Friday, January 27, 2012

Trouble signs in the US for authoritarianism and censorship - proxies

Twitter took on a Saudi investor and now they are censoring tweets in certain countries.  Twitter users plan to stay off Twitter Saturday Feb 28 in protest. But you know, money talks.,2817,2399465,00.asp
Twitter Faces Backlash Over Censorship Plan
How to get around Twitter censorship

The US press freedom rating has plummeted this year with the arrest of journalists over Occupy Wall Street protests:,1043.html

And, as I blogged earlier, Google has decided it's more profitable to be Evil(TM)

How to manage your Google info a bit:

How to get around country blocking and have a bit of privacy on the web, using proxy servers:
Some configuration info (a bit old but probably works) with a search for proxies (you have to change them from time to time when yours is blocked).
Some info about proxies
Clickable web proxies. You can start surfing from here. It's a bit busy so if you don't get it right away, try back. The links above probably list more of these. Here's a dump of today's list on in case it's unavailable:
  1. Hide My Ass!
  2. Can't Bust Me!
  3. Proxy Mafia
  4. MySpace Proxy
  5. Proxy Pimp
  1. Secure Proxy
  2. Proxrio
  3. 250eu
  4. Kroxy
  5. Unblock Filters
  1. Proxy Buddy
  2. Army Proxy
  3. Anonr
  4. Vulb
  5. Invisible Surfing
  1. Surfaz
  2. Site Surf
  3. Our Proxy
  4. Web Proxy Pro
  5. Hide My Info
Anonymous Communications - How to:
A bit dated but lots of good education to be had here, from the anarchist community.

This year's guide, from Anonymous:
Read it and download the PDF guide

(Tip: Beware of using the LOIC if you don't know what you're doing. People are in jail today because they didn't know how to hide their location while attacking websites with Anonymous. If you just want to cobble together a better online security setup for yourself, that's not illegal in most countries yet, though.)

Remember: Self incrimination is the worst kind. Be careful what you say on the net, in email, on phones, in texts, because all of that is being collected now and it will be used against you whenever it's convenient to do so. This is not paranoia, this is fact.

The 28th Chaos Communication Congress (hacker camp) took place recently, and you can watch some amazing talks from it here:
(English and German) I think you'll find these particularly interesting:

4848 (Must see - Cory Doctorow explains. I blogged this before.)
Thes are all on YouTube also, on the 28c3 channel: which seem to be more available for the moment than that streaming server. You can also download them here: