Sunday, February 2, 2014

New Book: Zombie Love, by WonABC

Zombie Love

Release: 11.2013 | Size: 21,0 × 27,4 cm | Pages: 160 | Retail: 24,90 EUR | ISBN: 978-3-939566-12-0 | English | Hardcover
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Zombies are everywhere – they threaten the existence of mankind in movies, novels, music and games and reflect the growing fears of the people for diseases, epidemics, nuclear war and death. The interest in the undead heroes of the pop culture is growing since the first popular zombie films in the 60s. These creatures also fascinated WON ABC from Munich at very early stage and inspired him to his own unique zombie characters. Thanks to him, zombies were also introduced in urban art. His debut Colour Kamikaze from 1991 impressed with its affinity for undead beings and with its filigree and impressive attention for detail, which even H.R. Giger paid tribute to. Zombielove is the long-awaited follow-up to that first book by WON.

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[Won's first book was the most work I've ever seen in one art book. Won's art is so detailed it rewards the careful viewer every time you look at one of his pieces. Each illustration, every canvas and train is an amazing masterpiece. It's exciting that he's got another one out! Don't miss it. - Susan]