Friday, May 28, 2010

Germany, Dresden: June 11-July 11, 2010: About the Night Shift

Group Show - Train Painters

Aris, Jens Besser, Labrona, Other, Nils Muller & Van Iaak

NY, New York: May 27, 2010: Beyond the Streets

27th May 6-8pm

Book Signing @ Deitch Projects, 18 Wooster Street NYC with featuring artists Labrona, Jose Parla, Ron English and more.

CT, Ridgefield: June 27, 2010 - Jan 2, 2011: Kaws


Debut solo museum exhibition at The Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum, Connecticut, USA

UK, Manchester: May 30-31, 2010: EuroCultured

Live painting at Manchester's annual street festival

Germany, Berlin: April 30-June 10, 2010: Home Sweet Home

Group show featuring Faith47, Labrona, Ed Templeton, Maya Hayuk, Aaron Rose & more.

CA, Los Angeles: June 10, 2010: Design for Humanity

Block party benefit event featuring Fisherspooner and group show with Faith47, Labrona, Shepard Fairey, Blek le Rat and more.

Spain, A Coruna: May 2010: Muao Project

Mural and exhibition project including Momo, Henry Chalfornt, Eltono, Nano 4814, Estudio Alavista

UK, London: June 15-17, 2010: NYC Subway Battles

NY, New York: June 3, 2010: Mirage/KDM67

Mirage CWK - NYC Graffiti Hall of Fame 1987

Mirage art exhibition and KDM67 apparel launch.

Featuring original art, drawings and sketches by the late Mirage KDM.

Thursday - June 3rd 2010
7:00pm - 11:00pm

Genuine Motorworks
195 N14th Street,
Brooklyn, N.Y. 11211

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Info about today's Facebook privacy changes - what to check

France, Paris: May 28-30, 2010: Nasty

NASTY inaugure les ateliers d'artistes du 14e

Les Journées portes ouvertes des ateliers d'artistes du 14e, se déroulent les 29 et 30 mai. Invité spécial : Nasty, qui réalisera un happening.

150 ateliers ouverts au public : Avec plus de 150 participants, les Journées portes ouvertes des ateliers du 14e constituent la plus importante manifestation de ce genre à Paris. Durant deux jours, peintres, sculpteurs, photographes, artisans d'art ouvrent les portes de leur atelier pour accueillir le public dans l'intimité de leur lieu de création. Les ateliers se concentrent dans le quartier Montparnasse, toujours haut lieu de la création, autour du parc Montsouris et dans le quartier Pernety.

Nasty, performance graffiti art : l 'artiste urbain reconnu pour ses supports uniques reconstituera un mur de 30M2 a partir de Lunablock : legos géants créés par la marque Lunatic Construction, avec laquelle il s'était associé lors de sa dernière exposition a la Galerie Bailly Contemporain, en Septembre 2009.

Il réalisera dessus une immense fresque sur le thème des droits de l'homme. Une occasion unique de présenter le Graffiti Art sous un angle résolument urbain et original :

_La fresque sera ensuite exposée à l'intérieur de la Mairie pour une durée de 2 mois.

_Un atelier pédagogique permettra aux enfants de reproduire la fresque de l'artiste et de les sensibiliser au droits de l'homme a travers une technique ludique et une approche originale.

Un grand marché de la création : Les amateurs pourront aussi faire un tour (et, pourquoi pas, céder à un coup de cœur et repartir avec une toile ou une sculpture) sur le marché de la création où plus de 70 artistes peintres, sculpteurs, artisans d'art et photographes exposent.

Journées portes ouvertes des ateliers d'artistes du 14e : Samedi 29 mai de 14h30 à 20h ; dimanche 30 mai de 11h à 19h. Nombreux ateliers accessibles aux personnes handicapées. Happening de Nasty : Parvis de la mairie du 14e. Vendredi 28 mai de 11h à 18h, samedi 29 et dimanche 30 mai, de 15h à 17h. Marché de la création : Boulevard Edgard Quinet, dimanche de 11 à 19h.

