Friday, March 26, 2010

France, Paris: March 27 - July 2010: Open air museum

Ces, Crash, Dondi, Jonone, Phase 2, Quik, Rammellzee, Seen, Toxic, Ash, Bando, Brone, Fenx, Goze, Horfe, Jay One, Lek, Nascio, Psyckoze, Pro, RCF, Skki, Swiz

72 artists in all

108-112 Avenue de Wagram 66-72 Rue de Prony

Special performances: les 27 et 28 mars, les 8 et 9 mai et les 19 et 20 juin

Pour un nouveau regard sur l’art, un lieu culturel original s’ouvre à Paris, sur la bâche d’un immeuble en construction, à l’angle de l’Avenue de Wagram et de la rue Prony. Cette exposition inédite par sa forme et son contenu est une véritable toile tendue entre le musée et la rue. 

Elle met en lumière l’extraordinaire vitalité de ce mou- vement artistique nouvellement ancré dans l’histoire de l’art contemporain: LE T.A.G (Tag and Grafitti). Véritable « phare culturel », ce mur de toiles de près de 2 000 m2 accueille, de jour comme de nuit, un Art et non un artiste, illustré par plus de soixante œuvres représentatives de tous les courants : des pionniers américains aux plus jeunes artistes français, dont les toiles seront vendues aux enchères au profit d’une association caritative. Ainsi les œuvres « sauvages », condamnées ailleurs à disparaître, ont ici été choisies et rassemblées en une « collection éphémère », mise à l’abri du temps mais non du regard. 

Ce véritable musée à ciel ouvert est, comme le Graffiti lui-même, une œuvre colo- rée offerte aux passants, sans aucune barrière ni aucune porte entre l’Art et la rue. En autorisant ce musée dans la rue, la ville de Paris accepte, avant bien d’autres, de porter ce débat sur la place publique, permettant à chacun de s’initier à un nouvel Art et à une nouvelle culture : le TAG.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Africa, Senegal: April 1-5, 2010 - Festival du Rip

VA, Crystal City & DC: March 2010 - G40

Workshops this week:

Thursday, March 25, 6-8pm, at G40
Beat Production – Words, Beats and Life (all ages, $30)

Friday, March 26, 6-8pm, at  G40
Tag Your Name – ULTRA and other artists (all ages, $5 per name)

Saturday, March 27, 12-2pm, at  G40
Abstract Mail Art – Franck De Las Mercedes (all ages, $30, work clothes)

Saturday, March 27, 6-8pm, at  G40
Stenciling – Kevin “JAZI” Irvin (all ages, $30, work clothes)

Sunday, March 28, 2-4pm, at The Fridge
Small Wall - Big Imagination with CON, ULTRA and CRI (all ages, $30, work clothes)

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

OR, Portland: April 1 - 30, 2010 - Peeta and Aden Catalani

Peeta & Aden Catalani

115 Northwest 5th Avenue
Portland, OR 97209
(503) 248-2900

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

UK, Cambridge: April 1 - 9, 2010 - SINstitute of Hip Hop Arts

During the Easter holidays internationally recognized Cambridge based Hip Hop collective SIN Cru (Strength In Numbers) present the Sinstitute of Hip Hop Arts. After ten years of running their highly respected Cambridge Hip Hop Week, SIN Cru return to The Junction bigger & better.

Expect nine days of intensive Hip Hop dance, art & music courses from skilled SIN Cru teachers & very special international guests. Workshops cater for the complete beginner through to professional master classes & include B-Boying (Breakdance), Locking, Poppin’, Hip Hop Dance, Graffiti Art, DJing, MCing, Beatboxing & more.

The weeks focus is on the essence of Hip Hop culture: The Battle. Each course builds towards the Urban SINfonie battle night, which showcases the skills participants have collected from the various workshops over the nine days.

