Monday, February 21, 2011

NYC: Feb 2011: Crashone

CA, Culver City: Feb. 19-Mar 12, 2011: Installation 7

Installation 7
Installation 7 continues with the popular all-video format that was introduced
for Installation 6. The annual tour is designed to present established and
emerging artists and their work to audiences across the country. This year’s
tour will visit: Los Angeles, Brooklyn, Minneapolis, Austin, and Wichita.

Focusing on video challenges artists to delve into this rich but largely
undiscovered medium. The featured artists are: Cheryl Dunn, David Choe,
Cody Hudson & Jared Eberhardt, Franki Chan, Gluekit, Mackie
Osborne, Matt Goldman, Souther Salazar, SSUR© and The London

AZ, Phoenix: Call for Artists: Sticker Phiends 4: Deadline March 18, 2011

Sticker Phiends 4

This year we will be showcasing the best of the last three “Sticker Phiends” shows as well as having a theme for the 2011 submissions, all artwork and stickers must have the “hello my name is” template used in the art work /stickers.

Submission art work sizes to be displayed & sold can range from 4 x 6 inches up to 24 x 36 inches. You are also welcome and encouraged to send in other stickers to be given out, traded & displayed in the street style combo /collage install.

Also feel free to send in posters, paste-ups, prints etc... ALL ART MUST BE READY TO HANG!!!-We can not stress this enough!!!

Send to the listed address below before March 18th 2011. We will not be able to return the artwork to you unless YOU send it prepaid or prior arrangements are made. If you want whatever you send back.. It’s up to YOU!…So send something you won’t miss or price it to sell (60%-Artist 40%Gallery).

It will be taking place downtown Phoenix in the arts district at a local gallery. There will be an array of artists contributing locally, nationally and WORLDWIDE.

Most of the featured artists will be in attendance and this year it is strongly encouraged you make it to the opening night.

Send your sticky art in!!! Support the urban art movement!

The show date is April 8th, 8pm-12ish at Cartel Lab in downtown Phoenix.

Send ART to:

Mad Ink Designz
4204 N 38th ST Unit 4
Phoenix AZ 85018


Sunday, February 20, 2011

IL, Chicago: February 19-April 2, 2011: Polymetric

RK Design: “Polymetric” Exhibition @ Murphy Hill Gallery

The name of the show “Polymetric” is taken from the term used by some writers to describe West African drumming. This term immediately alludes to the multiplicity of the music which it describes and it also serves as a fitting metaphor to exemplify the array of styles, personalities, and “non linear dynamic” that defines the RK design collective. As author John Miller Chernoff acknowledged in his book, “African Rhythm and African Sensibility” (1979), “You should attempt to hear as many rhythms as possible working together yet remaining distinct.”

Closing Reception April 2, 2011

Exhibiting R.K Design artists....

Rahmann Statik
Terance Byas
Angel "ROME"Pagan
Jose "MASE"Ramos
Max Sansing

Spain, Madrid: Inauguración Persianes lliures Madrid

Retna: Hallelujah World Tour

Australia, Melbourne: February 2011: AWOL

CA, Oakland: March 4-5, 2011 - Stand Tall, Part II: No Ceilings!

Old Crow Tattoo and Gallery presents
Stand Tall Pt.II: No Ceilings ! New Heights in Urban Contemporary Art


... A lot's happened since the last "Stand Tall" and as we move closer to 2012. We wanted to do it again, one last time....

Sooo here it is on March 4th and 5th, bigger and better with 60 of our favorite artists, covering a wide range of mediums and disciplines.

"Stand Tall" and in essence, is a conceptual installation show, where each artist has a 3ft x 9ft of wall space to exhibit whatever however they see fit. This show is meant to give each artist full liberty to create within a confined area. The concept allows for a visceral gallery presentation and also individual grace and focus from artist to artist.

Stand Tall Pt.II promises all the visual beauty of last years show but this time we'll be working with Photographers, Skate Artists, Street Artists of all types, Visionary artists and of course Tattooists as well as accomplished fine artists to create a more dynamic event for everyone involved. We really can't say
enough about the group of artists participating in this show. If you not familiar with any of they're work follow the links and get familiar.

will be headlining the event and performing on Friday night @ Addis Habana. This will be a very special performance as they are also exhibiting in the show. This will be a rare time to see the artwork of
JAPANTHER along with the music.

