Saturday, May 25, 2013

NYC: May 21-June 30, 2013: Girls on Top Crew

bOb bar presents the Girls On Top (GOT)—UK's first all-female graffiti crew formed in 2000 by Chock and Ned to unite female graffiti artists.

Introducing NYC to 5 members (Chock, Luna, Lyns, Pixie, and Syrup), the show represents each individual's style. Exploring the limits of graffiti aesthetics through mediums including embroidery, collage, and customized novelty items, they illustrate their experiences within a male-dominated graffiti culture.

The Girls On Top host all-girl graffiti jams, which have gained popularity internationally. Building momentum within the scene and attracting interest from female talent, their popularity enabled them to build a wide contact base and travel plans (Europe, China, Russia, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa). As teachers of the art form in a plethora of settings to young and old alike, GOT spreads a positive message for graffiti artists across the globe.

Event page:

bOb Bar
235 Eldridge Street
New York, NY 10002

Viewing Hours: Tuesday—Sunday 7PM-4AM

Directions: F train to 2nd Ave