Thursday, December 10, 2009

SCAM ALERT: "American Graffiti" book

This just in from a reliable source:
SCAM ALERT / "American Graffiti" book 
Parkstone Press / Sirrocco Publishing has published a book containing ripped off famous graffiti photographs, among them work by Martha Cooper and Henry Chalfant. The print is very poor quality, probably resulting from the practice of just scanning other books, which is becoming all too common in Asia. 
The author, Margo Thompson, reportedly also got scammed, giving away her work for free ("Art Books don't make money"). She relied on Parkstone / Sirrocco to clear the copyright materials used in the book. 
Parkstone / Sirrocco are also apparently famous for cheating translators who simply do not get paid for their work, then recruiting new translators for the next job. The same thing seems to have happened to the translator of the German version of "American Graffiti." (Even the title is a bite!)
Unfortunately the book is widely distributed. Don't buy it!