Mortar and Pestle will be playing @ Old Crow Tattoo and Gallery on Friday along with other surprise guests.

Invasive species feat. Daniel Yasmin and Anchant Futour w/ Sunru will be playing Saturday evening !!!!

Hosted by Philip Milic in the house he created.

We really hope you can attend this show, bring yourself and your friends both nights. This is a good one.
2 Venues, 2 Nights, Stand Tall Pt.II

Artist List

" / " means artists are working together

John Felix Arnold III / David Young V


BDS (Terms, Deadeyes, Safety 1st, Ash Rose)

Lupo Avanti / Salem

Krescent Carasso

John Casey / Nathaniel Parsons / Obi Kaufmann / Dave Higgins


Ken Davis

Deuce 7

Max Ehrman


Oliver Fader / Ken Goto

Kristin Farr / Jeff Meadows


KenyG / AKO


Ian and Matt from Japanther


Kathyrn Ka June

Junre / Abno / Dr.Sex


Micheal Kershnar


Andre Malcolm

Jet Martinez / Kelly Ording

Philip Milic


Ootheca / Marin Camille


Ian Ross

Satyr / Robert Bowen

Kola Shobo








Kid Yellow / Henry Gunderson


Flyer by Dave Gerlinger Designs

If you missed last year and wanna see what this year might be like check this link...

Old Crow Tattoo and Gallery
362 Grand Ave.

Addis Habana
366 Grand Ave.

Revok's recent billboard improvement

Saturday, February 19, 2011

RIP Dash 2000 UTI

In Memory of Dash 2000.UTI

Pistol, Uknow, Serch, Panic One

STK Family, Thiser, Ryser, Mural, Base, Defy
Photos thanks to Step One

Dash lost his battle with cancer on January 11, 2011. 
He is a Los Angeles legend, and will never be forgotten. 
Our sincere condolences to his family, his crew, and his friends.

Ecuador: Call for artists for April 22-24, 2011: Sudamerica Graffiti Meeting

Sudamerica Graffiti Meeting - April 22-24, 2011

Ecuador has the pleasure to be the focus and center of discussion on the universal language called "Graffiti - Street Art."

Quito, the capital of Ecuador, will host the second "SUDAMERICA GRAFFITI MEETING" in which more than 60 artists will take part, from countries such as: USA, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Venezuela, Colombia, Peru, Chile, Argentina, Brazil and Ecuador.

The meeting will take place from April 22 - 24 (Spring Break), the event is organized by a local crew (MFC) with the collaboration of the Northern Zonal Administration in the Metropolitan District of Quito.

If you are interested on being a guest at the event, send the following information ASAP:

  • Tag
  • Crew
  • Country
  • City
  • Name
  • Web page where we can see your work
  • e-mail
  • and whatever else you consider necessary


check out the last's year event:

Thursday, February 17, 2011

CA, Palm Springs: Feb 18, 2011: Dabs & Myla

Opening Reception Friday 18th February 2011
8pm -11pm

2500 N Palm Canyon Dr
Palm Springs, CA 92262
(760) 416-3611

OR, Portland: February 2011: Backspace

Erik Otto, Alter One, Steven V. Williams& Russell Mason

*along with a mural in the hallway by Alter One!

115 nw 5th ave
Portland OR

Call for artists: 3D Illustration for books

Street smarts: Kettling during protests, and how to win at it

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Your photos have hidden information that can come back to haunt you

CA, Los Angeles: Feb. 19, 2011: Craola - book signing, mural, installation

33third Los Angeles, Montana Cans & Mid-City Arts Present:


Poster Release, Mural Installation, & "Drawn From The Well" Book Signing


Free & Open To The Public

33third Los Angeles
5111 W Pico Blvd
Los Angeles CA 90019
(310) 694-3460

New film: Unlike U -Trainwriting in Berlin

German train writers are hard core pros. This looks great. - Susan


UNLIKE U beleuchtet vier Generationen von Sprühern in Berlin, wovon die ältesten der Hardcore-Artisten mittlerweile schon 40 Jahre alt sind und die Jüngsten um die siebzehn. Alle Protagonisten aber haben eines gemeinsam. Jeder von ihnen hat in seinem Leben schon unzählige Züge bemalt und einige von ihnen sogar um die 1000.