SoHHA BBoy Battle Academy
Thurs 1st April - Sun 4th 
A BBoy masterclass residential for professional BBoys & BGirls with Kwikstep (Full Circle/USA) & Pervez (Live 2 Break/7 Dollars/UK)

SoHHA Week - Workshops in al the Hip Hop elements and more!
Mon 5th April - Fri 9th 

Urban SINfonie BBoy Battle Night
Fri 9th April

The Junction Clifton Way
Cambridge CB1 7GX
Box Office 01223 511 511

Further info:

Link to last year's Cambridge Hip Hop Week & Urban SINfonie BBoy Battle:

Vimeo version:

You Tube Version:

Monday, March 22, 2010

Spain, Bilbao: March 26 - May 28, 2010 - Spy

SPY solo show

26-03-2010 / 28-05-2010 SC-GALLERY


CA, San Francisco: March 25, 2010 - Estria's closing party

Estria's artwork has been featured at Otis Lounge ( in San Francisco the past few months, and we'll be celebrating the closing night of the exhibit at Devil's Pie, a monthly soul party at Otis Lounge, (25 Maiden Lane @ Post St.). 

We're now gearing up for the 4th Annual Estria Invitational Graffiti Battle (  Any sponsorship and/or press inquiries for EIGB may be directed to Paloma Belara -

CA, San Francisco: Through March 27, 2010 - Guerrero grand opening

Inaugural Group Show

Featured Artists

  • Brian Willmont
  • Christopher Russell
  • Richard Colman
  • Aaron Noble
  • Ryan Scott Schaffer
  • Tim Diet
  • Ryan Wallace
  • Rogelio Martinez
  • Adam 5100
  • Hilary Pecis
  • Mark Mulroney
  • Ala Ebtekar
  • Eric Haynker
  • AJ Fosik
  • Mike LeSage
  • Allister Lee
  • Cleon Peterson
  • Ryan Travis Christian
  • Marissa Textor
  • Shepard Fairey
  • Bill McRight

CA, Oakland: through March 29, 2010 - Crossroads


Renowned Street Artists, Ras Terms & Desi W.O.M.E welcome you to the intersection where the spiritual meets the physical, the word becomes flesh, and the brush meets the canvas. Experience exciting new works by these prolific street scribes.

Woody's Cafe
1841 Park Blvd
Oakland CA 94606

Canada, Toronto: through March 28, 2010 - Cityscrapes


Show & Tell Gallery is pleased to present a collaborative exhibition featuring the works of Ryan Dineen and Jacques Oulé entitled "Cityscrapes". This show aims to draw attention to the often overlooked and disregarded images that reflect the subtleties of city living. These images of corrosion, decay and gentrification convey a beauty found in daily life that is nontraditional yet familiar.

Ryan Dineen was born in Toronto in 1983. An accomplished graffiti and mural artist, his fine art demonstrates this background through what can be perceived as a controlled carelessness. Dineen's ongoing series of cityscape paintings display a unique viewpoint of urban life. Many of his own personal experiences of growing up in downtown Toronto are reflected in his work. Striving to portray the raw beauty in the people and places he paints, Dineen finds grace and delicacy within mundane imagery associated with the urban setting.

Jacques Oulé was born in the village of Soubise, France in 1960. He grew up in Aix en Provence and Paris, and relocated to Toronto in 1981 at the age of 21. Oulé's most recent work draws heavily on his fascination with time and the relationship between the individual and the collective. The trees and doors are two elements of a three-part photography series entitled "Á Perpétuité". They prove to be evidence of the human impulse to leave behind an imprint of our existence - to engrave, on surfaces of apparent permanence, the simple statement: "I exist."

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Germany, Hamburg: March 26 - May 29, 2010: Heiko Zahlmann

hiermit möchte ich einladen zu folgender Ausstellungseröffnung

Heiko Zahlmann ­
Von der Wand in den Raum in den Himmel

Am Fr, 26.03.2010, 19 Uhr in der

Galerie Borchardt
Hopfensack 19
D-20457 Hamburg
Innenstadt, Nähe Chilehaus

Tel: +49-(0)40-388 988 (maps, directions)

Die Ausstellung läuft vom 26. März bis 29. Mai 2010

Öffnungszeiten: Dienstag bis Freitag von 12 - 18 Uhr, Samstag von 11 - 16 Uhr

Neben neuen Arbeiten gibt es ein neues, limitiertes Buch, welches ich mit dem Gudberg Verlag und Paperlux gemacht habe, sowie eine Heiko Zahlmann/Paperlux Edition (10) "Nike Dunk Hi laser".

