Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Google plans to track you all across its web property, and you can't opt out

Google's new "privacy" policy - Washington Post explains.

Some Google employees are upset, but boss says, my way or the highway.

Here are some things you can do.

Get Firefox
Get DuckDuckGo search plugin

Log out of Google, YouTube, Picassa, Blogger, Gmail, G+, and so on, when you're done using one, so you're not dragging your browsing history around for them to collect.

Sure, it's a tiny hassle to log back in, but you can keep your passwords in a password safe app on your phone.

(You're not reusing your passwords, are you?? Good. Because passwords keep getting posted publicly on the internet.)

Your activities are being collected by DoubleClick, which Google owns also, and Google ads, even when you are not on a Google-owned website.

So get an ad blocker too. Adblock Plus is great.