Programme complet sur

Italy Rome: Now, online - Painting inside Rome's jail

CA, Modesto: May 29, 2010: Get Up Stay Up

I didn't see more info on those sites, but they are the sponsors. Just show up! Cesar Chavez Park. Bring paint.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Germany, Munich: May 27-30, 2010: WonABC at Stroke02

stroke02 art fair exhibition

room 3.3 richter masset gallery

27.05.10 till 30.05.10

STROKE.02: 55 international galleries and more than 1000 works
Sederanger 3 (Tucherpark)
80538 München
former landeszentralbank building near to the english garden

*Opening hours for all visitors*

Vernissage / Opening Reception:

Donnerstag, 27.05.2010 ab 19.00 Uhr
Thursday, may 27th 2010, from 7pm

Freitag, 28.05.2010 von 14.00 – 22.30 Uhr
Friday, may 28th 2010, from 2pm to 10.30pm

Samstag, 29.05.2010 von 14.00 – 22.30 Uhr
Saturday, may 29th 2010, from 2pm to 10.30pm

Sonntag, 30.05.2010 von 14.00 – 18.00 Uhr
Sunday, may 30th 2010, from 2pm to 6pm

more info:

Daim has a new website

DAIM's website relaunch:

Interview with Daim at

He has some excellent fine art prints for sale, and he posted 1000 photos or so from his 20-year artistic career.

Tyke Witnes in Europe, part 1

Tyke Witnes AWR Bombs Amsterdam from Vietnam The World Tour on Vimeo.

More info about Viet Nam, The World Tour

Google's Pac-Man game is still available, free

Sweden, Malmoe: May 28, 2010: UrbanArts 2

3D digital styles by J3l06

Free mixtape from DJ Kokoro, for Fools Gold, Warsaw, with Insa & Inkie

How The iPad Is Changing Art And Music

CA, Los Angeles: June 26-August 15, 2010: Mers One



"MERS ONE: Paintings & Sculptures"

Mers is a Los Angeles based Graffiti Artist who has been actively painting aerosol murals since the early nineties. As a lifelong artist and a member of the legendary CBS Crew from Los Angeles, his creativity is not just confined to the large murals that he is widely known for. Mers has assembled a vast body of work on canvas and sculptures, a collection he will present as part of "Mers One: Paintings & Sculptures", along with an installation in the gallery. Although Mers has been exhibited in gallery settings in the past, Solid Gallery One is proud to host his first solo show opening on June 26th, 2010 and running through August 15th. Please join us as we unveil his much anticipated debut exhibition!

show runs:
June 26th thru August 15th, 2010

Thurs.- Sun.: noon-10PM

info and directions


Tattoo Studio / Art Gallery
334 N. Fairfax Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90036

tel: 323.939.3003


Germany, Karlsruhe: June 5-July 3, 2010: Street Art Exhibition

Nuthouse Red Carpet Exibition

From *05.06.2010* till *03.07.2010* the Exhibition will take place at
Gotec Kulturhaus in Karlsruhe, Germany
organized by the Nuthouse Gallery.

Ambition of this group exibition is to show work of free artists and designers who have their origins in streetart.

The vernissage is taking place on 05.06.2010 from **7:00 pm** till **1:00** am.
From that day on, the exhibition will be opened every Thursday from 18:00 h on.

  • Rafael Gerlach/ Satone (Munich/Germany)
  • Werner Zwakhalen/Nash (Sittard/Netherlands)
  • Joos van Barneveld/Does (Sittard/Netherlands)
  • Yuske Imai (**São Paulo/Brasil)
  • Alexander Becherer /Biserama (Gengenbach/Germany)
  • Octavi Serra Arrizabalaga/Aryz (Barcelona/Spain)
To provide insight to the worldwide streetart scene and by that create awareness and acceptance for this art form- not less than that the NUTHOUSE GALLERY made its ambition. Founded in 2006 by Kelly Amann and Christian Krämer, the gallery today presents itself as platform for contemporary urban art and serves as mediator concerning art in public spaces. What here is just evident to the insider the NUTHOUSE GALLERY wants to make accessible to everyone to reveal background and intention of the artists. Exhibitions take place at regular intervals and show the current works of active, not only to street art restricted artists. The NUTHOUSE GALLERY presents the different facets of the global Graffiti movement, from its classic beginnings of "style writing" all the way to three-dimensional nameplates and stencil graffiti which lead to surreal and abstract designed character- and designertoys.