Ausserdem: Filme von Boris Castro

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Italy, Turin: April 8 - May 9, 2010: Strada facendo

Opening 8th of April 2010 h. 7.00 PM.
Strada Facendo is a collective exhibition of Street Art, its opening will take place the 8th of April 2010 at 7 P.M. in the place Spazio Barriera of Artegiovane in Via Crescentino 25 -Turin-, thanks to support of the City of Turin, the Region Piedmont and Circoscrizione 6.

The exhibition has supported by the expositive project "747" offered by Cripta 747 (Gallery Umberto I° int. 29) that will be opened Friday 9th of April at 6 P.M. and by the performative entitled "Re-writing", to its Fifth edition, realized by Amantes (Via Principe Amedeo 38) that will be opened Saturday 10th of April at 5 P.M.

Strada Facendo is an ambitious and courageous exhibition that wants to testify and not to represent, it wants to de-contestualize more than offer the proposal of an underground artistic tendency, born from the New York Graffiti movement of 1970's , that nowadays it expresses itself in different forms and disciplines.
For the event, young proposals and known artists will be involved to offer a complete overview, without judgements or arbitrary choices.

The show will be characterized by a multi-faced proposal in which social and civic analysis will be mixed with caricatural figures, logos and graphics, in order to alter and characterize the urban context.

The show will be characterized by a transversal analysis that unify artists known by the audience to local Italian artists, from the pioneers to the youngest artists, by showing a phenomenon through differen techniques: from the graffiti to the canvas, from the urban installation to the video and from the photography to the artistic performance.

The show will be also enriched by a selection of works of international artists offered by The Don Gallery of Milan and will be supported by a series of collateral initiatives. Within the proposals will be offered a debate in program for the 10th of April at 2.30 p.m. in the place Barriera, in which will be present collectors of the field  and artists that will debate on thematics linked to the Street Art movement and its market.

The project was born from an idea of Alvise Chevallard, the president of Artegiovane, with the support of the artists Gec and Br1 and it has been developed with the support of the curator Olivia Spatola and the critical texts by Francesco Poli.
EXHIBITION: Strada facendo
ARTISTS: collective
OPENING: 08 April 2010 h. 19.00
PERIOD: 08/04/2010 – 09/05/2010 (April 8 - May 9)

LOCATION: Artegiovane
                                             25, Crescentino st. 10154 Turin

HOURS LOCATION:               from monday to friday - h. 3,00/7,00 PM
saturday 10,00/12,30 by appointment

Artegiovane: ph. +39 011 2876485
Olivia Spatola: ph: +39 334 6865540

More in Turin:

CRIPTA 747 EXIBITION: “747” presso Spazio Cripta 747
Galleria Umberto I, int. 29 – Turin
Opening: 09.04.2010 (April 9)
AMANTES EXIBITION:  “Re-writing, Vedizione” 
                                        circolo culturale Amantes
38/A Principe Amedeo st. – Turin
Opening: 10.04.2010 (April 10)

France, Bordeaux: March 26-April 18, 2010 - Kendo-P.Fresh

Galerie Espace29, 29 Rue Fernand Marin, 33000 Bordeaux ( entre la poste Mériadeck et la rue Judaîque )

Développant depuis plus de quinze ans un langage graphique urbain usant des codes du graffiti,(usage de l’aérosol, calligraphie, communication…), après avoir décoré de nombreux murs, Kendo, membre fondateur du collectif Peinture Fresh, approche les galeries en 2003 et y intègre une dimension plastique à l’aide de différents médiums.

Il profite des espaces clos pour explorer la tri-dimentionalité et crée un univers personnel par le biais de peintures et d’installations.

Avec ses formes généreuses, ses couleurs pétillantes et lumineuses,inspiré par les nuits brésiliennes, nourri de nombreux voyages à travers le monde et fasciné par l’esthétique des parures tribales, l ‘artiste nous transporte dans un carnaval psychédélique le jour et un univers incandescent quand vient la nuit.

