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Ukraine, Kamianets-Podilskyi: September 13-15, 2013 - Re$publica

September 13-15 2013

Kamianets-Podilskyi, Ukraine

The third international festival, three days of the festival, 40 best Ukrainian and foreign music bands, 20 graffiti-writers from Australia, Germany, Italy, Spain, Poland, Ukraine and Russia

The third international festival "Re$publica Antimoney Fest" will take place in Kamianets-Podilskyi, Ukraine, during three days starting from 13th of September.

Due to its anti-commercial scheme (all the proceeds are intended to be spent on painting graffiti on the buildings in the depressive areas of the city), the festival has gained its popularity among the youth, as well as the artists from Ukraine and the whole world.

More than 40 music bands from Ukraine, Russia, Belarus and Georgia are going to participate in the festival this year.

We invite the majority of bands who are socially minded or have a strict social attitude and support the ideas of "Re$publica Antimoney Fest" (Liapis Trubetskoi, Tartak, LOUNA, Sergei Babkin, Valentin Strykalo, Addis Abeba, Megamass etc).

Late at night under the open starry sky literary soiree's and acoustic appearances will continue the program of the festival.

Approximately 20 graffiti-masters from Australia, Germany, Italy, Spain, Poland and Russia will participate in the artistic part of the event. Among them: Borondo (Spain), Vexta (Australia), Cactus e Maria (Italy), DXTR + Herr von Bias, Bart Smeets (Belgium), Vitae Viasi, Treuph 19, Yulia Volchkova (Russia), Ku2, Darina Momot, Dobrye Ludi, Matroskin, Vaccination (Ukraine).

As a part of the festival we are going to implement the project "Intervention of Art into the urban space" where 10 buildings in different parts of the city are to be painted. In order to make the project participative, we shall try to involve artistic people (citizens, passer byes and volunteers). The event is going to be held with the support of the program and Fund by Rinat Akhmetov "Development of Ukraine".

Traditionally, ecological campaign for cleaning of the Smotrych river canyons will be a part of the festival. We plan to involve approximately 300 volunteers.


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Art Director
Andriy Zoyin

Mykola Izotov

Press Service
Ivanna Martyniv


Information: Re$publica Antimoney Fest is a festival of street-art in all of its aspects - music, art, poetry, dance, video art. Starting successfully and steadily developing, Respublica will capture the city of Kamianets-Podilskiy by means of art in autumn 2013. Songs from the best rock-bands of Ukraine, Russia and Belarus will thunder again at the stage set in the Old Fortress. The most successful and most productive graffiti-writers will leave here the imprints of their work and talent to make the architectural ensemble of the town pleasant to the eye of the beholder. The best audience will gather here again to support their favourite musicians, talented artists, the festival itself and have a nice rest.

Idea and objectives: Re$publica Antimoney Fest is anti-commercial artistic festival. By means of contemporary art we try to detonate creativity of the youth and switch it onto a social track. All the earnings are spent on transformation of social (public!) urban space. We turn old cracked walls into pictures, abandoned buildings - into art-objects. Each of these pictures, each art-object is open to everyone - this is our territory, free of commerce. The idea of the festival is actively supported by friendly TV-channel of cultural resistance A-One.

Objectives: Our city is our home, and we are willing to fill with preciousness and beauty. That is why all the earnings we are intended to spend on cultural enrichment of the city. Specifically - on artistic painting of buildings, that do not fit with the architectural ensemble of Kamianets.

History of "Respublica": In 2011 the festival became the first and still remains perhaps the only non-commercial festivals in Ukraine. It sets itself up as anti-commercial music art-festival, aimed at drawing attention to social and cultural issues, development of small cities and towns.

During Respublica 2011 and 2012 graffiti-writers from different countries (Russia, Poland, Spain, Ukraine and Belarus) painted abandoned houses and dangerous structures with a total area approximately 2,5 thousand square kilometres. All the funds obtained from the entrance fee, the organizers have spent on self-sufficiency of the action - artists' passage pay, boarding, accommodation, renting equipment, paint etc.

Therefore, in three days of the festival few genres of art co-existed in within a space: literature, music, street-art, many interesting people of art from Ukraine and the whole world took part in it.


Respublica Antimoney Fest was recognized as the best art-festival in 2011 according to

In 2012 Respublica became the festival of the year in Kamianets-Podilskiy. It got to the list of «100 best events of Ukraine - 100 best events for Ukrainian tourism" according to TRAVEL MARKETING 3D conference within the international Tourist Fair "Ukraine 2012".