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CA, Los Angeles: September 1-29, 2012: Trece

CA, Los Angeles: Sept. 8-29, 2012: Hex.TGO and Skill.UTI - Bboys to Bmen

Come out support HIP HOP ELEMENTS in full effect. HEX & SKILL will be on view at the Crewest Gallery Sept 8th thru Sept 29th.

Join us for the Opening Reception Sep.8th 7:00pm - 10:00pm.

DJ HALLUCIN8 on the Turntables....GRAND OFFICIAL CREW ...LA DONT PLAY.....visit http://www.facebook.com/#!/events/352309388185962/ for more info and sneak peeks

Pattern in Islamic Art: amazing and beautiful geometrics

WA, Seattle: Bus stop mural program

ID, Boise: Student Union art gallery graffiti show - invites more work

Giant graffiti mural adorns Tunisia’s tallest minaret

TX, Dallas: Free walls!

Sunday, August 26, 2012

NYC: August 29 - September 29, 2012: Shiro

France, Paris: September 3, 2012: Jose Parla & Rey Parla

Opening reception: SEPTEMBER 3RD 2012 6 - 8 PM


colette is pleased to present the Parlá Brothers and their new collaborative exhibition in Paris entitled: U.T.O.P.I.A. The Brooklyn-based brothers have had an on-going collaboration since childhood starting early in 1983. José drawing and painting, and Rey taking photographs of his brother and mutual friends out in the city. Respectively, José became known for his calligraphic and palimpsestic coded paintings while his brother Rey is best known for his experimental films and camera-less non-photo works he calls Scratch Graphs. José having studied painting and Rey filmmaking the Picasso and Braque like duo are a Ying and Yang that create enigmatic works of art that are unique in their conversations.

The Parlá Brothers' work has been exhibited at the Bryce Wolkowitz Gallery in NYC, OHWOW Gallery in Miami, Paris Photo, and The Miami International Film Festival: The Avant-Garde Returns. A limited edition book will accompany the brothers' colette show.

La galerie colette est heureuse de vous présenter les Parlá Frères et leur nouvelle exposition commune, intitulée: U.T.O.P.I.A. Les deux frères, basés à Brooklyn, n'ont cessé de collaborer depuis leur enfance, en 1983. José dessine et peint tandis que Rey prend des photos de son frère et de leurs amis dans la ville.José est devenu connu pour son travail calligraphique et ses peintures aux codes palimpseste alors que son frère est réputé pour son travail de films expérimentaux qu'il nomme "Scratch I Graphs". José a étudié la peinture et Rey la réalisation et ils conversent tel le duo Picasso et Braque, un Ying & Yang qui crée un travail énigmatique et unique.

Le travail des Frères Parlá a été exposé à la galerie Bryce Wolkowitz de NYC, à la galerie OHWOW de Miami, Paris Photo et au Festival International du Film de Miami: Le Retour del'avant-garde. Un livre en édition limitée sera proposé chez colette lors de l'exposition.


More info: Guillaume Salmon, guillaume@colette.fr


213 rue Saint-Honoré - 75001 Paris - France
Tel: +33 1 55 35 33 90
Fax: +33 1 55 35 33 99

Article: Graffiti artists thrive in reform-era Myanmar

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Cryptoparty 411 worldwide - watch #CryptoParty on Twitter

Find your #CryptoParty on Twitter soon.

more info:

Surveillance: How Big Brother is watching you - and things to do about it

Watch this Anonymous explainer on Trapwire, the artificial intelligence system peering at you through CC TV cameras, which are installed almost everywhere that Wikileaks uncovered and published info on this week.

It will be most dangerous to young, minority youth, for example graffiti writers, who will be more "suspicious" naturally than others, but it threatens us all. Anonymous will soon publish a how-to guide on taking out the cameras, but you probably already know how. Pro Tip: wear masks.

Anonymous Releases Video On How To Defeat Facial Recognition [these techniques will not last forever, however]

More Trapwire info. Note that the secret system is so heinous that officials deny using it, but it's already been deployed in Seattle and Washington DC. It uses cameras that are already in place, owned by various companies and governments.