Oubliant les lois physiques d’un monde réel, le public évolue alors dans un contexte où la poésie onirique de Kendo donne à voir les images de ses rêves les plus lointains.

Bulles,cercles, traits dynamiques, couleurs en ébullition, coulures, tags, et splashs s'enlacent dans un magma ou la vie prend naissance et nous ramène à un big bang pictural…

Brazil, Sao Paulo: through April 7, 2010 - DOES

Casa Do Olhar - Luiz Sacilotto
Rua Campos Sales no 414 - Centro Santo Andre SP
Informacoes 1992 7730 4432 2261

IL, Chicago: Feb. 18 - Sept. 25, 2010: Outlaw

NYC: through March 28, 2010 - Benefit for Haiti


After a successful live and silent auction, Anonymous Gallery and {he}ART 
For Haiti extend sale and exhibition through Sunday, March 28, 2010 

Gallery Hours: 12PM-6PM WEDNESDAY – SUNDAY 
Call For Appointment: 646.238.9069 

March 7-28 

On Sunday March 7, 2010, Anonymous Gallery @ Collective Hardware, SCOPE Art Show, {he}Art For Haiti and Prographix New York City joined forces to present N'AP BOULE: A BENEFIT FOR THE PEOPLE OF HAITI. Hosted by Joseph Henrikson, Andrew Lockhart, Raquel Cepeda, Sacha Jenkins, Henry and Kathleen Chalfant, Lisa Shimamura, and Christie's auctioneer Xan Serafin, the event proved to be a memorable and successful evening, raising tens of thousands of dollars—as of this press release, we are still tallying and will announce the final sum at closing—in financial support for the people of Haiti. All of the proceeds will be donated to Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) Haitian mission after the show's closing on March 28.

The benefit featured a live auction where pieces by Jose Parla, Eric Haze, Shepard Fairey, Barry McGee, SWOON, COPE2 and others were sold at or above their retail prices. Artists Erik Foss, Koralie, Henry Chalfant, CRASH, Kenzo Minami, ROSTARR, Lee Quiñones, and many others sold equally as well during our silent auction. Throughout the evening, legendary Deejays D-Nice, Prince Paul, DJ Soul and Treats donated their time to spin an eclectic mix of dance, old-school hip-hop, techno and soul music.

Prographix New York City donated their services—with a kind assist from American Apparel—producing commemorative T-shirts featuring original artworks by John CRASH Matos, Greg Lamarche, Ricky Powell, COPE2 and Indie184, Doze Green, Aaron SHARP Goodstone, FUTURA 2000 and Jose Parla. The limited edition T-shirts are being sold for $30US at the gallery: all proceeds will go to DWB/MSF. To view and purchase, please visit The exhibition itself—primarily curated by Anonymous Gallery, Sacha Jenkins and Raquel Cepeda—has particular historical significance. The N'AP BOULE exhibition is sequenced in chronological order, including artwork from some of the earliest graffiti "writers" starting with Philadelphia's Cornbread and New York's TAKI 183 (thanks to writing legend Cope 2) to visionaries like Lee Quiñones, John CRASH Matos and FUTURA 2000, to photographers Henry Chalfant and Ricky Powell--all of whom are pioneers of the bustling downtown Manhattan underground scene of the 1980s. The exhibit then continues its voyage through the ages via talents like Barry McGee and Shepard Fairey, who similarly were first known for their art on the streets in the early '90s before they became principals in the contemporary art world.

Due to increasing public demand for an opportunity to view the exhibition and purchase artworks that are still available, Anonymous Gallery and {he}ART For Haiti have agreed to continue the display until March 28th. For available artwork, please contact

Anonymous Gallery and {he}ART For Haiti would like to thank the event's co-sponsors +LTD, and Heineken for their support. Another special thank you to guest speakers from the BSVAC (Bedford Stuyvesant Volunteer Ambulance Corp.) who were among the first responders in Haiti after the disaster.

