Sunday, January 24, 2010

MD, Baltimore: Jan 29-30 and Feb 6, 2010: Benefits for Mike "Ryke" Herron

Mike has cancer and needs our help. If you're not in B'more, you can still donate or buy artwork. 
See for details on  how to participate and where to send well wishes.

The shows on the 29-30 of January are music related.

The show and auction will be on February the 6th.

Hoping for a speedy recovery for Mike!

Drawing with light

"Evan Roth’s “Graffiti Analysis 2.0″. Roth is trying to build a “digital blackbook” to capture graffiti tags in code. He’s started with an ingenious – and straightforward – setup for motion capturing tags: a torch taped to a pen, the motion of which is tracked by a webcam. The data is all recorded in an XML dialect that Roth designed – the Graffiti Markup Language – which captures not only strokes but also rates of flow, the location of the tag, and even the orientation of the drawing tool at start; clearly, it’s designed with future developments – a motion-sensing spraycan, perhaps – in mind." Berg has more

Thanks, Evan

A brief hiatus, sorry

Unfortunately I'll be unable to update Art Crimes in February (and maybe March) because of my crazy work schedule. Gotta pay the rent.

I still love you though, and I'll try to make it up to you later. Happy Valentine's Day

The store will operate as usual.

CA, Los Angeles: January 24, 2010: Vox Humana, Live: Mear One, Kofie, Retna, El Mac

Organized by the L.A. ART MACHINE, curated by Bryson Strauss, & Sponsored by Mid-City Arts Gallery, 33third Los Angeles Paint Shop, & Lucius Hudson Inc., VOX HUMANA is a live art performance by legendary Los Angeles street artists Mear One, Kofie, Retna, and El Mac that will take place during the L.A. Art Show, January 20 - 24, 2010 @ The Los Angeles Convention Center.

Using large-scale canvases, the artists will begin their work on January 20 and will paint live each day from noon to 6 PM. Using acrylic and aerosol paints, Retna and El Mac will collaborate on a canvas that is 12 x 24 feet, while Kofie and Mear One will work independently on 12 x 12 foot canvases. Los Angeles Art Show attendees are invited to witness the completion of the works on Sunday, January 24, 2010 at 2 PM, and participate in a closing celebration.

NYC: Feb. 4 - Mar. 1, 2010: Staying Alive 2

The Hamilton Fish Park Branch of the New York Public Library presents
Staying Alive 2: A Cru of Characters

Featuring a “cru of characters” by David Alicea aka LETHAL, Moriah Ressler and Twelph, the exhibit opens with performances by the Lethal Weaponz Cru and Nelson “Chief” Seda on Thursday, February 4th from 5-7pm and continues through March 1st, 2010.

The Hamilton Fish Park Branch of the NYPL is located at 415 East Houston Street on the Lower East Side. For further information, contact Lois Stavsky @ 917-562-8468.

CA, Oakland: Congratulations, Estria and Refa1

Community Muralists Estria and Refa1 Unveil Cultural Landmark
Funded by the Oakland Redevelopment Agency

On Saturday, January 23, 2010 muralists, and spray can artists, Estria, and Refa, will inaugurate the completion of two new murals funded by the Oakland Redevelopment Agency (ORA), at a private ceremony, located on the Thai Kee Co building, at 2121 East 12th Street, Oakland, CA 94606, from 11:00am – 1:00pm.  The murals entitled “Four Guardians”, and "Done by the Forces of Nature", were developed to raise community pride while beautifying the neighborhood and reducing vandalism.  The Thai Kee Company, Union Pacific Railroad, and the East Bay Asian Youth Center (EBAYC) have all worked with the artists to bring this project to fruition.