CryptoParty, an event taking place worldwide where geeks explain the tools you need to be safer and how to use them. This movement is a response to Australia's (and other countries') new laws that mandate companies retain all your internet data to use against you whenever it's convenient.

Berlin CryptoParty will soon publish a software guide to help people inform their own CryptoParties, so watch this space.

Tip: iMessage isn't one of the tools you should use.

A mathematician who said no to the NSA explains some of the dangers we all face in the totalitarian surveillance state that's forming. Some good links are there too. All the social media are monitored, especially FaceBook.

Please spread this information widely. Preserving liberty will take all of us working together, and the first step is to inform people of the threat. This is science, not science fiction. The second step is to object loudly to your government representatives while those who can work to disable the systems.

More reading:

Giving In to the Surveillance State

Building a better Anonymous, part 0

A Tor of the Dark Web

The Tor project

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Monday, August 20, 2012

Rare: Joker.Transcend screen prints for sale

UK, London: 27 September-2 October, 2012: Futurism 2.0

Futurism 2.0

Launch Night

Thursday 27th September, a private preview for Sponsors, VIPs and collectors with artists present. A selection of left-field DJs will be providing the soundtrack, a mix of classic and contemporary sounds.


Public Opening

Friday 28th September, the gallery will be open to the public all day. DJs and drinks from 6pm!
Buy The Book

Live Paint

Saturday 29th / Sunday 30th September. An ensemble of Graffuturist artists will paint live in London.

Further related activities will be announced.

The Venue - Blackall Studios

Blackall Studios in London’s hip Shoreditch has been designed and created as a versatile and unique event space. It is East London’ s leading gallery for the international urban art community. The 3500 sq.ft. venue is minutes from both Liverpool Street and Old Street underground stations, split over two floors and is fully fitted with bar and PA.

For info about the event, activities, book and show catalog and all the artists involved:


CA, San Francisco: Aug. 25-Sept. 3, 2012: Leave the Beef on the BBQ

Opening Reception: Saturday, August 25th, 2012. 3-7 pm

Guerrero Gallery is pleased to present "Leave the Beef on the BBQ", an encompassing exhibition bringing together inter-generational writers in the world of graffiti: from pioneers who played pivotal roles during its most formative years to contemporary writers that continue to shape the ever-shifting nature of graffiti as an art form. Featuring over 70 participating writers, this exhibition provides the unique opportunity to view a narrative timeline of our urban vernacular while simultaneously creating a dialogue that highlights the diversity in stylistic approach.

Recognizing graffiti's undoubted influence as a cultural and artistic catalyst, we aim to pay due respect to all writers and showcase the relevance of their work. Despite differences in individual opinions and ideals, this exhibition serves as a bridge not only between graffiti and the fine art world but also within the graffiti world itself. We wish to reveal the common thread that these writers share- an inherent desire and need to communicate and be seen.

Opening on August 25th with a BBQ opening reception from 3pm to 7pm, "Leave the Beef on the BBQ" invites the viewer to do just that- to appreciate these artists through their unified admirable dedication and together celebrate graffiti's past, present and future.

Featured artists include Jurne, Nmph, Crash, Rammellzee, IZ THE WIZ, Cap, Ces, Yes 2, Vogue, Erupto 327, OBLVN, Con, Cense, Remio, Bates, Skuf, Min, Med, Dondi, Sye, Keo, TKid, Joker, Lead, Nope, Jask, Omens, Jase, VFR, Cope 2, Indie 184, Queen Andrea, Pure, Anger, Axis, Spray, Jenks, Bio, Nicer, Renos, MQ, Quake, Curve TGE, Wand, Monk, Estria, Dmote, Faust, Gorey, Saze, Smash 137, Geso, Cecs, Yen 34, Enron, Dr. Sex, Ceave, Voice, EwokOne, Kaput, ORFN, Trike, Oze 108, Vans the Omega, Claw Money, Pez, Deceve, S8N, Jick, Sibl, and Egs.
Special thanks to co-curators Metal Man Ed, Roger Gastman, Tim Diet and Mr.Kiji.

We felt passionately compelled to present this show as a demonstration of our support and gratitude to the ever-important role that graffiti and its community of artists has had on Guerrero Gallery and its success.


