Sunday, July 28, 2013

Germany, Zwickau: Aug 30 - Sept 1, 2013: IBUg Festival

IBUg 2013
Urban Culture Festival
in Zwickau, Germany

The well acclaimed IBUg festival 2013 will be on in Zwickau, Germany, the event starts in its 8th round. What began as a tiny and non-public graffiti meeting in 2006 in the small town of Meerane soon evolved into a distinguished arts project of international reputation. With artists from all over the world, fascinating pieces of art and the very athmosphere you’ll only find at IBUg.

“Zwickauer Eisenwerk” is the name of this year’s IBUg location. Up to the mid-nineties this plant was birthplace of engine blocks, gearbox castings, pumps and panels. Starting on August, 23rd, just about 100 artists from Germany, Austria, France, Switzerland, Spain, Argentina and Belarus will transform the underused industrial ground into a total work of art showing installations, graffiti, paintings and visuals. There’s not more than one week of pure creativity for artists such as Chromeo and Koala, Lean Frizzera, Mati Quiroga, Clara Reichertz, El Marian and Milu Correch, benjAMIN and Valenciennes, Pinche, Key Detail, Loomit, Atem, Quintessenz Creation and Threehouse.

>From August, 30th to September, 1st, the IBUg festival presents urban art and culture to visitors. There one can have a close look onto the creative work of the IBUg family and our fellow guests. As it is more than a off gallery IBUg also offers guided tours through the re-designed “Eisenwerk”, a cinema showing documentary films of IBUg artists and their work, lectures with Loomit (Munich-based german graffiti artist), panel discussions, a gallery and art market, and of course the notorious IBUg festival party. What is new in this round is the IBUg lounge, a dance theatre and the “IBArt” art exibition.

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