"These vibrant murals, highly visible from Interstate 880, will create a positive impression of Oakland for both visitors and residents." - Daniel Seamans (ORA)

The mural project is evidence that spray can artists and city officials in the Bay Area are now working together, in an effort to reduce vandalism, and showcase the potential of urban art as a tool to empower youth and uplift communities.  Refa's mural "Done by the Forces of Nature", is meant to inspire peace, and designed to bring balance to an already chaotic society. Refa's design uses elements from nature, and Hip Hop, to reflect harmony in Oakland neighborhoods.  Estria's "Four Guardians" mural may be Oakland's largest, city commissioned work, at 22' H x 125' L, and can both can be seen from the 880 freeway.  Local artists and neighborhood youth worked on the mural over the span of two months.  The "Four Guardians" mural was inspired by creatures from Chinese mythology, and incorporates elements from contemporary Hip Hop art, with the intention of connecting youth with the myths, culture, and traditions of past generations.  A third aerosol art mural at the end of the building was produced by students and community members through the Leadership Excellence Organization

The mural inauguration will begin at 11:30am at the EBAYC building on 2025 East 12th St., in Oakland, CA,  with speech's from Estria, and Refa, as well as members of the company's and organizations involved in the project.  Estria and Refa will be available for interviews until 1:00pm.

About ORA: The Oakland Redevelopment Agency (ORA) is part of the City of Oakland’s Community and Economic Development Agency. The Oakland Redevelopment Agency works to bring economic growth to redevelopment areas and improve neighborhood environments for local residents through infrastructure projects, matching grants for area businesses, improved public facilities, programs to increase public safety and other efforts to attract commercial businesses and employers.

About Estria: Estria has been spray painting for over 26 years, and is recognized around the world as a graffiti living legend, valued historian, and leader on graffiti’s social and political impact.  Hailing from San Francisco's "Golden Age" of graffiti in the 80's, Estria is a pioneer in painting techniques, and the originator of the stencil tip.  Through graffiti Estria has become an educator, entrepreneur, and social activist, working with numerous non-profits, and high profile corporations.  In 2007, Estria founded the "Estria Invitational Graffiti Battle", a nationwide urban art competition that honors and advances creativity in the Hip Hop arts.  Originally from Hawaii, Estria has called the Bay Area home for half of his life.  His murals are known to be whimsical, cultural, political, and vibrant, with a focus and dedication to uplift the communities they serve. for more info visit

About Refa: For over two decades, Oakland, California Native, Senay Alkebu-lan, has been instrumentally involved in the development of the innovative, unorthodox genre of art known as “Aerosol Art” (Graffiti Art/Writing). Surrounded by Hip Hop culture as a youth, the walls of urban structures were Senay’s canvas. His refined, self-styled calligraphy has earned him international acclaim amongst Spray Can artists and enthusiasts. Senay’s lifetime of involvement in the Hip Hop community combined with his progressive political consciousness have translated into a successful career as a spray can artist, activist, and educator.

About EBAYC: The East Bay Asian Youth Center (EBAYC) is a non-profit community organization located in the San Antonio District of East Oakland.  For the last 35 years, EBAYC has served multi-cultural, multi-racial young people and their families, providing comprehensive support services including afterschool programs, counseling, advocacy, parent organizing, youth internships, and digital arts training.  For more information, contact: Peter Kim, Managing Director, (510) 533-1092 ext 33,

CA, Los Angeles: Jan. 22-Feb. 27, 2010: Street Legal


RIVERA & RIVERA Gallery is proud to announce the opening of Street Legal, an exhibition of original artwork by legendary Los Angeles street artists, Mear One, Kofie, El Mac, and Retna.

Opening in conjunction with Vox Humana, a live art performance by these same artists at the Los Angeles Convention Center during the L.A. Art Show 2010, this exhibition will showcase more than 25 works of art, including the premiere of Mear One’s monumental sculpture entitled “Pillar of Consciousness.”

Although wildly diverse in styles, media, and scale, this unique group of artists have transcended street writing and evolved their work into one of the most challenging and sophisticated contemporary art forms.

1100 S. Hope Street, Los Angeles, California

NYC: Jan. 24, 2010: The Obama Image Economy - Ron English et al

CT, Fairfield: Jan. 28-Feb. 28: CRASH

Croatia, Zagreb: Jan. 23- , 2010: ME.TART

Morka (Rijeka)
Angel (Beograd)
Ronald Aleksander Lindgreen (Den Haag)
Flying Fortress (Hamburg)
Zets (Zagreb)
Lunar  (Zagreb) (selection)

international project ME·TART: On Board / Atelier Mestroviç & Street art. Within the project, six street art artists will be working inside the atrium of the Mestroviç Atelier (Mletaãka 9). They will be using wood boards, installed to protect sculptures and columns from the reconstruction works on the nearby Constitutional Court, as a background to paint their own interpretation of Mestroviç’s works.

