Art & Supply & Blackbook Sale!
Many Giveaways
2 - 100 Pack Sticker Raffles!
Supply Raffles!
All Ages
Tacos / Mexican Hotdogs / Beverages

$5 Entrance Fee





Thursday, April 26, 2012

New film: Wall Writers - Graffiti in its Innocence 1967-1972

Graffiti in its Innocence

CA, Los Angeles: April 27 - May 26, 2012 - Urban Legends


Opening Friday, April 27th at Source LA, LA Mart Design Center.

UPDATE: Tickets:

Oakland based arts organization, The Estria Foundation (TEF), known for their nationwide graffiti competition (The Estria Battle), and global #WaterWrites Mural project, is honored to announce ‘Urban Legends’, Celebrating 45 Years of Public Art Around the World, opening Friday, April 27th at the LA Mart Design Center, Downtown Los Angeles. This “first of its kind” exhibition with works for sale and auction, will showcase and celebrate 45 years of global public art, from the mid-1960s; through today, including examples of how this movement is affecting and uplifting urban life through the vibrancy of color and large-scale sociopolitical works of art, inclusive of all global communities, highlighting artists from the U.S., Europe, Africa, Mexico, and more.

The legendary roster of more than 40 includes distinguished pioneers of the '60s & '70s revival of muralism in Los Angeles, Judy Baca (USA), Kent Twitchell (USA), and Master typographical graffiti writer Chaz Bojorquez (USA.) In addition are many prolific artists of the hip hop movement, as well as traditional muralists who began in the ‘80s and ‘90s, and are now today’s most sought after, collected and internationally known urban/street/graffiti artists including, among others, Vyal, Mear One, Kofie, RETNA (Los Angeles); Estria (Hawaii); Brett “Dizney” Cook (Berkeley), SANER (Mexico), and Vogue TDK (Oakland).

In addition to the above mentioned are, documentarians such as Martha Cooper (New York), and longtime Los Angeles heavies, photographer/film makers, Eriberto and Estevan Oriol; Yusef Davis (Atlanta); Jher (Colorado); TEWSR, Warren Heard (Costa Mesa, CA); Ckaweeks, Katch (Hawaii); ABCNT, Canlove, Codak, Cryptik, Erin Yoshi, Andrew Hem, Sand One, Woier, Shark Toof, Alexander DC Smith & Hans Haveron, Evan Mendleson, John Park & Christina Angelina, Max Neutra, Van Saro, FOODONE (Los Angeles); Level (Miami); Cern, Doves, Mare 139, Meres (New York); BAM (Oakland); Chor Boogie, Pablo Cristi (San Francisco); EKLA (France); Herakut & MACLAIM (Germany); KIDGHE, LIBRE (Mexico); Aly Kouroma (Senegal); and Freddy Sam (South Africa).

The show will offer works for sale and auction, commissioned by The Estria Foundation, The DoArT Foundation, and L.A. Art Machine’s Vox Humana program, as well as showcasing on loan collections representing historical site specific installations from The Mural Conservancy of Los Angeles (MCLA), Social and Public Art Resource Center (SPARC) and Graffiti of War Project. A focal point of both the VIP and public openings will be, The MCLA’s inaugural slideshow screening of the Graffiti Visual Mural Tour, and an exclusive screening of SPARC FROM THE ARCHIVES: 36 Years of Community Mural Making. Select pieces from TEF’s Estria Battle, will be exhibited for the first time since the competition began five years ago, and will be included in the evening's live auction, and for sale.

The evening will conclude with the ‘Urban Legends’ Fine Art Live Auction, a first of its kind in Los Angeles, happening during the VIP opening. Included will be select works from past exhibitions, installations, and public art & music festivals, spanning decades, as individually curated by the contributing organizations - and auctioned under one roof the evening of Friday, April 27th.

Details for both nights are listed below, and are ticketed events, benefiting all artists, presenting and honorary partner organizations. Tickets may be purchased in advance at: (or at the door unless sold out.) The Estria Foundation was founded in 2010 by graffiti artist Estria Miyashiro, and Jeremy LaTrasse, co-founder of Twitter.

Free admission to ‘Urban Legends’ will begin May 1st. This exhibition is open to the public on select days Tuesday, May 1 through the closing on Saturday, May 26, 2012 and also by appointment. For sponsorship opportunities, press credentials, and media interviews, please contact: Shawni D. at: UrbanArtPR[at]gmail[dot]com // 213-255-0059 or Paloma Belara at: paloma[at]estria[dot]org // 415-992-1428.


