Saturday, October 19, 2013

FL, Miami: Oct 17, 2013 - Jan 5, 2014: Concrete Paradise

Alexandre Arrechea
Nereida Garcia Ferraz
Aramis Gutierrez
Jane Krupp
Marie Lorenz
Gustavo Oviedo
Matt Stock
Edgar Velasquez

Opening October 17, 2013, the Coral Gables Museum will present Concrete Paradise: Miami Marine Stadium, an original exhibition devoted to Miami Marine Stadium’s flashy past, its edgy present, and its spectacular proposed comeback as a world-class sports and performance venue. Curated by renowned author and architectural conservator, Rosa Lowinger, this interactive exhibit will bring the glory days of Miami’s most daringly modern structure back to life through stunning video footage, rare photos and keepsakes, original art installations, photo murals of the stadium’s infamous graffiti, and an antique hydroplane.

The exhibit will feature images of the extraordinary graffiti that constantly evolves on the walls of the stadium and works by contemporary artists who have been inspired by the building itself. These latter works-- which include sculpture, painting, video and photography-- demonstrate the profound influence the stadium and its environs have had on visual artists at a national level.

Throughout its run at the museum, a full schedule of special events, tours, and lectures will be offered to the general public, allowing visitors to learn more about one of Miami’s most fascinating historic landmarks. 

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Additional support for the exhibition is being provided by the National Trust for Historic Preservation and the Friends of the Marine Stadium.