UK, London: June-July 4, 2010: The Next Generation

Opening this June at London Miles Gallery

The Next Generation

A New Chapter In Contemporary Art

Featuring 45 International Artists

Aaron Nagel, Adam Caldwell, Allison Sommers, Amy Sol, Andy Kehoe, Anthony Clarkson, Anthony Pontius, Audrey Kawasaki, Brett Amory, Bumblebee, Caia Koopman, Cherri Wood, Chris Murray, Craig "Skibs" Barker, Dabs Myla, Dan-ah Kim, David MacDowell, Derek Gores, Gaia, Jacub Gagnon, Jeff Ramirez, Jen Lobo, Jesse Hotchkiss, Joseph "2H" McSween, Josie Morway, Kelly Vivanco, Lesley Reppeteaux, Linnea Strid, Liz Brizzi, Mari Inukai, Mike Russek, Moki, Nathan DeYoung, Nouar, Pakayla Rae Biehn, Paul Barnes, Peter Taylor, Rebecca Hahn, Sarah Joncas, Seth Armstrong, Stella Im Hultberg, Timothy Karpinski, Tony Philippou, Tran Nguyen, Yosuke Ueno

London Miles Gallery is proud to present a group exhibition featuring a bold selection of international artists from the burgeoning New Contemporary Art movement. Produced in collaboration with Los Angeles Thinkspace Gallery, and showcasing a comprehensive selection of forty-five of the most exciting and talented individuals working within this movement, 'The Next Generation' brings new international talent to the doorstep of London's Contemporary art community.

Curated by Thinkspace Gallery Director Andrew Hosner, the exhibition features 12 x 12 inch works of art from a fastidiously handpicked selection of emerging and established artists. Shattering preconceptions and enlightening the British art sector as to the artistic and aesthetic integrity of the New Contemporary art movement. Never one to stand still, London Miles Gallery is already looking ahead in delivering the best new talent to UK shores as part of this cross waters collaboration.

Highlighting the diversity and depth of talent within this movement, the exhibition will feature a kaleidoscopic range of artistic styles from the likes of renowned figurative painter/illustrators Audrey Kawasaki, Amy Sol, and Stella Im Hultberg, distinguished surrealists Allison Sommers and Yosuke Ueno, emerging realists Linnea Strid and Pakayla Rae Biehn, and prolific street artist Gaia. For many of these artists this exhibition marks their first showing on UK soil, to date having cultivated avid followings across the globe.

Curator and Thinkspace Gallery Director Andrew Hosner says "We are excited to be able to bring to London a survey of some of the most exciting artists from the new contemporary art movement. When we had the idea of doing this show, only one gallery came to mind, and that's London Miles. Their commitment to bringing more attention and acclaim to this movement in the UK is unparalleled and we are honored to be working with them on this groundbreaking exhibition. Look for an exciting program from London Miles in the year ahead featuring several of the artists that will be on view as part of The Next Generation this June."

~ OPENING RECEPTION ~ FRIDAY. JUNE 11th 2010 from 7pm to 11pm

Exhibition on show until July 4th, 2010

- Free entree
- Complete exhibition catalog with exclusive artist interviews and photos!
- Tall standing installation project created by emerging British Artists!
- Live painting by local artists.

Exhibition location:

Westbourne Studios
242 Acklam Road
W10 5JJ. London
United Kingdom

tel: + (44) 020 3170 8618 242 254

Italy, Milan/Rome: May 28, 29, June 5, 2010: Book signings

Sabato 5 Giugno presentazione Milanese di CALLIGRAFFITI, libro di Niels "SHOE" Meulman.

