Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Online auction to benefit Public School 132 in NYC

Toe the Line

Some good stuff in this ebay auction! Writers and street artists.


"Toe The Line" is an online art auction to raise funds for the PTA-funded programs at Public School 132 (P.S. 132) in Brooklyn, NY.

Toe the Line was conceived of by Brooklyn-based painter and photographer, Logan Hicks, whose son (Sailor) attends the school. The idea came Hicks while discussing yet another DOE budget cut with his girlfriend, Kristen Zarcadoolas, P.S. 132 PTA President and Sailor's mom.

"There is a lack of resources at every level within the public school system and I want to do all that I can to ensure that my son has a proper education," says Hicks. "There is a moral responsibility to do everything possible to help support public education." He decided to put out a call out to friends to see if they were willing to lend a hand by donating their artwork, prints, or books to be auctioned. "I used the resources I had to help in the best way I could." After calling on his creative friends, Hicks says, "I was thrilled by the response. Nearly everyone said they'd be happy to donate something."

100% of the profits raised will go directly to the P.S. 132 PTA which funds programs such as TADA! Youth Theater, Growing Chefs - Food Education from Field to Fork, and Bent on Learning Yoga.