Mit intensiven Interviews versuchen die Filmemacher Henrik Regel und Björn Birg den Beweggründen der Sprüher auf die Spur zu kommen und herauszuarbeiten, was genau der Kick an einer Sache ist, die in der Öffentlichkeit keine Anerkennung bekommen kann. Denn schließlich handelt es sich nach offizieller Lesart um besonders schwere Sachbeschädigung und besprühte Züge, werden so schnell wie möglich aus dem Verkehr gezogen. Die Wahrscheinlichkeit also, dass ein Sprüher sein Werk in Vollendung, sprich als fahrende Leinwand zu sehen bekommt ist äußerst gering. Worin also besteht der Wert dieser Aktionen? Worin besteht die Selbstbestätigung? Was treibt diese Menschen an?

Die Filmemacher tauchten tief ein in den Kosmos der Trainwriter. Neben erstklassigen Interviews wurde ihnen auch Material zugespielt, das so noch nie zu sehen war. Der Film zeigt Hintergründe zu bestimmten Aktionen und geschichtsträchtiges Material vom legendären Corner an der Friedrichstraße, dem Treffpunkt der Berliner Sprüher in den 90er Jahren. Dem Ort also, an dem der Mythos der Berliner Writerkultur ihren Anfang nahm.

In diesem Sinne ist UNLIKE U auch kein normales Graffitivideo, in dem Action auf Action und Zug nach Zug gezeigt wird, sondern das einfühlsame Portrait einer Szene, die so noch nicht zu sehen war. Dieser Film schreibt und beinhaltet die faszinierende Geschichte einer Kultur, die ansonsten im Verborgenen bleibt und trotzdem alle Eigenschaften einer eigenständigen Kunstrichtung besitzt mit einem ganz eigenen räumlichen, zeitlichen und inhaltlichem Bezug.

From the Google translation:

UNLIKE U lit four generations of writers in Berlin, of which the oldest of hardcore artists now already 40 years old and the youngest of them seventeen. All characters have one thing in common. Each of them has painted in his life countless trains and 1000 some of them even.

Intensive interviews with the filmmakers try to rule and Henrik Bjorn Birg the motives of the sprayer to get on the track and work out what is exactly the kick of a thing that can get no recognition among the public. After all, it concerns according to the official version very serious damage to property and sprayed coatings, as quickly as possible taken out of circulation. So the probability that a sprayer gets his work to perfection, that is seen as a mobile screen is very small. So what is the value of these actions? What is the self-affirmation? What drives these people?

The filmmakers plunged deep into the cosmos of Train Writer. Besides first-class interviews, they were also leaked material that was not shown before. The film shows the reasons behind the actions and history material from the corner at the legendary Friedrichstraße, the meeting place of the Berlin sprayer in the '90s where the Berlin Writer culture began.

In this sense, UNLIKE U is not a normal graffiti video. The action is shown on the train, but it's a sympathetic portrait of a scene that had none. This film includes the fascinating story of a culture that otherwise remains hidden and yet it has all the features and art direction with its own spatial, temporal and thematic links.

Video: Momentum Art Tech X Fatcap X C3Po X Tokeo

Chicago, making you look, as always.

UK, London: Feb. 17 2011: Safewalls


SAFEWALLS is an artistic project curated by Cirque du Soleil that is bringing time-honoured circus posters into the 21st century by pairing up with renowned international street art and lowbrow artists (lowbrow is an artistic movement that uses the graphic codes of popular genres such as comics, advertising, graffiti and anything not considered fine arts). This project celebrates the roots of Cirque du Soleil—the street—as well as the creative freedom and raw energy associated with street arts.

The term "safe walls" refers to legal spots in the urban landscape for local street artists to do their work without the fear of sanctions. SAFEWALLS commissions urban artists from all over the world to create daring and original posters inspired by Cirque du Soleil shows. In addition to being displayed in predetermined cities where Cirque du Soleil is presenting one of its big top shows, the final artworks will be used for the production of limited-edition, signed and numbered posters Each month—for a period of 12 months—three artists will be commissioned in each city to create a poster inspired by the show. The posters will travel the world and the exhibit will be cumulative, growing in size as works of previous cities are added to the collection.

The works can also be seen online on and during public events.

First SAFEWALLS exhibition on February 17th 2011 With artworks from: Jon Burgerman, Sweet Toof and Glenn Anderson At

10 Palmers Road, London E2 0SY
Phone: +44 (0) 208 981 8177

The next exhibition is planned in Houston (Texas) in March.