Dalle ore 16:30, Shoe autograferà la vostra copia di Calligraffiti.

Disponibile in quantità limitata e a prezzo speciale il libro con
T-shirt e marker OTR edizione Calligraffiti.

"WHOLE CAR POETRY // Frank Veleno a.k.a. Hepo"
Un'opera unica. Una lucida follia verbale e visiva. Un viaggio supersonico, tra la solitudine e l'alienazione della società contemporanea.

Attraverso l'uso del writing nella sua forma più maestosa e visionaria - il whole car – associato a una poesia fortemente innovativa di ispirazione slam, questo libro ha il merito di inaugurare una forma di espressione sincera e originale, con potenzialità assolutamente sorprendenti.

Preparatevi a stupirvi: che si trovi nel buio freddo di un deposito dei treni o davanti a un tavolo con una penna in mano, Frank Veleno sta facendo qualcosa di nuovo. E riguarda tutti noi.


MILANO: Sabato 29 Maggio, ore 16:30 -> SPECTRUM STORE, via Felice Casati, 29.

ROMA: Venerdì 28 Maggio, ore 22:30 -> ALPHEUS, via del commercio 35.

Australia, Brisbane: Call for artists: Paint the biggest wall in radio

Switzerland, Basel: June 12, 2010

Mexico, Monterrey: Murals and prints

Photos from Os Gemeos' show, “Pra quem mora lá, o céu é

France, Paris: May 28-June 26, 2010: SEEN: Pleaseenjoy

Seen Solo Show

96-page catalogue available at the gallery, supported by maquis art.

There seems to be both a gallery show and a book signing, in two different places.

Book signing

Vendredi 28 mai 2010 – 18h – Musée Beaubourg Seen et Magda Danysz ont le plaisir de vous inviter à la librairie Flammarion du Musée National d'Art Moderne à Beaubourg pour une séance de dédicace du livre « From Style Writing to Art, a Street Art anthology » qui revient sur près de 40 ans de création. Figure de proue de ce mouvement, considéré comme « the Godfather of graffiti », SEEN sera présent pour dédicacer vos ouvrages. Avec un avant goût de l'exposition de SEEN à découvrir dans la vitrine au RdC du Musée.

Friday May 28th, 2010 - 6pm – Beaubourg Museum Seen and Magda Danysz is pleased to invite you to the Flammarion bookshop at the Beaubourg National Modern Arts Museum for an exceptional book signing at 6PM of her book "From Style Writing to Art, a Street Art anthology" which tells about 40 years of creation in this movement. One of the pioneers of this movement, considered as "the Godfather of graffiti", SEEN will be there to sign your copy. As a preview of the gallery show a piece of art will also be display on the ground floor of the museum.


Vernissage 29 Mai 2010 de 18h à 21h - Galerie Magda Danysz

In Paris (in the Marais)
Galerie Magda Danysz
78, rue Amelot
Paris 11 - France
t.: +33 (0)1 45 83 38 51

Ouvert du mardi au vendredi de 11h a 19h et le samedi de 14h a 19h
Opens from tuesday to friday from 11AM to 7PM and saturday from 2 to 7PM

NY, New York: June 19, 2010: Phun Phactory

The Phun Phactory to Convert Williamsburg Industrial Zone into the World's Largest Outdoor Mural Art Gallery.

Saturday, June 19th 2010
Location: N. 15th St, & Wythe Ave Brooklyn
Time: 9:00am - 11:30pm

Launch Event: Ole Tymers Day

The graffiti art pioneers, those who painted in the train yards in the 1960s, '70s and '80s will come together to kick-off the new Phun Phactory and commemorate the life of legendary artist Iz The Wiz.This event is being curated by artists 2ILL and Blade and will feature more than 50 celebrated old school writers all painting on location.