VIP Preview, Exhibition Opening and Auction:
Press and VIP Preview 6:00pm -7:30pm
Exhibition Opening 8:00pm-11:00pm

VIP Opening Night Highlights:
- Artist meet and greet
- Preview of all works for sale
- Hosted bar, hors d’oeuvres, live music performed by Mark D Clive Lowe Jazz Trio
- Multiple gallery spaces
- Fine Art Live Auction of select art works
- Recognition of a group or individual representing contributions made in the public art sector
- On loan collections representing historical site specific installations from MCLA, SPARC and Graffiti of War Project.


PUBLIC Exhibition Opening: 7:00pm - 10:00pm

Public Opening Night Highlights:

- Select artists in attendance
- All works for sale
- DJs
- Food trucks
- Multiple gallery spaces
- On loan collections representing historical site specific installations from MCLA, SPARC and Graffiti of War Project.


LA Mart Design Center
Source LA 1933 South Broadway
12th Floor Suite #1240
LA, CA 90007 

The Estria Foundation
L.A. Art Machine 
The DoArT Foundation


The Mural Conservancy of Los Angeles (MCLA)
Social and Public Art Resource Center (SPARC)


Event Hashtag > #PublicArtLegends

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Gear: LED light on a spraycan might be interesting

The Demoscene: hackers making "digital graffiti" - Moleman 2 and Farbrausch

The computer hacker scene, particularly the demoscene, is one of the closest analogs to the graffiti community. In the demoscene, hackers crack games and write all over them with clever graphics and hand-drawn lettering, all done in machine language. (Machine language is code just talking to the chips without any of that fancy high-level computer language or 3D software application getting in the way.) The result is elegant, small, fantastic, and battle-ready. And demo crews do battle. Regularly, for decades now.

There's a new documentary about it, called Moleman 2 (free, complete, on YouTube, see below).

But first, to whet your appetite, below is a 2007 winner by Farbrausch, who just released some juicy sourcecode on Github.

Here's the elegant part: This video's original is a 180k snippet of code. One digital photo on your phone is likely 25 times that size! This blog post is probably bigger than 180k. And there's lots more where that came from. Check the relateds and do some searching.

If you only have 10 minutes: (Click "CC" to get English subtitles.) Here's the best overview Moleman has about the lettering: It's not the best ever done, but you get the idea.

The entire Moleman 2 documentary

Agents of Change: Kofie, Rough, Steve Moore: Karpo Project - on Graffuturism

D&D games wants illustrators

Read the part at the bottom that says if they bite your work it's okay with you. That means: don't show them your whole portfolio. Just give them a taste of what they asked for.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Video: Tupac hologram at Coachella

UPDATE: Ars Technica explains some things about how the digital Tupac was created [It's not technically a hologram, but still, very interesting]

Thursday, April 12, 2012

IL, Chicago: April 13-May 15, 2012: Evolution - 25 years of work by NERD

modest gallery presents 

Evolution - 25 years in the game - NERD

opening reception Friday the 13th @6pm
show runs through May 15, 2012
hosted by Big Decept & Outlet
after party @ Murphy's Pub next door
music by DJ Intel
open mic
7416 W Madison Forest Park, IL, 60130

Saturday, April 7, 2012

CA: Los Angeles: April 7 - 29, 2012: Sinerlandia

Siner's solo debut! 

Thursday, April 5, 2012

UK London: 6th April – 6th May 2012: PEZ


Smiling since 1999 

6th April – 6th May 2012 

Tonyʼs Gallery is delighted to present “Smiling Since 1999″ – the first UK solo exhibition by the legendary Spanish street artist PEZ. 

PEZ first started painting his iconic ‘smiling fishʼ logo in the streets of Barcelona in 1999 and has since established a worldwide reputation with exhibitions in Europe, America and Asia. Now PEZ is bringing his happy and fun style to London for his exhibition at Tony’s which will celebrate his work and bring some colour and cheer to the streets of the capital.

PEZ currently lives and works in Bogota (Colombia) and will draw inspiration from his country of residence to develop his solo show at Tony’s by creating a Colombian beach bar installation within the gallery space.

 The exhibition will feature an in-situ mural presenting PEZ’s recognisable fish jumping in from the street walls outside onto the canvases within the gallery, alongside a direct intervention onto the gallery walls and a selection of new works including canvases and limited edition screen prints.