Ireland, Blanchardstown: Setp 13-Nov. 10, 2012: Jor

Austria, Nordbruecke: September 1, 2012: workshop and international jam

Sweden, Stockholm: 24 August – 13 September: BATES

Sunday, August 19, 2012


SOL in Venice Beach - Photo by Baes

Friday, August 17, 2012

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Video: Tom Waits - "Hell Broke Luce"

Incredible imagery and poetry on the fruits of war. Each scene could be a painting.

Thanks, Tom. Peace, everyone.

Germany, Glauchau: August 24-Sept 2, 2012: IBUG

IBUg 2012 – Festival of urban art and culture in Germany

The IBUg – the famous festival of urban art and culture in Germany – goes into its seventh edition this year. From 24th August on more than 70 artists from eight countries will transform a former slaughterhouse in the West Saxon city of Glauchau during a week-long creative phase into a work of art by graffiti, street art, urban art installations and performances. Numerous national and international artists like Ta55o (Germany), Chromeo (Switzerland), Flamat (Germany), Help (Germany), Hifi (Germany), Koala (Switzerland), Loomit (Germany), Okle74 (Germany), Royal TS (Germany), Zone56 (Germany), Amin (France), Andy K (Germany), Bue the warrior (Belgium), Caparso (Germany), Etam (Poland), Johannes Mundinger (Germany), Lean Frizzera (Argentinia), Martin Ron (Argentinia), Quintessenz Creation (Germany), Rebelzer (Germany), Remi Rough (England), SatOne (Italy) or Threehouse (Germany) have announced to IBUg 2012.

The results are presented to the public during a festival of urban art and culture from 31st August to 2nd September. Among the highlights of the weekend are the lectures by Göttingen based artist Bond about the graffiti culture in southeast asia and by Manuel Gerullis, who talks about the event „Meeting of Styles“. And on Saturday night the traditional IBUg party invites to celebrate and dance to hip-hop and electronic beats with DJ Showi (Stuttgart), DefZone (illcandevilz/IBUg), Okle (illcandevilz/IBUg), Franz! (Muna, http://www.muna.de/), Konglomerat (Weimar, www.facebook.com/daskonglomerat) and Mopedgang (Glauchau, www.mopedgang.de) as well as visuals by MXZEHN (Weimar).

The side program also offers a IBUg pub which grants an insight view into the work of the artist during the creative phase, an urban art market including photographs by Conny Heimer from the last five years of IBUg, t-shirts, bags as well as works of the IBUg-artist, a film program about urban art and urban culture and an IBUg fashion show.

For more information check www.ibug-art.de.

Videos of the IBUg 2011 in Meerane can be found ARTE Creative creative.arte.tv/de/space/IBUg_2011 or on YouTube www.youtube.com/IBUgArt

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IN, Indianapolis: Aug 31-Sept 2 - Subsurface

Held every Labor Day weekend, Subsurface Outdoor Graffiti Exhibition provides an opportunity for the city of Indianapolis to enjoy live work from graffiti writers. Indianapolis is a hub for graffiti writers from the Midwest to congregate and paint. Kentucky, Ohio, and Chicago are all just 2-3 hours from the city. The event hosts 40-60 artists annually.

Be a supporter through Indiegogo.com/subsurfacegraffiti
Receive great gifts ranging from limited edition event T-shirts, posters + original artwork by FAB Crew.

Check out http://subsurfacegraffiti.com/ for artist and event information.


  • Photo Exhibition documenting the first 10 yrs. of Subsurface ... hosted by The Big Car ... curated by Ish Muhammad
  • Panel Talk hosted by the University of Indianapolis ... moderated by Ish Muhammad
  • Hip Hop Night @ the White Rabbit including Breakdance competition, Rapping, and DJing

Holland, Amsterdam: August 10–30, 2012: Peeta

ArTicks Gallery is pleased to announce
new paintings and sculptures by the Italian artist Peeta.

