Thursday, June 27, 2013

Call for Artists: hip hop website seeks writers to interview

I got this request from Nano at Dead End Hip Hop. It's great that they are reaching out to graffiti artists. I hope some of you can take advantage of this opportunity. - Susan

"My name is Nano. I am currently looking for graffiti artists to spotlight in my new segment with

The featured segment is called "GRAFFITI WITH NANO". The purpose is to try and expand the knowledge of graffiti to the hiphop community, provide some recognition and value to the art form of Graffiti as one of the original elements of hip-hop.

We are looking to provide an inside perspective from the artist with a brief questionnaire for our readers and followers. By providing history and personal experiences for our viewers through a few questions we hope achieve our goal of acknowledging the artists and the art at its finest."

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Dead End Hip Hop's YouTube channel: