Sunday, August 28, 2011

Google Plus requires your real name and kills your accounts if you don't give it
and there's lots more. Search for "nym wars".

Bottom line: You can sign up to G+ with any name you want, but if you don't use the name on your drivers license you will probably get kicked off and might lose your other Google account features. It could also happen to you if your name is weird enough to trip the filters.

Google's position is that they can't sell your info about you, your opinions, purchases, and who you know unless they can positively ID you. Awesome.

Every other service on the internet except financial transaction services allow us to use whatever name we want. Using pseudonyms protects not only graffiti writers, but all people at risk from stalkers or nosy employers, etc. Google is being evil about this. Don't let G+ compromise your safety, online info and identity.