The Phun Phactory Aerosol Art Corp. will re-launch this summer, converting the Williamsburg, Brooklyn Industrial Business Zone into a neighborhood of mural art. The Phun Phactory was created in 1993 by founders Pat DiLillo and the late and pioneering graffiti artist Michael "Iz The Wiz" Martin. The original project occupied an industrial zone in Long Island City, directly across from the MoMA/PS1 museum and provided more than 50,000 sq. ft. of public space to showcase works of graffiti artists from around the globe. The new Phun Phactory will headquarter in Williamsburg, Brooklyn and will make available more than 500,000 sq. ft. of public space for artists of ALL mural mediums to showcase their artwork.

NY, New York: May 29, 2010: Sobro

Canada, Montreal: June 9-23, 2010: Looking East

Justin Giarla, the owner of White Walls and the Shooting Gallery, will be guest curating "Looking East" at Yves Laroche Gallery in Montreal.

On Wednesday June 9th 2010, Yves Laroche will be opening the doors of their new location; 9,000 square feet to house two new exhibition spaces, the permanent collection and, a boutique.

Galerie d'Art Yves Laroche
6355 Saint-Laurent
Montréal QC H2S 3C3

Looking East is a group exhibition which will exhibit many new works from both Shooting Gallery and White Walls artists, such as Ron English, Greg Gossel, Joshua Petker, Morgan Slade, Clayton Brothers, Jessica Hess, Jesse Hazelip, ABOVE, Kevin Cyr, Aaron Nagel, Travis Louie, Yumiko Kayukawa, Michael Page, Shepard Fairey, Anthony Lister, Mike Shine, HUSH, Casey Gray, Blek le Rat, Becca, Phillip Lumbang, Chris Pugliese, Ernesto Yerena, and Kofie One.

YL’s new address is a destination for Montreal’s art, fashion and media communities. Located in the heart of the Mile End, this newly renovated 9,000 square foot space will be home to a permanent collection and a boutique. In addition, the new headquarters introduces 2 large exhibition spaces ,titled Space I and II, offering more than 4,000 square feet available for rent throughout the year for special events, meetings and other contemporary projects. Also housed within the YL complex is the launch of a new retail concept space and creative agency, Trusst.

Le mercredi 9 juin 2010, Yves Laroche Galerie D’art inaugurera officiellement son nouvel emplacement au 6355 boulevard St-Laurent à Montréal (Canada). Pour donner le coup d’envoi, la galerie YL présentera la première exposition solo de Daniel Martin Diaz au Canada, intitulée Sacred Machine, simultanément à Looking East, une exposition collective multidisciplinaire organisée par le commissaire invité Justin Giarla (San Fransisco, États-Unis).

Les artistes seront présents au vernissage, ainsi que les DJs Le Matos et Jacob et Françis, pour des prestations musicales inoubliables.

La nouvelle adresse de la galerie YL est une destination montréalaise de choix pour les arts, la mode et la communauté médiatique. Situé au cœur du quartier Mile End, ce nouvel espace de 9000 pieds carrés entièrement rénové hebergera une collection permanente et une boutique. De plus, le nouveau siège social met à la disposition deux vastes espaces d’exposition ,nommés Espace I et II, pour location avec plus de 4,000 pieds carrés pour événements spéciaux, conférences, réunions corporatives ou autres projets en art contemporain.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Tempt and the fantastic Eyewriter

Tempt is one of San Francisco's and Los Angeles' best loved writers, and for years he published the awesome graffiti magazine, Big Time.

In 2003, Tempt was diagnosed with ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis), a rare neuromuscular disease characterized by progressive muscle weakness and resulting in paralysis. His family, friends, tribe and crews (K2S/STN) have been providing support and holding benefits for him ever since.

You may already have heard about Tempt and Eyewriter, an important system for writing with your eyes, that Graffiti Research Lab has been working on.

His story and photos of his writing

Send Tempt some love on his MySpace comment board

Thanks, Tempt, for being such an inspiration to us all. Wishing you the best!

