Sunday, April 13, 2014

Gear: The Grifters present urban masks and more


"The upcoming collection of the Parisian based troublemakers The GriftersTM is rooted in the deeper underground scene and turns their everyday tools like ski mask and bolt cutters into high fashion. With jungle inspired geometric pattern they fit out the urban warrior for the modern concrete jungle. The collection contains t-shirts, polos and sweats made of high quality cotton improved by unique embroidery, artisan patchworks and fine screen prints."

"Coming from the necessity of anonymity in a world which prohibits freedom, we have crafted four original ski masks, which will differentiate you at any riot, subway tunnel or ski slope. They have been produced from high quality 100% Merino wool and Merino wool mixed with acrylic. For the rest of the collection, which contains sweatshirts, t-shirts and a bucket hats, we have used 100% cotton materials, 100% Merino wool and suede. Most of them have custom embroideries and handmade patchworks."

The collection drops at 15 April at The Grifters.