Tuesday, January 31, 2012

New collectible for a cause: Blade I bobblehead figure

      [GrafKing Shadow]

JOIN TOGETHER ENTERPRISES (BROOKLYN) The Golden Age of Graffiti ("GAG"), a subdivision of Join2Gether Enterprises (J2G), announces the release of a first-ever Bobblehead Doll of the renowned Graffiti artist Blade I.

The creation of the bobbleheads is a collaboration between Blade I and GrafKing Shadow, a member of The Rebels (Graf Crew 1973-1979).

[approximately 8 inches (20 cm) tall]

Shadow is featured in Stations of the Elevated, Manny Kirshner's groundbreaking graffiti documentary, and in the recent "Graffiti 365" (p. 167) at the most famous Graf high school ever -- Art & Design.

J2G is a community-based organization in the Fort Greene/Clinton Hill area of Brooklyn. We are merchandisers of retro/Americana clothing and items of memorabilia, blending old and new elements into a fashionable statement with a nostalgic note. Through sales of the bobblehead dolls, we plan to raise funding for youth-oriented (anti-felony) art programs. A part of our goal is to give graf a positive image.

More info about this collector's item, payment options, including wholesale and international details:

+1 347-984-2564