Tuesday, November 17, 2009

What What?

This is a new blog for Art Crimes to replace both the old blog (The Bench) and the calendar of events.

For at least through December 2009 you should also check the old calendar for events that are still going on.

As always, your suggestions are welcome at info@graffiti.org. Also send events, questions, pictures and news to that address, but please ask before you subscribe it to your mailing list. Much appreciated.

Because Art Crimes is popular, it is expensive to run. (It has a staff of one and I don't get paid to do it.) So every purchase you make at the store and every advertiser visit you make is extremely helpful toward keeping the site going. Galleries and other businesses who enjoy the free announcements are encouraged to donate and buy advertising. Every little bit helps!

Although I try to provide reviews for the media and products I think you'd also like, I can't review everything, and sometimes it takes a while because of all the other things I'm doing.

Thank you for your support and patience, as always.