Thanks GRL for doing things that matter.

Painting on roofs for Google Earth satellite view

Video: Agents of Change

Agents Of Change have been busy in Manchester creating their biggest project to date.
Here's a trailer from the brand new Agents Of Change project; AOC0.3 at the Future Everything Festival. Full film to follow.

Agents Of Change
Remi/Rough, LX One, Juice 126, System, Steve More, Timid and Derm

Banksy does Detroit - controversy over a wall

Germany, Weil am Rhein: June-October 2010: Public Provocations



OPENING HOURS MONDAY - FRIDAY/ 11.00-19.00 SATURDAY // 11.00 – 18.00

The first edition of PUBLIC PROVOCATIONS at Carhartt Gallery opened with an overwhelming sucess in 2009. The second edition will be on display from June till October 2010. Famous protagonists of the graffiti and urban art scene meet in Weil am Rhein simultaneously to the international art fair ART BASEL. This unique compilation of urban art with its extraordinary diversity of styles and shapes will continue the curatorial work of Sigi von Koeding I Dare.

Walls, backyards and contemporary city landscapes are hardly imaginable without all kinds of artistic forms of expression. Through colours, shapes and conversion artists claim the public space to be their sphere of expression and not only of provocation. Over the years new techniques, materials and platforms found their use. Thereby the art work was more and more respected and finally found its way into the galleries.

The exhibition boxes of the Carhartt Gallery show exceptional artists who have influenced or still influence the complexity of urban and street art with their styles. This unique compilation of national and international scripts and styles shows a varied profile of contemporary urban art.



Carhartt Gallery
Schusterinsel 9
79576 Weil am Rhein

Mexico, Guanajuato, Xochipilli, Celaya: May 23, 2010: Expo

Expograffiti Bicentenario Celaya 2010

CA, Los Angeles: May 22-June 12, 2010: Pose & KC Ortiz


POSE Rumble!! and KC ORTIZ Forced Rebellion

Known Gallery is pleased to present two Chicago based artists, graffiti based artist Pose and photographer KC Ortiz.

Opening Reception will be held for the artists Saturday, May 22nd, 8-11pm. The Exhibition will be on display from May 22nd though to June 12th, 2010.


Pose currently lives and works in Chicago, he is a member of the acclaimed West Coast artist collective The Seventh Letter, as well as being a founder of his own Chicago based design and art firm We Are Supervision. He has traveled internationally on his own and with The Seventh Letter specifically to showcase his skills as one of the best graffiti artists out there. This is Pose's first solo exhibition at Known Gallery.

In this exhibition Pose investigates a traditional style of comic book illustration and painting, infusing it with his own recognizable twist. Complexly layered, his work is bursting at the seams, often stunning and confusing onlookers with an intense amount of intricate detail. In this body of work, Pose has translated his trademarks in his signature graffiti style, (classic cartoon characters, sign painting fonts, a flat graphic style, and vivid color choices) from the street to the studio, creating elaborate large- and small-scale paintings. These new works explore imagery figuration in bold ways, with traces of his personality... the struggle, humor, sarcasm, love, hate, and always a feverish push towards the new.


KC Ortiz is a photojournalist based out of his hometown, Chicago. His work focuses on under-reported issues and over looked people and has taken him to all corners of the globe in pursuit of his work. This series of photographs documents the remaining Hmong's daily lives and the desperate struggle faced from exposure to the never ending "Secret War" in the mountainous jungles of Laos. Rebels, Communists and CIA agents all played their part in KC Ortiz's photo reportage; over a year of planning, secret meetings, and a clandestine entry into Laos brought him to the Hmong rebels and a world unseen by outsiders where there for three weeks he lived with the jungle Hmong in order to document their plight and living conditions.

Ortiz's has been published in numerous international publications, including The Independent and A-Magasinet.