10th August – 30th August, 2012
Vernissage: Friday 10th August from 18:00 – 21:30


ArTicks Gallery Singel 88 Amsterdam, Nh 1015AD
+31 (0)20 737 1505
Peeta endeavours to realize the sculptural quality of individual letters, namely the ones that spell out his own name. Being aware of the Greco-Latin origins of today's modern alphabet which give it a certain abstract, rather than figural, quality, his task departs from this graphical history to follow the formal methods of Chinese and Islamic calligraphy. With his works, the artist always selects the specific letters "P-E-E-T-A" and breaks them from their generic typographical form, stylizing them with shape and volume beyond their mere semantic function. Thus his lettering is brought into the fluidity of the urban, where words are continuously ruptured from their own histories, readapted into idiom and gestures learned from the street.

And it is this urban terrain that Peeta is always drawn to: street walls, trains, abandoned factories. In a way, his work is record of evolving inscription—not in its traditional sense, but in terms of a fluency acquired through the urban vernacular. Peeta calls this a "geometry of writing", where the rules are changeable and words are modified, deconstructed and regenerated as they intersect with convention and the new.

Peeta, also known as Manuel Di Rita, has been active as a graffiti artist since 1993 and is currently living in Venice. He is a member of the EAD crew (Padova, Italy), FX and RWK crews (New York City) and has participated in graffiti jams and Meeting of Styles events in Europe and the Americas. His work explores the potential of sculptural lettering, both in painting and in three dimensions. Peeta has exhibited at the Santorini Biennale (2012); Megastore Gallery - The Hague (2007); Magazzini del Sale - Venice (2007-2008); Edgeart Gallery - Manchester (2008); PrettyPortal Gallery - Düsseldorf (2009); Baron Gallery and Ayden Gallery - Vancouver (2010-2011); Da Baker Gallery - New York (2010); and H+ Gallery - Lyon (2011), among many others.

NYC: August 10-31, 2012: Who'z got game!

"Who'z got game!", August 10th (8-11pm), at Sacred Gallery NYC. This group gallery exhibition, curated by KIDLEW, showcases some of the best names in the NYC street graffiti scene. Starting with artists from the late '60s and working up to modern day, Kidlew personally went after the best names in the game to bring you a true NYC graffiti Subway map show.

The gallery will be auctioning off a true 4'x5' NYC subway map that exhibiting artists will collaborate the night of the gallery opening. 100% of the proceeds from the won auction will go to The Coalition For The Homeless http://www.coalitionforthehomeless.org. The auction will be on display and available for bidding all month, and will close on the 31st.

LAVA 1 2

DJ set by DJ AnaMated

Beer Sponsored by BOMB Lager! Free till gone!

This is a strict RSVP ONLY event so you must email
Kevin@SacredGalleryNYC.com to be put on the list.

Opening Reception:
August 10th. 8-11pm
21 and over!

Sacred Gallery NYC
424 Broadway 2nd Floor (Between Canal and Howard)
New York, NY 10013

NJ: Trenton, etc.: August 10-11, 2012

Interview: EMIT - in Artillery Magazine

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video: SupréMassy Graffiti 2011/2012 by Bab2

New iBook: Henry Chalfant's Big Subway Archive, Volume 1 - CYA & TVS

Henry has started to release his archives!

The first is available as a downloadable iBook on iTunes.

This book can be viewed only on an iPad with iOS 5.

It's only $6 USD - it's big, so it takes a while to download, unless you're on cable modem.

iTunes preview (web) link: http://itunes.apple.com/us/book/henry-chalfants-big-subway/id531594319?mt=11

Info from the linked page:

Henry Chalfant's Big Subway Archive

by Henry Chalfant & Max Hergenrother
This book is available for download on your iPad with iBooks 2 or on your computer with iTunes. To read this book, you must be using an iPad with iBooks 2.


Henry Chalfant's Big Graffiti Archive is a work of visual anthropology and one of the seminal documents of American popular culture in the late twentieth century.  The original artworks depicted here, which have been the inspiration and guide for thousands of youthful artists around the world,  were never able to endure for long before the city cleaned the cars, or the artists' enemies crossed them out.  Chalfant's patience and determination in hunting down and capturing these masterpieces with his camera has left the world with a representative cross section of some of the best work by the most talented young artists who painted New York City's subway cars in the seventies and eighties, the golden age of graffiti.   A handful of Chalfant's photos have been featured in such books as Subway Art and films like Style Wars.  Now for the first time, the entire collection will be made available, released serially over the next year until all 800 trains have been published.