Sunday, January 27, 2013

NYC: Benefit shows through Feb 24, 2013: Michael Alan

Michael Alan benefit

NOoSPHERE Arts, Artforprogress, Amber De Vos, Mike Kronenberg, D'stroy And Rebuild, Joseph Meloy, Moody and many more invite you to a be a part of a positive cause.

The goal of the exhibition/ Artist in residence is to generate financial help for the Alan who has been struggling physically with 2 major injuries in the last year from a close to deadly car accident. Sales on works and donations from friends, family and all attending will be the starting point to help get Alan moving on and out of some hard troubles, and get him the help he needs.

It's been an uphill battle after unsuccessful spinal surgery, dealing with permanent nerve damage and a serious brain injury that happened in June this year. This benefit will hopefully allow some relief for Alan by raising money towards his outrageous medical bills and getting better help.

We hope to see you in January, 2013 to help start a better year for the New York-born and raised, wild child artist Michael Alan. This show is made possible by the help of NOoSPHERE Arts, a fun non-profit artist space in the Lower East Side.

This show will run through Feb 24th, changing every other night, as the artist resides there at night drawing his heart out marathon style with the inner mantra of Get Strong, Get Better! Keep coming back to see new work and the progress of recovery. The back room acts as a room of recovery through art, and a change of energy as the new year is upon us. its is part of the 2-year anniversary show of Nosphere arts, in the main room.


Michael Alan