Known Gallery
441 North Fairfax Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90036

+1 310-860-6263

Gallery hours:
Wednesday - Friday : 12-7pm
Saturday & Sunday : 12-6pm

Using QR codes to preserve graffiti virtually

How to get your book published

Nathan Bransford - Literary Agent (article links in left sidebar)

Facebook privacy news roundup

The symptoms of the problem:

The explanation of how we got here

CA, Fresno: July 1, 2010: Off the Wall

Gorgon Isle Gallery Presents:
"Off the Wall"
Urban/Graffiti Artshow
July 1, 2010
665 Fulton St.
Fresno, Ca USA
(on the corner of mono and fulton st.)
Featuring artwork by:
  • Ric cs
  • Crete 85
  • Timber
  • Tawls
  • Kaos
  • Riot
Free Admission
Food, Drinks, Music, and Live Art

Portugal, Porto: May 29, 2010: Mr Dheo

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

NY, New York: May 14, 2010: Willoughby Windows

Willoughby Windows v2.0:

Ad Hoc Art has lined up another spectacular roster of energetic artists from around the world, all highly regarded and ready to take their creative visions to another level.

Artists include: C.Damage, Chris Mendoza & Pablo Power, Daryll Peirce, Faust, Hellbent, Jef Aerosol, Joe Iurato, Laura Lee, LogikOne, Ron English, Skewville, and Thundercut.

Friday, May 14th, 2-6pm, is the Opening Reception for the second installation of this acclaimed project.

106 Willoughby Street (not Ave), Brooklyn, NY 11201
Downtown Brooklyn

Windows transforms 13 vacant storefronts into a street level gallery, bringing art directly to the community. Over 14 well known artists, all with roots in street art, have contributed to this project, most creating site specific works. This network of visual experiences can help redefine how people visiting, working and living in Downtown Brooklyn think about and interact with their environment during a time of transition.

The first exhibit, opened in July 10, 2009 with much fanfare. The windows featured works by Cannonball Press, Cycle, Dennis McNett, John Ahearn, Logan Hicks, Michael De Feo, and Morning Breath, to name a few. The exhibit was a welcome addition to the community and helped enliven the street and neighborhood. People have come from around the world to see this inspirational project and its model has been followed throughout the city and across the globe.

Os Gemeos: new blog

Portugal, Lisbon: May 17-Sept 19, 2010: Os Gemeos

NY, New York: May 15, 2010: Lava 1 & 2's Extravaganza Graf Art Exhibit

Lava 1 & 2's Extravaganza Graf Art Exhibit



Music by D.J. CHUCK CITY
Doors open at 7pm-18 and over
Maysles Cinema
343 Malcolm X Blvd. (Lenox Ave.) between 127-128 st.
Harlem, NY

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Belgium, Antwerp: May 12, 2010: Mural celebration

Woensdag 12 mei 2010
De opnames starten om 19u !!!

- Onthulling Bigsize Locatelli
- Presentatie Axel Daeseleire
- Optreden met special guest
- Drank en hapjes aanwezig
- Feestje ...

Asiadok Noorderlaan

Met dank aan één "goede vrijdag"

De Vliegher Jera
Kammenstraat 58
2000 Antwerpen

Tel: 0032/486.36.81.73 (under construction)
BE 0888 362 919

Germany, Berlin: May 14 - June 6, 2010: Conquistadores


Conquistadores is an overview of fresh contemporary talent from Spain and Latin America that is – at least metaphorically speaking – out to conquer the world. Globalization has affected both the Spanish and Latin American art scene. Recent art contributions from these countries seem to be nothing but a footnote in global art history books. Far from it! Both art cultures are more alive than ever! And that is what the exhibition Conquistadores is about. It is based on a selection of Spanish and Latin American artists whose work deals with local and national issues that are representative of the general human condition in the 21st century. We are very pleased to be supported by the Spanish and the Colombian embassy in Berlin.

