Saturday, August 25, 2012

Surveillance: How Big Brother is watching you - and things to do about it

Watch this Anonymous explainer on Trapwire, the artificial intelligence system peering at you through CC TV cameras, which are installed almost everywhere that Wikileaks uncovered and published info on this week.

It will be most dangerous to young, minority youth, for example graffiti writers, who will be more "suspicious" naturally than others, but it threatens us all. Anonymous will soon publish a how-to guide on taking out the cameras, but you probably already know how. Pro Tip: wear masks.

Anonymous Releases Video On How To Defeat Facial Recognition [these techniques will not last forever, however]
More Trapwire info. Note that the secret system is so heinous that officials deny using it, but it's already been deployed in Seattle and Washington DC. It uses cameras that are already in place, owned by various companies and governments.
CryptoParty, an event taking place worldwide where geeks explain the tools you need to be safer and how to use them. This movement is a response to Australia's (and other countries') new laws that mandate companies retain all your internet data to use against you whenever it's convenient.
Berlin CryptoParty will soon publish a software guide to help people inform their own CryptoParties, so watch this space.

Tip: iMessage isn't one of the tools you should use.
A mathematician who said no to the NSA explains some of the dangers we all face in the totalitarian surveillance state that's forming. Some good links are there too. All the social media are monitored, especially FaceBook.

Please spread this information widely. Preserving liberty will take all of us working together, and the first step is to inform people of the threat. This is science, not science fiction. The second step is to object loudly to your government representatives while those who can work to disable the systems.

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