Sunday, July 11, 2010

Arizona's bad bill SB 1070 - Time to fight

"In the State of Arizona, there is a proposed bill called, SB 1070 which if passed, on July 28th 2010, would give law enforcement the right to stop, ID, arrested, and possibly deport any person(s) whom they believe to be a so-called “illegal alien”. This green-light to stop or interrogate a person is based on [the officer’s] suspicion that an individual is “illegal”. This means if they feel you look “illegal” you can stopped. Furthermore, if you have a brown or darker complexion, you are "illegal" in the eyes of this law. Even people of darker complexion who are “legal citizens” born and raised in Arizona can be stopped by the police and if they do not present proper documentation -upon request- proving their “legal status” that individual can be arrested and fined. Indicting people based on their colour reminds me of something from the Jim Crow-era of "American justice".