Anonymous Gallery | 169 Bowery | New York, NY 10002 | 646.238.9069 

Singapore: through March 21, 2010: Daze and local writers

New York and Singapore
Daze (NYC) and local writers

Is This Home, Truly? In conjunction with the exhibition of celebrated New York graffiti artist, Daze, Fortune Cookie Projects is delighted to announce the opening on 4 March of Is This Home, Truly? Curated by Zaki Razak, the exhibition presents the work of six urban artists from Singapore: Antz, Scopeone, Slacsatu, The Killer Gerbil, TR853-1 and Zero.

In the words of Zaki 'The Pioneers, Markers and Avant-Gardes of Singapore's 'Graffiti Art' are coming home to showcase artworks symbolizing respective peaks of their practice. The showcase not only chronicles representational pieces from the scene in Singapore from the early 90s till today, it also inaugurates their congregation in a 'confined' space - an environment that seems alienating yet longing.'

The Organisers
Fortune Cookie Projects, an international art advisory and curatorial firm with offices in Singapore and New York, has long been active in organising exhibitions of major artists throughout Asia. Mary Dinaburg and Howard Rutkowski, the principals of Fortune Cookie Projects, each have over thirty years experience in the international contemporary art market.

Projects featuring prominent artists such as Sigmar Polke, Georg Baselitz, Jorg Immendorff, A.R. Penck, Per Kirkeby Julian Schnabel and Markus Lupertz have been realized in Seoul, Beijing, Shanghai, Nanjing, Hong Kong and Manila. Most recently Fortune Cookie Projects curated the first comprehensive exhibition of paintings, photographs and video by William Wegman for Singapore, Seoul and Beijing.

Fortune Cookie Projects has also been instrumental in curating exhibitions and securing platforms for Asian artists at institutional and commercial venues throughout the United States and Europe.


Howard Rutkowski, +65 9382 1700,

Fortune Cookie Projects
Artspace @ Helutrans 
39 Keppel Road #02-04
Tanjong Pagar Distripark
Singapore 089065
tel: +65 9382 1700

NY, New York: March 27, 2010 - Hip-Hop Hieroglyphics, Style Wars

SEN ONE Graphics and The Universal Zulu Nation

Opening Reception & Exhibition 

343 LENOX AVENUE (near West 127th Street)
NEW YORK, NY 10027
Hip Hop Hieroglyphics is the name that we use to describe the art movement widely known as “Graffiti”.

This concept comes from the idea that the artists of today are carrying on the tradition of our ancient relatives. From the caves of the Caribbean to Europe and Africa; humans have expressed themselves in the same way. By leaving their mark, or as these artists say: “GETTIN’ UP”.

With that in mind we want to engage the public and allow them to hear the uncensored reality of the beginnings of this worldwide movement.
 Hip Hop Hieroglyphics will be a chance to interact with pioneering scribes of Hip Hop Culture.

SCREENING OF “STYLE WARS” and panel discussion featuring:
Photographer/ Director: Henry Chalfant
Pioneering Writers: JAMES TOP & LAVA 1 and 2. 
Followed by art exhibition: JAMES TOP & LAVA 1 and 2

Music provided by legendary DJ’s:
The event begins at 6:30 pm with a screening of the classic film “STYLE WARS” followed by a panel discussion with Director/Photographer Henry Chalfant and Legendary Writers JAMES TOP and LAVA 1and2. We will explore the early documentation and personal involvement in the formation of the worldwide art movement known as “graffiti”.

After the screening and panel discussion we will open the exhibit featuring artwork of JAMES TOP and LAVA 1and2 with music selection provided by legendary DJ’s –LORD YODA X (ZULU NATION/CRASH CREW), DJ EZ ROCK (ROB BASE & DJ EZ ROCK) and DJ UNCLE CESS (ZULU NATION).

There will be a $10 suggested donation at the door.
This event is a fundraiser for The Afrika Bambaataa Multi Cultural Center.
For more info:  HYPERLINK ""

JAMES TOP profile:
JAMES did a great deal of this writing under the alias JEE 2. After 1978 the founding TOP president MICKEY became less active. At that point JAMES undertook the role of leadership for the crew and maintains it to present day. In the late 1990s JAMES revitalized the crew with talents such as KEO and ADER and others.

