Wednesday, August 27, 2014

MO, St. Louis: Aug 29 - Sept 1 - PAINT LOUIS

Paint Louis

"This year will mark the 10th annual PAINT LOUIS event since its establishment in 1998.  Paint Louis is a graffiti art/HipHop music and dance event that is dedicated to showcasing the country's best HipHop artists in approved public spaces.  Paint Louis is an all-ages event lasting 4 days, featuring 300 artists and over 1,000 attendees that come to appreciate the art."

DATES:    Friday, August 29, 2014 to Monday, September 1, 2014

TIME:    8:00am-8:00pm  (and times vary for nightly after parties)

LOCATION:    The Flood Wall, located at Chouteau Ave. at S. Wharf St., 63102.  The Flood Wall is 1.9 miles in length.  

Susan says: This event is amazing. It's probably the biggest painting event in the USA. You should go. Some extra things you might want to take (see website for more info):

* water
* sunscreen
* hats
* bandanas
* ice 
* hand cleaner
* towels (ice water->head and shoulders)
* ladders
* rollers and extensions
* snacks/picnic
* camera supplies
* sketchbooks
* stickers
* folding chairs you can easily carry
* umbrellas

What not to bring: giant SUVs. It's super hot and dusty and the road is narrow. 

Tip: Hotels with pools will be just the thing. 

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