France, Paris: 30 Jan.-4 Mar.: CRASH

Canada, Halifax: 9 January – 21 February 2010: James Kirkpatrick & Peter Thompson

Pulp Fiction
Saint Mary's University Art Gallery

Organized & Circulated by Museum London
Curator: Corinna Ghaznavi

Artists’ Talk, Performance & Catalogue Launch: Thursday, 18 February, 8:00 pm
with James Kirkpatrick & Peter Thompson of Brain Trust
Winter Weather Date: Friday, 19 February, 8:00 pm

Italy, Florence: Jan. 29, 2010: 50x70

Venerdì 29 gennaio, a partire dalle 21.00, presso lo spazio EtrArtE in via de’ Serragli 113 r, da un’idea dello store ProjectZero,una serata da non perdere: 50 x 70! un evento che nasce dal desiderio di riunire in un unico luogo la scena della street art fiorentina. Una mostra collettiva con una sola regola: rappresentare il proprio stile in un formato lontano dalle abituali pareti, un 50 x 70 che delimita ma allo stesso tempo stimola i giovani artisti a raccontarsi nella “legalità” di un allestimento contemporaneo. 50 x 70 sarà un evento dedicato a un mondo lontano dalle gallerie e dai musei ma forte di una creatività che parla dei nostri tempi. Un live set sonoro, un’istallazione video e una performance di body-paiting completeranno la serata. La città è di chi la vive, l’arte di strada di chi la racconta tra colori e immagini che parlano di tutti noi. Firenze città d’arte, Firenze città di tutte le arti.

Scotland, Glasgow: Jan. 22-Feb 21, 2010: New Faces

New Faces - Modern Character Design - illustration, street art and graphic art

London based, prolific and well known illustrator Andrew Rae and Scottish graffiti artist Elph alongside new Glasgow School of Art graduate and Secret Wars star, Conzo and newly emerging graphic artist FiST. Also showing is Michigan based artist, Jon Macnair and South African painter, Theory One, both showing in the UK for the first time. Last but not least is the female street artist, Syrkus.

Opening is 22nd Jan 7-10pm, then it runs till the 21st of February open 12-6pm Tuesday to Sunday.

Recoat Gallery
323 North Woodside Road
G20 6ND

m: 07968252454
t: +44 (0) 141 341 0069


Saturday, January 23, 2010

France, Paris: Jan. 15 - Feb. 12, 2010: Cooper, Blade, Chalfant

Hélène Bailly et Valériane (Taxie Gallery)

PHOTO/GRAFF – Photos of Subway Art '70-'80
Du 15 janvier au 12 février 2010

Au rendez vous, des œuvres inédites de ces trois artistes légendaires du graffiti,
Et présentation de leurs œuvres exposées à l’occasion de l’exposition Né dans la rue, graffiti  de la Fondation Cartier.

Exposition cataloguée
édition signée et numérotée/100
1 couverture par artiste

Les rendez vous de l’exposition :

Jeudi 14 janvier 2010             Vernissage en présence des artistes – GALERIE BAILLY CONTEMPORAIN Paris 6ème.
Vendredi 15 janvier 2010      Soirée spéciale Subway Art  -  Hotel MAMA SHELTER Paris 20eme
Samedi 16 janvier 2010         Séance de signature du catalogue de l’exposition par les artistes – ARTCURIAL Paris 8ème


Galerie Bailly Contemporain
25, quai Voltaire
75007 Paris

Jours et horaires d’ouverture:
Du mardi au vendredi: 09h00 à 13h00 / 14h00 à 18h00
Le Samedi : 14h00 à 19h00 (galerie Côté Quai uniquement)

Italy, Milano: Jan. 30, 2010: All City Writers signing

Cuba project - application DEADLINE JAN 25, 2010

Cuban International Artist Collaboration Project
Artist Call Out
Deadline: Jan. 25th, 2009

The “Cuban International Artist Collaboration Project” is seeking visual artists, mc’s, music producers, screen printers, extreme sports athletes, and videographers to participate in a project in conjunction LA MADRIGUERA in Havana, Cuba.  The project seeks to build an international collaboration between foreign and Cuban artists in the following ways.

