Monday, October 3, 2011

Why Ron Paul is a bad candidate, despite all the hype

I read with disappointment today that KRS One has jumped on the Ron Paul presidential bandwagon.

Here's why Ron Paul does not deserve our support
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Ron Paul does not believe in evolution.
Ron Paul does not believe the Constitution guarantees a right to privacy.
Ron Paul does not believe the Supreme Court should be able to hear cases regarding many important civil rights issues.
Ron Paul is virulently opposed to abortion rights.
Ron Paul opposes strong standards of separation of church and state.

He's not a libertarian, even, he's a states-rights guy, which is completely different. 

No matter what he believes about the TSA, the Patriot Act, war or anything else, he's a poor choice. We can't trust him to think rationally about many important issues because of his anti-science stance and his views on the role of government. He's anti-immigration, anti-worker, pro-corporation.

"Worker rights: Voted to defund OSHA's ergonomics rulesVoted against increasing mine safety standardsHates unions.Campaign finance reform: Opposes. Social Security and Medicare: Repeats the Republicans' lies about the programs' [in]solvency. Consumer protection: Voted for the bankruptcy billVoted to make it harder to file class-action lawsuitsUniversal health care: don't make me laughPrivatizing everything: the Internets are not large enough to hold all the citations."

Do your own research. Don't be fooled by angry people. We're all angry now.