Featuring: -Argentina- Gualicho, Jazz, Nemer, Pulpo, -Brazil- Fefe Talavera, Herbert Baglione, Izolag, Medo, Nave Mãe, Vitche, Yuske, -Chile- Inti, Mato, Basco-Vazko, -Colombia- Lesivo, Rodez, -Spain- Aryz, Axel Void, Dulk, Escif, Gabriel Moreno, Kafre, Laguna, Limow, San, -Mexico- Neuzz, Rene Almanza, Saner, Screw, Sego, -Peru- Wesr,-Uruguay- Babui, -Venezuela- Dixon.

Conquistadores. A group show created by Maximiliano Ruiz and Yasha Young.
Opens May 14 th at 7 pm. Runs until June 6th.
Opening times: Thursday- Sunday 12 noon - 6 pm

Strychnin Gallery Berlin London New York City
Boxhagenerstr. 36
10245 Berlin

Banksy at large

Sweet Chicago piece
Chicago rat

His film, Exit Through the Gift Shop, is getting great reviews too. See the movie site for tour schedule. More US cities TBA.

Pictures from Barry McGee's recent Oakland CA show

Australia, Coffs Harbour: May 15, 2010: Rods, Rides 'n' Rock

Coinciding with the Hot Rod Club Annual Winter Run,
OPEN STUDIO presents:
RODS, RIDES N' ROCK - An Explosion of Custom Culture!!!
Rockin' Artwork, Live Music and Good Times....

Austria, Vienna: June 10, 2010: The Walls Can Speak

Anarkia nominated for Human Rights Award

Congratulations, Anarkia!

Italy, Milan: May 20-31, 2010: Nothing to Lose

Biokip Gallery’s
“Nothing to Lose”
@ Assab One, Milano

…the scent of freedom, the smell of the smoke-bombs, the disarranged hurry of transformation, the elegant composure of power, the hypnotic sound of dreams, the gloomy noise of the guns, the hopeful waiting for the shift, the cold punctuality of the “nothing is changed”, the sweet flavour of illusion, the sour taste of disenchantment…

Discontent, anxiety and unrest keeping us company today (son of uncertainty as unique certainty) aren’t so different from the ones that led yesterday’s young people to the ’68 movements.

The world they tried to re-build in the sixties had to be accessible to all world, founded upon such solid ideals and values as to skim the utopian.

The world they tried to re-build in the sixties is now a world where only a few people are doing allright, while there’s less and less help, fewer and fewer smiles. And it doesn’t seem that today’s world is even going to get better. The contemporary values are always to have instead of to be, and to have more and more.

Today’s young people aren’t so different from the ’68 guys, both of them imprisoned among too many nepotisms, recommendations and partisanships, both of them determined to change things; ‘cause like this it doesn’t work, like this it’s all fucked up.

This time, Biokip Gallery’s mission is to channel this so energetic excitement towards the straight and narrow path, the most uncomfortable and difficult one, but the only consistent and constructive one.

“Nothing to lose” art show doesn’t want to be an empty criticism against those who participated in the ’68 movements: to generalize is always wrong, and Biokip doesn’t want to trivialize anything and anybody. The consistency, the care and the creative energy of some of the people who “really lived” the ’68 (the real fathers of human-social-cultural revolutions) have to be respected and admired.

On the other side, Biokip Gallery’s new art-show will be a sort of creative déjà vu, a telltale dream, or a “post eventum”, but mostly the invitation for all young people (and not) to treasure only the best from the ’68, so as not to commit again yesterday’s mistakes being really able today to change our tomorrow.

The expo will be a hymn to hope, a rebel and noisy one, a hope not expecting-waiting for things to change all by their own, but a hope doing its best to make us improve and refine the society we’re living in.

The artists who will take part in Biokip Gallery’s new art-shows are:

Inkyung Hwang
Fede Cruz
Alice Rosa
Emiliano Rubinacci
Emilio Corti
Emmanuelle Pacini
Marcello Mencarini
Alessandro Bertante
Bernard Graf
Sztuka Fabryka
Silva Ramacci
Renato Perego
Dario Spinelli
Alberto Garuffio

Biokip Gallery’s
Nothing to lose art-show

20-31 May 2010
Assab One, Milan