1. Street Artists: Painting a collaborative mural with street artists from Cuba.  The painting will include a painting demonstration event with dj’s and community members.

2. Musicians: Collaborate with Cuban musicians to create and record music at a studio. The music will be uploaded to the blog/ myspace/ facebook of the project after final production. In addition, if you have your own network of distribution, we are open to suggestions.

3. Screenprinters: Build a screenprinting studio in the LA MADRIGUERA that will remain for community usage including screen burning, printing, and drying capabilities.  Create and print posters and T-shirts made in the studio to distribute to community members.

4. Videographers: Shoot and edit the events of the project for the 10 main days of project.  There will be a final screening at a closing event for the entire project.

5. Photographers: Shoot photography of the events of the project to use on online media and print.  The photographs will be used in the final video project.

6. Extreme Sports: Near LA MADRIGUERA is “La Sala Polivalente – Skatepark”. In order to create a community collaboration, we need international skaters, inliners or BMX atlethes to performe demos for the locals. In addition, host a 2 day class to teach community youth how to ride and learn from professionals.

Requirements:  artists must be Spanish speaking or willing to learn (we will not have a translator).  They must have 5 years of experience in their field.   All artists are required to cover their own expenses for 15 days in Cuba (approximately $1000) and $250 for your visa.

We will be traveling to Cuba legally with permits.  We will arrange all permiting and hotels. The project is scheduled for June 15-30th, 2010.

If you are interested in participating please email the following information to or
 Please Title the email: Cuban International Artists Collaborative Project
1. Bio
2. Portfolio or 5 images of your work
3. Link to electronic media (websites, facebook, flicker, myspace)
4. CV
5. Specialization: Painters, photographer, screenprinter, videographers, extreme sports, or musician.

Proyecto Colectivo de Artistas Internacionales en Cuba

Solicitud de artistas
Fecha límite: 25 de Enero 2009

El “Proyecto Colectivo de Artistas Internacionales en Cuba” busca artistas visuales, MC’s (maestros de ceremonias), músicos, deportistas extremos, y camarógrafos, para participar en un proyecto con LA MADRIGUERA, Habana, Cuba. El proyecto establecerá una colaboración internacional entre artistas cubanos e internacionales de la siguiente manera:

1. Artistas Urbanos: La creación de un mural junto a artistas locales en Cuba. Además, el proyecto incluirá una demostración en vivo durante el evento junto a los dj’s y miembros de la comunidad.

2. Músicos: Colaboración con músicos locales con la idea de grabar un sencillo en un estudio musical en Cuba. La parte de la grabación estará accesible al público mediante el Blog/Myspace/Facebook una vez finalice el proyecto. Si usted tiene un medio de distribución adicional estamos abiertos a sugerencias. 

3. Grabadores: Construir un estudio de serigrafía en LA MADRIGUERA para la comunidad el cual incluirá acceso a quemar la imagen al tamiz, imprimir, y secado, con la idea de imprimir una serie de camisas y carteles hechas en el estudio para repartir en la comunidad. 

4. Camarógrafos: Filmar y editar los eventos por los 10 días de duración del proyecto. En la actividad de clausura se proyectará el video del proyecto. 

5. Fotógrafos: Fotografiar los diversos eventos del proyecto para uso de prensa en la Web o impreso. Las fotografías se utilizarán en el video final.

6. Deportes extremos: Cercano a LA MADRIGUERA está el parque de la Sala Polivalente Ramón Font  el cual posee una variedad de rampas. Buscamos corredores de patinetas, patines o BMX que puedan dar demostraciones para los locales e interactuar con la comunidad. Además, estar dispuestos a dar clínicas de su deporte a los jóvenes que visitan el parque y aprender trucos nuevos. 

* Preferiblemente artistas de habla hispana, o dispuestos a aprender.  No proveemos servicios de traducción. 
* Al menos 5 años de experiencia en su campo. 