UK, London: through March 21, 2010 - East Meets East

Nasimo and friends, Run, Busk, kennardphillipps, Blam

Formans Smokehouse Gallery
London E32NT

CA, Los Angeles: March 20 - ?, 2010 - Retna

New Image Art Presents


A Solo Exhibition by

Opening Reception

Saturday, March 20
7 to 10pm

7908 Santa Monica Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90046

FL, Miami - March 20 - ?, 2010: Colectivo Vertigo Graffiti

Colombian writers showcase

I hope this is not a one-night show, but if it is, you can still get the PDF file showing the artists' work.

UK, London: April 1, 5 - May 1, 2010 - Alex Young

London Miles Gallery is pleased to present the much anticipated solo exhibition by


Portraits of alter egos

London Miles Gallery is proud to present A.K.A, a solo exhibition of brand new work by London based artist, Alex Young. Traversing the boundaries of Fine Art, Illustration, and Graffiti, Alex Young's latest body of work investigates the social phenomena of 'alter-ego's', informed by the artist's own experiences as both a graffiti writer and purveyor of Fine Art.

Alex Young's finely detailed pointillist style portraits feature at the centre of A.K.A, deriving from a series of personal interviews with a range of pseudonymous characters, from burlesque dancers to heavy metal guitarists. His resultant monolithic portraits, whilst photorealistic from afar, on closer inspection offer a wealth of illustrative detail and subtle nuances, alluding to the subjects 'performed' identity. Adorning his portraits with multi-layered symbolism and imagery, Young elicits a multitude of narrative strands in these thought-provoking and complex paintings.

Rendered primarily in spray paint, Young's medium of choice points to years of dedication as a graffiti writer - an endeavour committed to alongside his time spent in formal art training. Compelled to highlight others who nurture such a dual-personality, and the social prejudices and stereotypes that necessitate this 'alter-ego' phenomena, A.K.A is an acutely sociological examination of the all too often bigoted and judgemental nature of collective social consciousness.

Opening reception:
Thursday, April 1st. 2010.
From 6pm to 10pm

Location: 47 Mowlem street. East London.

Alex Young will be in attendance.

CA, Los Angeles: through March 28, 2010 - TC-5 Revolutions

TC-5 Revolutions
The artists in the exhibit are some of the freshest graffiti artists known in the New York Graffiti scene. Together they will illuminate the walls of Crewest Gallery and will present artwork with a cool and creative combination of classic and new school graffiti styles mixed with fine art on wood, paper, metal and canvas.

Along with this exhibit, will also be a Fashion show on March 20th, 2010 featuring customized clothing by TC-5 taking place during LA Fashion week. The fashion show will feature custom painted denim and tees designed specifically for REVOLUTIONS. “Imagine a Mickey [Mouse] wearing Air Jordans, leaning on a Moët bottle crowned with a dukey rope chain around his neck, dripping in gold and saying your favorite songs hook.” This was the beginning. This is the future. This is classic hip-hop style. Welcome to the world of Shirt King Phade, one-third of the unrivaled founding fathers’ of cartoon and graffiti inspired airbrushed clothing, The Shirt Kings and member of the legendary TC-5 crew of NYC. Legendary for one of a kind, of-the-moment wearable works of art that adorned t-shirts, jeans, jackets -whatever you could think of – on the backs of everyone from LL Cool J, to Salt-n-Pepa, to Theo Huxtable in the early 80’s, Phade laid THE foundation for the street inspired urban revolution we now call ‘hip-hop fashion.’” - Citizen LA, 2009

Join Crewest for a once in a lifetime chance to see the artists, art and fashion from NYC’s premiere street crew all under one roof for the first time in Los Angeles. The month long event will include live painting, an airbrush installation, a fashion show, memorabilia from the early years of TC-5, live performances and of course the art and artists themselves.

Free to the public

Fashion Show
Saturday, March 20th, 2010
6pm to 9pm

Fashion show featuring local line painted by TC-5 as well as live painting on t-shirts and live music by The Milky Way and a special set by DJ Computer Jay.

