Friday, May 16, 2014

iPad app: 2Many2Name by KEL1ST - Graffiti Wild Style History

When I first made Art Crimes, in 1994, KEL1ST (pronounced "Kel First") and his brother, MARE139, already had a slick, beautiful website, called (now long gone). Since then, they've both been off doing great interactive projects, paintings, sculptures, blogs, you name it.

This new interactive book from KEL1ST is an effort from the heart (and from his personal photo collection). For history. For you. The good stuff.

(The app's website —— Tip: You might want to view this multimedia website on a computer or iPad.)

iOS 6 and above
app made for iPad viewing

On wild style, train history, New York City —— from someone who was there.
Randy "KEL1ST" Rodriguez presents "2Many2Name," the first in-depth view of Graffiti Wild Style. 2Many2Name is a historical review of the use of the number 2 by different Grand Masters of Graffiti. KEL1ST's narrative takes you on a ride.

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