Visitors to the gallery will be able to experience positive vibes from PEZ’s smiling fish artworks and enjoy the chilled out atmosphere of the PEZ BAR.

Look out for PEZ’s fish as they will be popping up in all kinds of unlikely places around Shoreditch over the next month.

For any further infomaition, press enquiries or to interview the artist please contact Tony at

Opening hours: Wednesday – Sunday, 11am – 6pm

Nearest tube: Shoreditch High Street
Tony's Gallery
68 Sclater Street, London, E1 6HR
tel: +44 (0)203 5565201

NYC: April 7, 2012: Hip Hop USA Sneaker Art Gallery Store

Saturday, April 7th

Opening: Hip Hop USA Sneaker Art Gallery Store

343 Lafayette street, just north of Bleeker.  
6 Train to Bleeker street and you're there!  
Opens at 1pm.

America’s first handmade sneaker art pop-up boutique opens with epic Lafayette Street sneaker art battle at 343 Lafayette Street, New York City.

Selling original handmade sneaker, skateboard and clothing art, and limited edition Hip Hop USA signature items, Hip Hop USA has selected approximately 70 items from their inventory of commissioned artists works and signature items to feature in the store.

Founded in Harlem in 2008, Hip Hop USA’s dynamic live sneaker art competitions and live canvas mural painting events are a defining moment in the convergence of graffiti and contemporary urban art. Hip Hop USA is the first sneaker art brand and urban art dealer of its kind, combining the creations of legendary and emerging artists with washable/wearable paints, on sneakers, skateboards, hats, t-shirts, tanks, hats and more, for sneaker freaks and art patrons alike.


Join us as we celebrate legendary New York City graffiti artists from the 1970s and early 1980s commissioned to recreate their iconic subway train art on Hip Hop USA sneakers. Artists commissioned for Sneaker Trains, Volume 1 include: Ale one, Stayhigh 149, Jester, Slave, Jee 2, Sen One, AZ, Ton, Paser, Duke 9 and Shadow.

On display, local winners from 2010-11 Hip Hop USA Sneaker Art Battles, including Kuro, Che, Leos.

New Revolutionaries Sneaker Art series featuring Che Guevara, Black Panther Assata Shakur, Mao Zedong, Malcolm X, Marcus Garvey, Arab Spring, Martin Luther King, Jr., Tupac Shakur, Chuck D.

Limited editions sneaker art produced onsite, along with featured New York City fine and urban artists ready to tag your new favorite Hip Hop USA sneakers, clothing and apparel with custom creations. 


Hip Hop USA will also be conducting a Hip Hop USA Sneaker Art Battle that day for artists of all ages and abilities as we continue our search for the next limited edition sneaker artists. Markers and sneakers supplied. No purchase necessary to participate.

Limited Edition winners receive $250 cash prize and commission on the sale of their limited edition sneaker art creation.

Artists are encouraged to bring accessories and materials to make their sneaker art stand out from the pack.

Sneaker Art Battle space is limited.
Pre-register for sneaker art battle competition at

News: Jim Prigoff's talk in Modesto

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Can You Rock 2011 Puzzle - Montreal

First time ever? Pixelation the hard way.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

OR, Portland: April 7, 2012: Sticker Phiends 5

Printed Matters

The Slate/Scion Gallery
2001 NW 19th Ave, 104
Portland, OR
Presented by: Mike "Mad One" Neely II

April 7th 2012

Printed Matters is a group print show hosted by the infamous Sticker Phiends.

Anthony Lister
Cope 2
Evoker 1
Griffin 1
London Police
Mad One
Mr. Brainwash
Nate Luna
Shepard Fairey/Obey
Two Rabbits
Voxx Romana

All Ages!
FREE Handouts provided by our sponsors & artists
21+ID= Drinks
& Much More!!

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Auction: France, Paris: April 5, 2012 - Graffiti and Street Art

Zupi magazine online: Os Gemeos

NJ, Asbury Park: May 5, 2012 - Ocean Spray International Graffiti Exhibition

May 5th 2012 
611 Bangs Ave. 
Asbury Park, NJ 07712 
New works by:
Live Painting all day. 
Show will include a special MAD VS CANCER ( The Infamous MAG) 
benefit wall.
Proceeds will go directly to MAD and his Family. 

For more info contact: 
Rebearth Arts 

Interview: Mone, of New York

Hypocrisy in Hollywood (infographic)

Used with permission. The image below is the pretty PNG (big). Above is the quick and dirty JPG (smaller)