Sunday, January 29, 2012

CA, San Francisco: Feb. 10, 2012: The Truck Show

The modern box-style delivery truck lives in the inner cities all across America. For the modern day graffiti writer it is a contemporary relative to the subway cars of the '70s and '80s which helped spark the explosion of graffiti. In a state of eminent relocation, they assemble a disjointed gallery of ceaseless unrest, a perfect canvas for any opportunistic writer. Pristine new clean white box trucks not only invite as they call it “the application of a medium” to their surface, but beg for it. In the streets delivery trucks fit best after being worn and weathered as a pair of old shoes with scuff marks and layers of historical remnants. In an attempt to keep their truck looking new, many truck owners will opt to give a graffiti writer permission to assume control over this valuable real estate in the urban landscape.

The truck show is an homage to this modern Icon of graffiti and seeks to display these moving masterpieces to the public through the filter of a Gallery. On display in the purest form, without the distractions of the city or the fact that they are usually in motion. Isolating the image of a delivery truck on canvas extracts the truck from its normal environment and presents it as symbol of Graffiti, and how Graffiti is the only art form that uses moving machinery as canvases.

The Truck Show SF
1AM Gallery
Friday February 10th, 2012
San Francisco
6th & Howard St