Monday, August 20, 2012

CA, San Francisco: Aug. 25-Sept. 3, 2012: Leave the Beef on the BBQ

Opening Reception: Saturday, August 25th, 2012. 3-7 pm

Guerrero Gallery is pleased to present "Leave the Beef on the BBQ", an encompassing exhibition bringing together inter-generational writers in the world of graffiti: from pioneers who played pivotal roles during its most formative years to contemporary writers that continue to shape the ever-shifting nature of graffiti as an art form. Featuring over 70 participating writers, this exhibition provides the unique opportunity to view a narrative timeline of our urban vernacular while simultaneously creating a dialogue that highlights the diversity in stylistic approach.

Recognizing graffiti's undoubted influence as a cultural and artistic catalyst, we aim to pay due respect to all writers and showcase the relevance of their work. Despite differences in individual opinions and ideals, this exhibition serves as a bridge not only between graffiti and the fine art world but also within the graffiti world itself. We wish to reveal the common thread that these writers share- an inherent desire and need to communicate and be seen.

Opening on August 25th with a BBQ opening reception from 3pm to 7pm, "Leave the Beef on the BBQ" invites the viewer to do just that- to appreciate these artists through their unified admirable dedication and together celebrate graffiti's past, present and future.

Featured artists include Jurne, Nmph, Crash, Rammellzee, IZ THE WIZ, Cap, Ces, Yes 2, Vogue, Erupto 327, OBLVN, Con, Cense, Remio, Bates, Skuf, Min, Med, Dondi, Sye, Keo, TKid, Joker, Lead, Nope, Jask, Omens, Jase, VFR, Cope 2, Indie 184, Queen Andrea, Pure, Anger, Axis, Spray, Jenks, Bio, Nicer, Renos, MQ, Quake, Curve TGE, Wand, Monk, Estria, Dmote, Faust, Gorey, Saze, Smash 137, Geso, Cecs, Yen 34, Enron, Dr. Sex, Ceave, Voice, EwokOne, Kaput, ORFN, Trike, Oze 108, Vans the Omega, Claw Money, Pez, Deceve, S8N, Jick, Sibl, and Egs.
Special thanks to co-curators Metal Man Ed, Roger Gastman, Tim Diet and Mr.Kiji.

We felt passionately compelled to present this show as a demonstration of our support and gratitude to the ever-important role that graffiti and its community of artists has had on Guerrero Gallery and its success.