Closing Reception
Saturday, March 27th, 2010
6pm to 9pm

Live painting and surprise guest DJs (TBA)

110 Winston St.
Los Angeles, CA 90013
ph | 213-627-8272

Brazil, Sao Paulo: through March 28 - BR expõe no Graffiti Fine Art VI – SP

RIP SOLE - Chicago

My sincere condolences to his family and friends.

Meeting of Styles - schedule so far

More will be added, but here we go so far:

29-30 May, Perpignan (France)
11-13 June, Mainz-Kastel (Germany)
16-18 July, Zürich (Switzerland)
29-31 July, Wiesbaden (Germany) -- Meeting Of Styles Expo
06-08 August, Belfast (Ireland)
16-18 September, London (England)
03-05 September, Montreal (Canada)
10-12 September, East Coast (USA)
17-19 September, Chicago (USA)
24-26 September, West Coast (USA)
01-03 October, Mexico DF (Mexico)
08-10 October, Wroclaw (Poland)
October, Lisbon (Portugal)
29-31 October, Lima (Peru)

FL, West Palm Beach - March 20, 2010 - Closing party

IN, Munci: Call for participation - Deadline May 1, 2010


Art & Soul by Phoebe Gallery will present a Graffiti Mania Show located at
409 South Walnut Street,
Muncie, IN 47305.

This show is open to any artist - local, national and international.

The show runs from May 28th thru June 25th, 2010 with the Artist Reception on Thursday, June 3rd from 5 pm to 9 pm.

The deadline for application is: Saturday May 1st, 2010 by 5 pm.

• An artist may enter up to 3 pieces (The entry fee is $30.00 regardless of the number of pieces submitted):
2D (photography included)
3D (found objects included).

For the gallery/juror(s) to review the work, these pieces need to be sent in JPG on disk or photographs (8x10 format) only. NO SLIDES. JPGs may be sent via our email address after we receive the application:

• We want canvas, cardboard, paper, wood or even a car door -- as long as it can be hung. The requirements to be considered for the “Graffiti Show” is that 50% of the work must be spray paint as the medium -- airbrush works will be considered. Photography must be on the subject of Graffiti. We usually require that all works be framed and ready to hang, but for this show special requirements for hanging will be considered. The subject of the graffiti is open to ALL forms of expressions, i.e., nudes, landscapes to letterings/phrasing -- all subjects will be considered.

Awards: Best in Show: $150.00 – First Place - $75.00 – Second Place - $50.00 – Third Place - $25.00

For a full application form please send a self-addressed stamped envelope to:

Art & Soul by Phoebe Gallery
2010 Graffiti Mania Show
409 S Walnut St
Muncie, IN 47305

Or to receive it by email:

Please put "2010 Graffiti Mania Show" in the Subject for a faster reply.

If you need further information please contact us at +1-765-288-0005 Tuesday 0 Saturday from 10am to 5pm EST.

Artaq, 1st International Urban Arts Competition

CA, San Francisco: March 26, 2010 - Against the Grayne

Space Gallery S.F.
1141 Polk st. San Francisco Ca, 94109

admission: $5 suggested donation

We will be paying homage to the trees in our lives, and what better way than creating the entire show on found wooden surfaces. Bay Area artists and live painters will be collaborating to produce a one night reception adorned with murals, wood, and Trees.

This two story installation will be curated by: Sid Enk Jr, Elle, Mike 3.5 & D.Kelly

Featuring works from Chor Boogie, Robert D Harris, Ricky watts, ELLE, Mike3.5, Sid Enk jr, DKelly, + more!

Our goal is to create an interactive audience experience, and positive space for people to enjoy our installation. All paintings will be available to purchase, and this event will be facilitated with drink specials always to be found at the spacegallery bar.