Todos los artistas se deben costear su viaje, dieta y estadía por los 15 días del proyecto en Cuba (aproximadamente $1,000), más $250.00 para la visa.
Viajaremos legalmente a Cuba con permisos. Nos ocuparemos de organizar los permisos y estadía. El proyecto está pautado para el 15 al 30 de junio, 2010.  
Si estás interesado en participar, por favor enviar un correo electrónico con dicha información a la siguiente direccion: o
Titula el correo: “Proyecto Colectivo de Artistas Internacionales en Cuba”
1. Biografía 
2. Portafolio o 5 imágenes/audio de su trabajo  
3. Enlaces de (pagina web, facebook, flicker, myspace, etc.)
4. CV
5. Especialización: pintura, fotografía, grabado, video, extreme sports, música. 

CA, San Jose: February 6, 2010 - ?: Classes


Anywhere: Valentines needed for children in hospital

Crewest Gallery is bringing love to the Children’s Hospital in Los Angeles for a Valentines day card exchange for the patients so that we can make their day that much brighter with a V-Card designed by artists.

We are looking for artists who would like to design/create and sign a card or cards for patients.

Children’s Hospital has a total of 320 inpatient beds. We at least need 320 cards.

Once we get a confirmed group of artists to participate in this project an Official Press Release will be sent which will include a list of all participating artists.

Please email Luna George at if you are interested in being part of this heart warming project. I will send you all the details, plus some extra additional details that may be of further interest to you.

Scotland, Edinburgh: Jan. 22-Feb. 13, 2010: Elph & Lyken: Advanced Mechanics

New York: Jan. 26, 2010: Piecebook signing

Piecebook Reloaded: Rare Graffiti Drawings, 1985-2005

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Slide show / discussion featuring: Keo TC5,  Rab CAC, Sacha Jenkins SHR and David Villorente from 7:30pm - 8:30pm

Greenlight Bookstore
686 Fulton Street,
Brooklyn, N.Y

To RSVP on Facebook: [facebook]

Gemany, Hameln: Jan.-Feb. 28, 2010: ecb & wow123: Graffiti Handmade

ecb and wow123 are two of Germany's best painters. Don't miss out.

ecb.hendrik beikirch
wow123markus genesius

der kunstkreis
Rathausplatz 4
31785 Hameln/Germany
+49 (0) 5151 3070

January 16. 2010 - February 28. 2010
Opening hours:
wed - thu   11am - 1pm / 2pm - 5pm
fri   11am - 1pm
sat   10am - 1pm
sun   11am - 1pm

admission free

Saturday, January 9, 2010

FL Miami: Jan 9-Feb 5, 2010 - New World Order


2294 North West 2nd Avenue
Miami, Fl 33127 (in the WYNWOOD ART DISTRICT)

*Show runs from January 9th - February 5th, 2010
*Special show t-shirts -$20 each
*Limited edition Illuminati medallions (signed and numbered by N! SATTERFIELD) - $66.60

"NEW WORLD ORDER" or "NWO" refers to a conspiracy theory for the emergence of a one world currency, religion, language and an absolute fascist ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Mayhem in May Lane - Graffiti claymation video

This is nuts! It took the Australian animator a year to produce because it was made with clay stop-action animation (claymation).




More animations

Germany, Berlin: until January 10, 2010

RUEDIONE presents SMASH 137 – Photo Exhibition / Fotoausstellung

For years RUEDIONE was an active graffiti writer himself and through the documentation of his pieces he discovered photography. These days he exclusively uses the camera for his work. For almost a decade, he has been documenting the writers’ scene and has thus remained part of it as a visual chronicler. His photographic images show all the tension, the adrenalin and the kicks that graffiti writers experience.

Über Jahre war der Fotograf RUEDIONE selbst ein aktiver Writer, die Dokumentation seiner Bilder führte ihn zur Fotografie. Inzwischen benutzt er ausschließlich die Kamera für seine Werke. Fast ein Jahrzehnt lang hat er die Writer Szene dokumentiert und blieb als ihr visueller Chronist ein Teil davon. Seine Bilder zeigen die Spannung, das Adrenalin und die Kicks im Erleben eines Graffiti Writers.

Carhartt Shop Berlin
Mo – Sa / 12:00 – 20:00
Rosenthaler Straße 48
10178 Berlin-Mitte