Switzerland, Bursins: through March 27, 2010 - Mist & Tilt

Les Artistes Graffiti Français  Mist et Tilt "Faux jumeaux"
French Graffiti Artist Mist et Tilt "Faux jumeaux"

Peintures / Paintings
Dessins / Drawings

EXPOSITION du 27 février au 27 mars 2010
SHOW from 27 february – 27 march 2010

Avec Faux Jumeaux, les artistes Mist et Tilt jouent de leurs similitudes. Tous deux issus du Graffiti, leurs recherches picturales communes forment sur la toile un uppercut graphique étonnant entre lavis altérés, et calligraphie nette et acidulée.

Horaires de la gallery: Le vendredi et samedi de 13 à 18 heures.
Gallery’s Opening Hours: friday and saturday from 1 to 6 pm.

Chemin des Cerisiers 1
CH-1183 Bursins

Telephone: +41 (0) 21 824 20 10

CA, Los Angeles: through April 11, 2010 - Asylm & Ruet

Tradition Presents:

Asylm | Ruets

Sources of Inspiration and Damnation

Show Runs through April 11

2895 Agoura Rd
Westlake Village CA 91361

CA, Los Angeles: March 27, 2010 - CBS Crew, 26 Years

Mid-City Arts Presents:

The California Bomb Squad (CBS Crew)
Celebrating 26 Years Of Working Class Art!

Saturday March 27, 2010


Rob One
Xpres & More...

Sponsored By 33third Los Angeles

Mid-City Arts Gallery
5113 W. Pico Blvd.
Los Angeles
Ca. 90019
(310) 694-3460
Open 7 Days A Week

Ecuador, Quito: April 2 - 5, 2010: SUDAMERICA 2010

SUDAMERICA 2010 pretende eliminar esas barreras "espaciales" que existen entre naciones hermanas, que se generen discusiones acerca de las técnicas, materiales, las experiencias de cada ciudad y artista. Desea que haya un intercambio cultural de nuestra realidad Suramericana.

Este evento será de gran aporte al arte urbano y graffiti mundial, eliminando fronteras y expandiendo la cultura de cada país invitado.

Ecuador será el anfitrión y su capital Quito, tendrá el placer de ser el foco y centro de discusión en este lenguaje universal llamado “Graffiti – Street Art”.

50 artistas de: Puerto Rico, Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, Perú, Chile, Argentina  y Brasil se darán cita en Quito del 2 al 4 de Abril, para exponer de manera gratuita su capacidad y creatividad artística siendo los anfitriones y organizadores del evento el Colectivo Artístico Capitalino M.F.C. con auspicio de la Administración Zonal Norte del Municipio del Distrito Metropolitano de Quito.

RUEDA DE PRENSA: Viernes 2 de Abril 15h00

Amazonas y Pereira (Administración Zonal Norte)
Para pases de prensa porfavor confirmar asistencia.

Mayor información en:

CA: Los Angeles: March 20 - April 18, 2010 - Nina Pandolfo

[Charmichael Gallery has moved]

"Life's Flavor", the premier exhibition at the new Carmichael Gallery, will

feature new work by prominent Brazilian artist Nina Pandolfo. There will be
an opening reception on Saturday, March 20 from 7-10 PM with Nina in
attendance. Artwork on display will include mixed media sculptures, works on
canvas, metal and glass, a special piece made with 30,000 Swarovski
crystals, and several site-specific installations. The exhibition will be on
view to the public through April 18.

For more information, please contact or

New Address:
5795 Washington Blvd
Culver City, CA 90232

Hours: Tues-Sun 1-7 PM or by appointment

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Dare tribute and video
This made me cry. Thanks TWS and Love Letters.

Dare painted those trackside walls in Basel so often that they should name the station after him.


Dare lost his battle with cancer early Sunday morning. He was taken suddenly from us and way too soon.

He will always be remembered as a wonderful person who was kind and generous. He influenced generations of writers worldwide with his graceful and inventive styles and his skillful use of color.

He was a thoughtful friend and a great man.

My heavy heart goes out to his friends and family. We are all shocked and saddened to lose Sigi.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Monday, March 1, 2010

Progress report

Sorry for the hiatus.

I'm still unable to update the site because of my work schedule, but I have high hopes for April.

In the meantime, please take another good look at what Stare is doing in Montreal.

Also, Buford is telling it like it is again.

Thank you for your patience.